Chapter 24: Concubine

Carefully noticed Mrs. Gu’s imperceptible relaxation of her shoulders and retraction of her feet, and seeing that she still spread the thin blanket on the skirt after hesitation and slightly narrowed the corners of her eyes, Cheng Shicheng was relieved from the bottom of her heart, and it was not in vain for him to pretend. Being a loving father is analogous to a Menger, and dispels the wariness of a beautiful woman.

He didn’t sleep all night, tossing and turning, thinking about what to do with this woman, what to do with the changes in his body.

After thinking about it later, Cheng Shicheng decided to see the beautiful woman again today, one is to see if he can still be happy because of her, and the other is to inquire about her relationship with her husband, although the picture of Xian and his wife leaving hand in hand yesterday is still like a sharp knife stuck in his heart.

As soon as he saw Qianying at the gate of the mansion, in the drizzle, Cheng Shicheng confirmed that he was finished and fell into it.

He had really, unquestionably, dirty thoughts about a dignified and dignified married woman.

It’s been so many years, he hasn’t experienced this feeling for a long time, he just wants to keep the person in front of him.

Yun Yuzhi’s thought came abruptly and violently, his hands behind his back were clenched suddenly, and he could vaguely hear the “crack” sound of intertwined joints.

But on the surface, he pretended to be kind and kind, and even more so, he walked a certain distance with Mrs. Gu under the same umbrella.

As far as the eye can see, it is her hair like a cloud of crows. Unfortunately, this curled-up bun makes people look old-fashioned. Mrs. Gu has a small face and slender eyebrows. Spirit snake bun?

Cheng Shicheng reviewed his memories of walking in Mazhangtai and adding fragrance to the red sleeves many years ago, but he was not sure if he remembered the women’s hairstyles accurately.

Although he deliberately kept a distance from her so as not to make her nervous, Cheng Shicheng’s nose still lingered with the clean fragrance of deep water around her.

It seems that Mrs. Gu likes this smell very much. It was the same type of incense yesterday, and Cheng Shicheng couldn’t help wondering where he could buy purer and better submerged spices to please his beauties.

However, don’t the female relatives all like to show off their colorful clothes and change their clothes every day?

Mrs. Gu wore a ginger-yellow white butterfly and flower spring shirt for two consecutive days. At first glance, Cheng Shicheng thought it was the same suit, but after careful inspection, he found that the texture of the fabric was slightly different.

Why? Cheng Shicheng secretly thought about it.

He needs to know more about this woman, and think about what to do with her.

Right now, I am more powerful than my father and husband. Although it is okay to take it by force, it is not beautiful in the end, and I can’t win people’s hearts.

So, what about secretly passing the song behind her husband’s back? Gu Ningxi has a formidable future and a promising future. It should not take ten years to reach the third rank official. Is Mrs. Gu willing to take the risk of being innocent?

Or, the woman reconciled and divorced, and married herself again?

Thinking of this, Cheng Shicheng felt even more hot and his mind was racing.

But his face was watertight, and he raised his hand to signal Tao Xinhe to warm his back with some ginger tea, and without hesitation, he turned and sat back on the main seat, setting the boundaries between the host and the guest, and seeing Mrs. Gu’s eyebrows crooked and her smile more relaxed and sincere as she wished.

The beauty is so polite, what can I do.


Tao Xinhe was a little disapproving, looking at Uncle as a well-organized person, I heard that the army was well organized and organized in the past, but today he is rambling, and the conversation revolves around his daily life.

It is said that they are discussing marriage, but they only invite themselves but not the hostess of the woman. The second uncle is useless, and the second aunt should be present to make a decision.

Thinking about it, it’s because of living at home for many years and raising people to waste.

Tao Xinhe felt regretful in her heart. When Gu Runing married in, she had to guard a muddle-headed father-in-law. The husband was still an adopted son, and his name was somewhat dishonest. Who would support such a big mansion. I can only rejoice that Jichangbo Mansion has more than a few years to celebrate.

Listening to the Nazheng and Naji questions that Ji Changbo seemed to put his mind to, but they were actually irrelevant and trivial, Tao Xinhe replied properly, but thought in his heart, could it be that the man really became a mother-in-law after he was injured?

Husband is better, except for being clingy to himself, he always has a bluffing indifferent and reserved look, plus he is blind, he will never chatter outside, just like the person in front of him. Tao Xinhe was bored by the chanting, and her heart narrowed in thought.

Glancing out of the window, Tao Xinhe saw that the rain was getting stronger, the strands were falling into lines, crackling, and puddles had formed in the lower places, and the raindrops elicited small ripples.

She became a little anxious, the purpose of the banquet in the mansion today is for her to meet people, not for her husband to meet people, it’s really annoying to waste time here all this time.

Cheng Shicheng observed his words and expressions, and realized that his speech was lame, so he stopped the topic of marriage appropriately, and said softly: “Mrs. Gu is busy with housework, and she is also busy with children’s affairs. I really appreciate it. The rain is fast, blinding and slippery. Driving is not easy. The so-called heaven is keeping guests. There is still half an hour until noon, why not have a light meal at the house, okay?”

Tao Xinhe returned home like an arrow, heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the words, thought about his choice of words, stood up, and declined in a crisp voice: “Little woman dare not be, uncle is an admirable and loving father. Since you are right now I don’t have any doubts about the wedding preparations, so I won’t waste my trip. There are still some trivial matters in the mansion, so I don’t want to disturb uncle, so I’m leaving.”

Cheng Shicheng still wanted to keep someone, so he had no excuses for a while, so he frowned and sent the charming guest to the gate of the house.

This time, it was the servants of each family who held the umbrella for the master, and the distance between the two was even further.

Tao Xinhe bid farewell to his caring master, treated him as a polite way of “coming and going often in the future”, and casually responded with “I will be with my husband, come to greet uncle and ask for advice”, then put it to the back of my mind, and urged the coachman to return home quickly .

I’m afraid Mo Qiqi and her husband have looked at each other for two or three cups of tea. snort!

Being away from the mansion all morning, it was as if he had made wedding clothes for the two of them. Who would have expected Ji Changbo to be entangled today?

In the carriage, after Tao Xinhe thought of this, she twisted the water stains on the hem of her skirt with even more force, her fingers were clenched tightly, her knuckles turned white, the little maid was afraid to make a sound every month, and stared at the wrinkled clothes of his wife. Only then did I smooth it out with my hands.

After all, the road was wet and slippery, her return trip was more than twice as long as the outbound journey, and it was past lunch time when she arrived at the gate of Gu Mansion.

The warmth brought by a full cup of ginger tea has long been exhausted. She didn’t touch other pastries in Jichangbo Mansion, and just wanted to negotiate a deal and return home as soon as possible. I thought I could get home earlier, but Tao Xinhe felt a little dizzy at this moment because she didn’t have any dry food in the carriage, her forehead twitched, probably because she was hungry.

Tao Xinhe, who relaxed her shoulders and neck and quietly leaned against the wall of the car, pressed her flat stomach a few times with both hands in a sitting position, and smiled to herself, why bother? For the sake of Mo Qiqi, it was really at a loss.

The coachman outside has already spoken, please get off the car, and it is not appropriate to eat any more.

Tao Xinhe had a full skirt, walked out gracefully with Zhuyue’s hands, looked at the familiar double front door with clear black lacquer and red copper door nails, closed her eyes and opened them again, raised her heart, cheered up and wanted to go back home There will be visitors.

As soon as she stepped into the gate of the mansion, the housekeeper came up to report that the master had left the mansion in a hurry and has not returned yet.

Huh? Shouldn’t this person be talking and laughing with the Mo brothers and sisters in the mansion?

Tao Xinhe couldn’t turn the corner for a while, so she blurted out, “Where’s the guest?” The ending sound raised slightly.

The housekeeper wiped his sweat frequently in the cool and rainy early spring, bowed and responded nonchalantly, and there were no guests visiting all morning.

Tao Xinhe had an intuition that something was wrong, enduring the pain in her stomach, quickened her pace and walked towards the inner courtyard, at the same time asking the butler for details.

After hearing that Shishu, Shihua, Qingfang, and Liu Guang had all followed Gu Ningxi out of the mansion, she calmed down a little. With such a mighty formation, there will be no troubles.

Zhuiyun, who stayed behind in the main room, saw his wife, and reported the details that the housekeeper didn’t know when he was away in a tone that was about to cry.

It turned out that shortly after Tao Xinhe left, Gu Ningxi saw that the time had come, and before the guests came, he sent Shishu to Mo’s house to check on the situation. He was restless in the room, and Zhuiyun still remembered that the master muttered that he hoped his wife would come back as soon as possible.

After quite a while, he came back in a hurry to learn the book, with garlic on his feet, as if there was a vicious dog chasing after him, he paid his respects to the master, leaned close to him regardless of his dignity, and whispered something in his ear.

Zhui Yun, who was accompanying him, saw his master’s expression change drastically, and asked “Really?” with a trembling voice.

In the next moment, the master stepped out and walked out, followed by books and paintings. Seeing this, Sister Qingfang and Sister Liuguang only had time to tell Zhuiyun to wait for his wife at the mansion, and the two girls ran after her with all their might.

At a loss, Zhuiyun stared at Kelou and waited for more than an hour. At this time, seeing his wife was like seeing a close relative, crying and telling the story intermittently.

Tao Xinhe didn’t even have time to order his servants to serve refreshments, so while listening to Zhuiyun’s narration, he poured down the cold tea at hand, feeling cold from mouth to heart, as if echoing the bad weather outside.

So, the husband left the mansion on foot without saying a word, is something wrong with the Mo family?

Is it brother? Or sister?

Tao Xinhe guessed so.

She couldn’t sit still at all, she got up suddenly, gritted her teeth and braced her forehead, endured a moment of blackness in front of her eyes, and was about to open her mouth to order the carriage to take her to the small courtyard of Mo’s family to find out.

At this moment, Gu Ningxi came in alone with her head bowed, her clothes were soaked through, and she was even more distraught and staggered.

Seeing Tao Xinhe, he didn’t hesitate, he opened his mouth and called his wife twice, his voice was hoarse and broken, like weeping blood.

“What’s wrong?” Tao Xinhe maintained her standing posture, put her hand on her heart, felt a heart beating violently, and was about to jump out of her mouth, she quickly pursed her lips, erased the words, and looked directly at Gu Ningxi.

“I, I…” Gu Ningxi seemed to have been drained of her last bit of strength, and she slumped down on the Arhat couch closest to the door in the room. It was completely different from before, and she always took the seat closest to Tao Xinhe.

Husband and wife are close to each other.

Tao Xinhe waited quietly for his next sentence, maybe it was a sentence? Moisture spread from the soles of her feet, wrapping her like thorny vines, making her unable to move.

Gu Ningxi opened her mouth and buried her head down again. Even though she couldn’t see the lady’s face clearly, she didn’t dare to look any more. She lowered her gaze and stared at the delicately patterned floor tiles at her feet, then said in a low voice: “I think… Accept…Qiniang…for…for…concubine.”

Tao Xinhe’s face turned pale instantly, she couldn’t believe what she heard.

After a while, she took a deep breath and said, “If you are ruthless, I will rest. Did I say that?” She didn’t expect that she could make a mocking smile.

The person in front of him still just kept his head down, his shoulders trembling slightly, and he still didn’t say a word. Want to hide?

How could he change in half a day?

“Lifetime, a couple”, was eaten by him with Mo Qiqi’s clear face, did he break his promise?

Tao Xinhe felt the resurgence of stomach cramps, causing her heart, liver, spleen and lungs to clamor and protest. She raised her chin, and said sternly: “Gu Ningxi, the words just now, trouble, trouble, look at me, and say it again.”