To my dear little sister:

The weeping willow is full of foliage, the peony blossoms are more beautiful;

little sister was like a passionate girl, nodding and smiling at me.

You are so handsome that you are glad to have the ends of your eyebrows;

He yearned for it all the time and missed it so much.

Sometimes love is sweet and sometimes it bothers you;

The taste is sweet and spicy, life is more tasty.

Walk lightly, to find happiness;

When the mountain flowers are overflowing, I'll hug you tightly...

Dear little sister, I am very happy to receive your letter. I only thought that little sister would never write to me again.

little sister, if we interrupt our correspondence, it would be interrupting the bridges and bonds between us. It is difficult to express the love in our hearts; it is difficult to obtain our common understanding and understanding; it is difficult to continue the deep love. I repeatedly read your letter, and in the letter, little sister was sarcastic towards me, I understand very well. I deeply sympathize with this and apologize to my most beloved little sister. My dear little sister, my mood is the same as yours. How much I look forward to the early arrival of October 29th! However, on our last date, my failure to meet you caused the little sister to suffer and grieve, please forgive me. little sister, the reason I didn't go last time was as follows: The village head asked me to visit an iron factory to see the wintering technology of American ginseng. I felt sorry and guilty that I missed my appointment. This time, we're scheduled for October 29th, and I'm so happy and looking forward to it... October 31, the day I picked you up. After returning home, I thought about the reunion of the 29th and couldn't calm down for a long time. So, write a poem like this to you:

October 29th is my unforgettable day in my life. On this day, I'm dating you;

A long three hundred and sixty-five miles to write about my extraordinary experience with you.

I love you sincerely, love you gently, only you, can make my life have courage;

After the acquaintance produced love, in a short period of time formed a deep friendship.

We are in the first love and sweet stage, the heart is so happy and comfortable;

We have been dating again and again, leaving behind beautiful, unforgettable memories.

a warm handshake, a tight hug, a warm kiss over and over again;

"AHH!" This is the flower of love in life, ah! This is the path of happiness in life...

Your clear and beautiful figure, deeply imprinted in my mind;

Whether it is work, study, or rest, I will not forget your love for me.

Long-term longing, long-term yearning, our two hearts are close to each other;

I can't do without you, let alone lose you, it was you who gave me the limitless vitality of my life...

I think of you all the time, look forward to you, sometimes tea do not think, food do not want to eat;

At night, it was even more difficult to sleep, silently enduring the love of love …

"AHH!" What a deep and passionate love, so that I will not be discouraged on the road ahead;

"AHH!" What a charming and blissful moment, I will keep it forever...

October 29, a memorable and memorable day,

Tonight, as I lay on the kang, I actually did not have the slightest bit of sleepiness …

You and I have fulfilled our best wishes,

Enjoy the fruits of love...

My dear little sister, I am a person who has sentiments and intentions, I will live up to your sincerity. Whenever I think of you, take out your letters and photos and admire them. In October, it was the month when we had the most correspondence. When I brought the book, I was not only filled with emotion, but I also couldn't help but write this sentence:

Letters dance like colorful clouds, colorful and brilliant;

How could Argo forget about her?

He spread out a piece of red plaid paper, picked up a pen and began to write something.

Just write that when we first fell in love, the seeds of love had just sprouted.

You and I have been working hard to water it and cultivate it.

The branches and leaves grow long and strong, the foundation of love is deeply rooted.

The thunder and lightning could withstand it, but the wind and rain could never destroy it.

Breaking through the resistance, the discussion let it go.

Love flower blooming beauty, you and I both sprinkle sweat;

The mutual understanding is considerate, the affection is like the ocean surf sand.

When first love is sweeter than honey, each other miss a lot;

Love when how beautiful, you and I walk the world arm in arm.

My dear little sister, you can tell from the lines of the poem that your brother and you have truly fallen in love. little sister, every time I go to ginseng field, I have to go to your house, I just want to see you right? In order to think of you and love you, I recalled how we were together:

Having lived in his hometown for twenty-six years, he had never been in a happy mood like now.

That is because I have met my family and little sister, my heart is filled with your love.

Why you and I have this affinity, we have to start from the beginning to understand;

See you in February after the Spring Festival. I will buy a thermometer with your store.

The confidences of the heart confide to each other, you say you like me to confess to me;

Love adoration friendship deep as the sea, since then the curtain of love slowly opened.

That was in May of '87, when you asked me to come home and worship you;

Please book a family magazine and bring it home from work.

From then on, I will send my family to your house. You are very polite and sincere to me.

Give me a cigarette and water and let me sit down. I can feel your warmth on my chest.

Once you let me eat there, hold my hand tightly and don't want to let go;

Your hands are very warm and soft. My heart is boiling right now.

I have had an impression of you since then, and have been thinking of you in my heart.

Take time to visit your house during the day and dream of you coming to me at night

Sometimes I touch your hand deliberately to see if you can turn your face.

You're still smiling at me, and I feel love for you.

In the blink of an eye, it was New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, and the feeling of playing poker was great.

Look at me … I see you look at each other, how much love is hidden in my chest …

My dearest little sister, in your letter, you ridiculed me and said: 'You are indeed a great fool, and shouldn't have implicated Big Brother back then'. I feel that these things you have said are serious, that you have made a mockery of me and that you are belittling yourself. In fact, you are not a great fool. I have already said that you are a beautiful, virtuous, gentle, and kind woman who knows how to deal with people and know how to love. Since you say that you are such a fool, then I like idiots like you. I love idiots like you, and I'm willing to share a river of love with idiots like you. I hope that little sister doesn't have any other thoughts, I will love you for life. In the end, you will give my little sister a poem, I hope you will like it:

Love is like the spring wind, blowing into my heart; I feel warm all over.

After you and I know each other, we have formed a love of fish and water; tasting the fruit of love, the blood is boiling.

When we meet, the deep meaning of love is even stronger; when I think of a date, in love.

You love me, you love me, I love you, I hope you and I will be together forever.

I hope the little sister is in a good mood and smiles all the time!

This to


Your sweetheart

At 10.28 p.m. on the evening of 5 November 1989

After seeing Zi Peng's letter, Lixia's heart couldn't help but surge and her blood boiled. In the form of a great deal of facts and poetry, he reproduces himself and her from knowing each other to loving each other, from loving each other to loving each other, from loving each other to tasting the fruits of love. How could she not be excited at the truth? How could he not be excited? Indeed, the love letter he gave her deeply moved her heart. Thus, she wanted to love him more deeply and miss him more deeply.

The path she and he had taken, one step at a time, was one step at a time. Love so hot, love so pure, love so deep, love so forgetful, love so intoxicated, love so close. Both she and he had experienced this firsthand. So it was as if the events of the day before had occurred, as if they were happening before her eyes, as if they were happening right next to her. She felt a sense of reality in him that she could count on; a spiritual strength that she could depend on; an affinity that would hold her together. For this, she respected him all the more; trusted him all the more; missed and loved him all the more.

But the second half of the letter mentioned how she had mocked him and how she had mocked herself for being such a fool. In fact, she was both mocking him and herself. Because the date she had set with him had failed because of his busy work. Do you think she'll feel better? So it was normal for her to complain to him. Because they loved each other so much that they would inevitably have thought of one thing or another. What moved her most was the fact that he remembered living in his hometown for twenty-six years, even playing poker on the night of New Year's Eve. It was evident how meticulous his heart was; how accurate the observation was, how vivid the recollection was.

His memories brought back her thoughts about him; his love for her brought back her passion for him. To this end, she would repay him with her true love, with her true love; with her true love, with him, with him; with her true love, with him, against the winds and the waves, with the brilliant, beautiful tomorrow …

In the early winter, snow covered the plains. The north wind mercilessly blew on people's faces and tore at their clothes. The winter sun, seems very far away from us, its light sprinkled on people, also did not feel a little warm.

Wang Zipeng and Yu Lixia met each other in the City during this weather. On November 17th, after Zipeng went to work, he went to Rural Party Committee to finish his letter of recommendation for the developing Party members, and then went to the police station to handle matters for the seven teams of the big fruit tree household, Ge Baochang.

After he finished these two things, he went to find a market for the ginseng. This was because the price of the ginseng had plummeted. In the past, water cucumber was priced at more than 20 yuan per catty, and there were still 30 yuan and 40 yuan per catty. Red ginseng was priced at more than 150 yuan per catty, and the worst was over 100 yuan per catty. However, the price of ginseng this year fell astonishingly: water ginseng cannot be sold for 2 yuan per kilogram; ginseng seed for 2 years before 60 yuan per kilogram, and this year no one wanted 2 yuan per kilogram; red ginseng for less than 10 yuan per kilogram. Why was this happening? Because this fall, the provincial government held a Radix Ginseng in Fusong County. When the participants of the Radix Ginseng saw that the mountains were covered with ginseng, they all thought that it was actually that simple. It was even easier than growing a big radish. Thus, the traditional treasure of medicinal herbs, ginseng, was demoted to be bullshit. It was as if the tiger had been reduced to a cat; the phoenix to a chicken; the gold to a stone; the queen to an ordinary person... Some of the rich families that lent 300 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan and even 1 million yuan to develop ginseng drank the brine. Some committed suicide, some jumped off buildings, some hanged themselves. What could he do if he didn't commit suicide and didn't pay off the loan? Because of this, many people had died during the development of the ginseng. Some of them were bankrupt, some of their wives had scattered, and some of them had lost their families …

Zi Peng went to City to sell the red ginseng that was processed in the village. He continued to go to the City Medicinal Herbs Company, the local production company, and the people's participation factories. The price they offered was too low, only 8 yuan per kilogram of red ginseng was given to him. Processing 1 Jin red ginseng needs 4 Jin water ginseng, the processing fee is 8 yuan. Selling them like this, even including all the ginseng wouldn't be enough. Thus, he had no choice but to let go of the ginseng seller.

At ten in the morning, Zi Peng arrived at the city's passenger station. Today, Lixia wanted to return to her former glory, so she asked him to wait for her here. She came in ten minutes first, saw him enter the terminal, got up to meet him, she wanted to go out with him.

Zi Peng and Li Xia came out of the passenger station and walked towards Changbai Mountain Theater. Arriving at the theater, a new film was being shown here: 'Amazing Couples'. Thus, he bought the Movie tickets and both walked into the theater. As soon as he entered, he found that it was very dark inside and he could not see anything. He took her hand and stood for a moment at the door. It took about five minutes for the eyes to adjust to the light. So he sat with her in the back row.

In the theater, he had snuggled close to her, and the intimacy was indescribable. He was leaning against her head, he was holding her hand. He and she didn't talk, just watched the movie in silence...

There have been many misunderstandings between them this fall. The reason is: the main love is too deep, thinking too hard, meeting less time, meeting less time. As a result, a misunderstanding arose. She had written several times to blame him, to mock him, to hurt him. He explained it to her with a magnanimous heart, opened his heart to her, and expressed his feelings to her. As a result, contradictions and misunderstandings have been resolved, followed by deeper feelings of love, more true love.

It was the farmers' leisure season, and she was using the light as a primer. Thus, she had invited him out for a walk. This was her real purpose.

After Zipeng and Lixia finished watching the movie, they walked into a restaurant and each of them had a hot stew. When he was done eating, he felt warm and he and she went back to the station. The bus to Guanghua was at 2: 00 p. m., and it was now 1: 30 pm. There was still half an hour before the bus left. She went to buy a ticket, sat for a while, and began to cut the tickets. He watched her get into the car and waited until it was gone before he took the eight-lane bus back to Taoyuan...

November 20th, the day of the return of Lechang. She rode on the 8 am to the generalization's bus and arrived at the city's passenger transport station at 10 am. This morning, Zi Peng came to pick him up. He arrived at the passenger station at 9 o'clock, and had been waiting here for exactly an hour.

When Lixia got off the bus and met Zi Peng in the waiting room, she was exceptionally happy. He walked out of the passenger station by her side, then walked towards the Changbai Mountain Theater. They were going to see another movie today because it was cold and it was hard to walk outside. It was better to watch a movie.

The film that was released today was: 'Secret Interview'. He sat with her where they had sat on the 17th. There weren't many people in the theater who were going to the movies, so there were plenty of empty seats. He took her hand and felt it cool. He wanted to warm it. So hold tight, hold tight...

After watching the movie and eating lunch, Zi Peng and Li Xia walked up the embankment towards New Station. On the embankment, he opened the conversation with her. Lixia raised her beautiful and adorable face, looked at Zi Peng lovingly, and said:

"Brother, thank you for coming to pick me up. If you didn't come, I don't know what I would have felt." I feel good when I see you, and I feel happy when I see you. "

Zi Peng used his scorching gaze to meet Lixia's gaze, then said in deep emotion:

"Little sister, there are less things than before. Thus, I have the time to come and pick you up. If I can't pick you up, then I won't feel good. "

Lixia held Zi Peng's hand. She felt that his hand was very warm, and a warm current flowed from her hand to her heart like electricity. Lixia was very happy that Zi Peng was able to come and pick her up. But he also felt that he was the only one who had hurt him in the past. Thus, she apologetically told him:

"Bro, I've hurt you quite a few times this year. I'm really sorry. Brother, can you forgive me? "

Zi Peng squeezed Lixia's hand, then looked at her affectionately and said,

"Sister, why are we still talking about this?" It's all over, and you did it to love me. Actually, you were kind. It's just a little extreme, isn't it? "

At this moment, she felt an uncontrollable happiness rising in her heart. The redness on her face suddenly rose. She turned around and threw herself into Zi Peng's arms, murmuring like a spoiled child:

"Brother, women are narrow-minded. I am a woman too, and I am no exception. If I didn't love you so much, I wouldn't care about you. "

While Zi Peng and Lixia were hugging each other on the riverbank, a few pedestrians walked past them. The passersby looked at them curiously and admiringly, but they did not care. After a while, Zi Peng let go of Lixia and told her his thoughts.

"Sister, women are always petty, they are jealous. Do you admit it? If I had second thoughts about you, why would I go from one side to the other? Why do you have to be invited to come out one by one? Why did you have to open your heart to me time and time again? " Lixia followed up on Zi Peng's question and said,

"Brother, I will admit this. I will just correct it in the future." Our love can be said to transcend the relationship between husband and wife. Brother, the little sister has expressed to you: I cannot lose you, I will never leave you in this life. "

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