Chapter 349: Compensation

Chapter 349: Compensation

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Next, Fei Hongzi told Meng Zhang not to worry about this matter as he would handle everything and ensure a satisfactory response for Meng Zhang. Relieved, Meng Zhang returned to Taiyi Sect.

About half a month later, the envoy from the black market, Lone Wolf, arrived at Taiyi Sect accompanied by an envoy from the Flying Swan Sect to seek an audience with Meng Zhang. With a Flying Swan Sect envoy present, the meeting was relatively peaceful.

Lone Wolf immediately apologized to Meng Zhang, acknowledging that the black market had made a big mistake due to the recklessness of the person in charge. He admitted that what they did to Meng Zhang, their old friend from the black market, was completely wrong. The person directly responsible, White Dove, had been relieved of their position and sent elsewhere.Ñøv€l-B1n was the first platform to present this chapter.

Lone Wolf hoped that Meng Zhang could return the grey mouse and his companion to them, and in return, the black market would compensate Taiyi Sect. Lone Wolf handed Meng Zhang a list of various treasures collected by the black market, including elixirs, spiritual objects, magic tools, and talismans. From the list, Meng Zhang could choose three items as compensation from the black market.

Furthermore, both Meng Zhang and all the elders of Taiyi Sect would enjoy special VIP treatment in the black market in the future.

Meng Zhang did not negotiate with Lone Wolf, as these conditions were already agreed upon between the black market and the Flying Swan Sect, and he could not change them. Meng Zhang was impressed by the black market's ability to make the Flying Swan Sect yield. Since an agreement had been reached between the black market and the Flying Swan Sect, it would be meaningless for Taiyi Sect to persist further.

Given the situation, Meng Zhang naturally wanted to gain as much benefit as possible. He accepted the list without rushing to make his selections. Instead, he allowed grey mouse and his companion, who had been imprisoned by Taiyi Sect, to be returned to Lone Wolf. With a Flying Swan Sect envoy vouching for him, Meng Zhang was not afraid that Lone Wolf would break his word.

When the badly injured grey mouse and his companion were brought before Lone Wolf, his face revealed an uncontrollable anger. After a careful examination confirmed that their injuries were not life-threatening, his expression improved slightly.

It was said that many years ago, Shangguan Longyan and Mad Dog Wanderer had clashed over a spiritual medicine, resulting in deep enmity between them. Unexpectedly, Mad Dog Wanderer harbored such a grudge, and after many years, he sought revenge and assassinated Shangguan Longyan in secret.

Upon learning the identity of the culprit behind their Sect Master's assassination, the elders of Earthfire Sect went into a frenzy to capture him. At Taiyi Sect, after discussing with some of the elders, Meng Zhang chose three treasures as compensation.

The first was a specially crafted Second Rank flying shuttle called the Wind Driving Shuttle. Though smaller in size compared to regular Second Rank flying shuttles, its greatest advantage was its incredible speed. When traveling at full speed, even many cultivators in the late stage of Foundation Building would find it difficult to catch up.

The second item was three spirit beast pills refined by Beast King Mountain. When consumed by a cultivator's spirit beast, these pills would significantly enhance their strength, unlocking their innate potential.

The third item was three Soul-nurturing pills, which were miraculous elixirs for nurturing the soul. Though not as potent as Jade Soul Fluid, they could still repair injuries to the soul.

These three treasures were extremely rare and hard to come by in the Endless Sea of Sand, and even in the Jiuqu League, they would be difficult to purchase with spiritual stones.

Meng Zhang had initially thought that the black market had a vast collection of Divine Abilities, and the list might include Foundation Building Pills or the medicinal herbs required to produce them. However, anything related to Foundation Building Pills was kept secret by the black market and not listed on the inventory.

Upon receiving Meng Zhang's message, the black market quickly sent the three items. Meng Zhang stored the Wind Driving Shuttle carefully, as it was a life-saving tool for cultivators. He distributed one spirit beast pill each to his spirit pets, Zhui Dian (Chasing Lightning) and Liu Li (Colored Glaze), and placed the remaining pill in the sect's treasure storage.

As for the three Soul-nurturing pills, Shocking Thunder Spirit General placed them in the Taiyi Sect's main spiritual vein at the old mountain gate, allowing the slumbering Guardian Spirit General to absorb their essence.

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