Chapter 348: Passing on

Chapter 348: Passing on

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Whether it's Lone Wolf or Bald Eagle, during their escape, they have repeatedly stopped to fight the pursuers.

Lone Wolf fared better, as when facing Meng Zhang, he was at a disadvantage but didn't suffer any injuries.

On the other hand, Bald Eagle had it tough. Every time he clashed with Shocking ThunderSpirit General, due to the evident difference in strength, he had to endure some difficulties.

What's even more unfair was that, as someone who always prided himself on his speed, Bald Eagle had finally encountered a formidable opponent.

As expected, Shocking ThunderSpirit General lived up to his name, truly as shocking and swift as thunder. He chased Bald Eagle relentlessly, leaving him with almost no escape route.

Fortunately, at a crucial moment, Lone Wolf came to Bald Eagle's side. Together, they supported each other and fought while retreating, barely managing to survive.

Meng Zhang and Shocking ThunderSpirit General pursued them all the way to the vicinity of Firewell Market, but they stopped when they entered Earthfire Sect's territory.

Upon returning to their original positions and meeting Yang Xueyi and the others, Meng Zhang took the captives back to Taiyi Sect. He immediately ordered the disciples to strengthen their guard to prevent any retaliation from the black market. Simultaneously, he subjected Grey Mouse and the others to interrogation and torture.

The two were interrogated separately, and after a cruel torment, especially under Meng Zhang's threats of soul-searching if they didn't confess, they eventually yielded.

It turned out that White Dove, at Shangguan Longyan's behest, was investigating the reasons behind the conflict between Taiyi Sect and Qiaoshou Sect against Forest Spring Watch.

During the matter's course, only Meng Zhang and Aunt Jin personally negotiated with Fei Hongzi, and no one else from the sect was involved.

Suddenly, Meng Zhang thought of Guang ZhiDaoist Master, Forest Spring Watch's main backer, who had been coincidentally transferred by Fei TianDaoist Master before the incident. Additionally, Daoist Master Roaring Blaze of Earthfire Sect had accompanied them. Was it possible that Shangguan Longyan suspected something had happened to Daoist Master Roaring Blaze?

However, Fei TianDaoist Master had sworn a ghost oath to ensure Guang ZhiDaoist Master and Daoist Master Roaring Blaze's safety. While cultivators believed in the effectiveness of ghost oaths, it didn't mean they were foolproof.

As a transmigrator, Meng Zhang's thoughts were more versatile than the natives. He believed that ghost oaths must have some loopholes, but his level of understanding and insight was not enough to ascertain them.

The idea that Guang ZhiDaoist Master and Daoist Master Roaring Blaze might have met with trouble while Flying Swan Sect continued to act as if they were trapped in Demon Wind Gobi and organizing a rescue operation left Meng Zhang feeling disheartened. He sensed that Flying Swan Sect had its own hidden agenda, deliberately keeping Guang ZhiDaoist Master and Daoist Master Roaring Blaze's fate concealed.

Meng Zhang decided to pretend ignorance about this matter to avoid disrupting Flying Swan Sect's plans. This time, the black market's plot against him might have fooled others, but it definitely wouldn't go unnoticed by Flying Swan Sect.

To be honest, Grey Mouse and the other two were like a hot potato for Meng Zhang. He couldn't kill them, yet he couldn't release them either. Killing them would provoke a blood feud with the black market, an adversary not easily dealt with. Moreover, Luo Ye and Jue Ying were closely tied to the black market, and he didn't want them caught in the middle.

However, if he let them go, Meng Zhang wouldn't be able to justify his actions to himself, let alone to his disciples. Releasing individuals who had kidnapped his own disciple so easily would tarnish the reputation of Taiyi Sect and his own position as the Sect Master.

Knowing that Shangguan Longyan's investigation involved Flying Swan Sect, Meng Zhang certainly wouldn't be foolish enough to handle this matter himself. He first informed Aunt Jin of the situation, asking her to be cautious about the black market. Then, he personally went to Flying Swan Sect to request an audience with Sect Master Fei Hongzi.

After their last plan, Fei Hongzi had left a channel through which Meng Zhang could directly meet him, and it didn't take much effort for Meng Zhang to see him.

Aside from his speculations, Meng Zhang laid out all the details of the situation to Fei Hongzi in a straightforward manner. Fei Hongzi listened without interrupting much, only asking a few crucial questions.

After hearing Meng Zhang's account, Fei Hongzi fell into silence for a while before finally saying, "You did well by promptly informing me of this matter."

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