Thoughts of wingless crossing a high mountain,

There was a desire to wear it;

A mutual affection is a bosom friend,

Three winters when the heart is warm.

The early winter mornings, the trees, the grass, were full of trees; the sky was half dark and half clear; the morning sun was moving through the clouds; and on the mountains, wrapped in silver, was a northern winter scene.

November 21st. At noon on this day, all the members of Taoyuan Village Party Branch and Village committees were gathered in Power plant hotel. The leader of the Taoyuan Village who escorted the Baotou Power plant to work, was the member of the Party branch, Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Zhenfeng.

Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng is rich and powerful, has a high education level and a strong ability to work. He is a rare talent in the Taoyuan Village. Because his father-in-law was at the Baotou Power plant, his wife went to work in the spring. His father-in-law also processed the transfer orders for Zhou Zhenfeng. Therefore, a letter had arrived a few days ago, asking him to hurry up and go to work.

A few days ago, Zhou Zhenfeng was still helping to handle the autumn vegetables. He had dinner at his house at noon that day. At the time, there was no letter from Baotou, who knew nothing about the transfer of work. When he received the letter on November 10, it said that he must get to Baotou by the end of November and officially begin work on December 1. He reported his visit to the branch office.

The Taoyuan Village Party Branch was reasonable. If she let him go to work, he could not only be happy about having a fixed job, but also reunite with her. With such beauty, why not? As such, the branch family decided to open a Farewell today, and invited the members of the Village committees to participate. Moreover, Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng worked hard during his tenure as a branch Deputy Secretary-General. The branch was satisfied with his work.

The Farewell was held in the Power plant hotel. Also participating in the Farewell was the former cashier, Comrade Liu Guochun. Comrade Liu Guochun was recruited as a depositor of the Taoyuan Savings Centre, a rural credit union in the Erdaojiang. Thus, he had to find him as well. Now, it was Comrade Shi Mei who replaced the cashier.

At 11 o'clock in the afternoon, the Farewell officially began. After everyone was filled with wine, Branch Secretary Wang Peng raised his wine cup and stood up, saying:

"We are all family. Today, our branch family will open this Farewell, mainly to send off our comrade Zhenfeng, Secretary Zhou. He received a letter from his lover, telling him to go to the Baotou Power plant to work. Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng has been able to unite with everyone to do a good job on Taoyuan Village ever since he became a branch Deputy Secretary-General last year. Everyone could see his results. Not only is he highly literate, but he also has a strong ability to work. We are a little reluctant to part with such a good comrade. But then again, in order for Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng to have a good home, a good job, and a good future, we agreed to let him go. Thus, this time, the Farewell was being held here. Next, I suggest that we should all wish Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng a pleasant journey, smooth work, family reunion and all the best! Everyone raised their glasses and toasted together. In addition, the former cash teller, Comrade Liu Guochun, welcomed Comrade Shi Mei to work as a cash teller. "Come, cheers!"

After he finished speaking, Zi Peng gulped down a glass of beer. Those who were drinking beer had all dried up, while those who were drinking white wine had all taken a big gulp. After filling his second cup of wine, Zhou Zhenfeng raised his wine cup and said:

"Leaders, first of all, I would like to thank the Party branch and the Village committees for their warm hospitality. I've worked in our branch for more than a year, and I'm a bit reluctant to part with everyone since I've just become familiar with them. In terms of work, it was all thanks to everyone. When I get to Baotou, I can't forget you guys, I will come back to visit you when I have time. "Today, I'll borrow the wine from the village to toast everyone."

With that, everyone raised their glasses and downed their second cup of wine. With the third cup of wine, Village Head Deng Chunming raised his glass and said:

"I am very happy to see Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng off to work. I had known him first and had been with him for a long time. This comrade was very talented and was also a rare talent. Ever since he took over as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Party branch last year, all of the work in our village has been very proactive and positive. This is inseparable from the hard work of Comrade Zhou Zhenfeng. It was a good thing he was going to work at Baotou's. However, to the village, this was a huge loss. Thus, I discussed with Secretary Wang and decided to open this Farewell here at noon for comrade Zhenfeng. I hope you can come back and visit when you have time in the future. Next, I propose: For the future of Secretary Zhou, and for him to have a good job in the future, cheers! " After saying that, he gulped down a glass of beer …

Yu Lixia received a letter from Wang Zipeng on November 5, but did not reply to him. In fact, she was also very interested in the flow of letters. The first letter was written to him on December 26, 1988. It was just that the few times she wrote to him, it made him feel lost, sad, and miserable. That was why she asked him not to write again. He was afraid that if he wrote again, his poor language would make him unhappy. Thus, this letter had been dragging on until now. She also thought: If I don't write back to my brother, I'll be sorry for his love for me, and I won't have a chance to tell him what I'm thinking. Therefore, after thinking about it over and over again, she still made up her mind and wrote him a reply. So, on the evening of November 20, while her husband was out playing mahjong, she wrote him a reply. That night, the night he had picked her up at the terminal.

On November 22nd, Zi Peng went to ginseng field in the afternoon to check on the work there. He came down from ginseng field and then went to see the Lixia that he missed. When he arrived at her house, her Family was always at home watching TV. Because it's winter now, and it's always at home, Cat Dong. The peasants worked hard for a year, which meant that they could enjoy themselves in the winter, and the Rizia family was no exception. When he arrived at the house, they just realized that it was the second brother. Gui Hong quickly gave way to take a seat, while Lixia was very happy. This was because she had met him in City the day before yesterday, so naturally, she was overjoyed that he had come to see her again.

Lia Xia came down from the kang and washed a pot in the kitchen. She lit a fire in the stove and started to cook the melon seed for him. Zi Peng took the opportunity to go to the kitchen and help out, and Lixia naturally gave the letter to Zi Peng.

At this time, Gui Hong was still in the room, concentrating on watching TV. He didn't know anything about what had happened in the outside world …

Zi Peng came back from the kitchen, drank tea, ate melon seed, and chatted with Gui Hong about family matters …

It was almost 4 o'clock, Zi Peng said his goodbyes and walked back. Because the sky was short in winter and the sky would be dark at four o'clock. The couple brought Zi Peng to the door.

When Zi Peng returned home, it was time for dinner. After he finished his meal, he went back to his room and eagerly opened the letter from Lixia:

Hello, brother, I miss you all the time:

First, little sister apologized to his beloved brother. Big brother went to the passenger station to send me off twice and picked me up, making you suffer. little sister is truly sorry. I love it in my heart. Brother, you're too good to me, and this little sister will never forget this in her entire life.

Dear big brother, time passed like flowing water. In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. Ever since my brother wrote to me on November 5th, I have been very happy. Brother's letter is too touching, from every sentence and every poem that you wrote, I can see that Brother truly loves little sister, and that makes me feel honored and proud.

Big brother, your letter gave me great comfort. My brother wrote in his poem: 'I have lived in my hometown for twenty-six times, and have never been in such a good mood as now. Brother, you are comforting little sister. Brother, do you still remember how I made you cry? That's because little sister's culture is low, so I didn't think too much about it. As a result, they would harm their own feelings.

My dear brother, to tell you the truth, I have never thought of breaking up with you since I met your best friend. Brother, you and I have been together for more than two years, and only you can give me the courage to live. Only you can make me truly live like a person in this world, and only you can make me understand what true love is and what happiness is. Right now, I only have you, and you are my only family member. I miss you every single time.

Missing brother, my family situation, you know best, I will suffer for the rest of my life. Although I am in this unhappy family, but my heart is always with you. I reread the letter you sent me on October 5 this evening: the first part, too exciting and exciting; the second part, too painful, too painful. In the letter, Brother said that he understood me, why did he lie to little sister? Why did he have to play with the uncultured and brainless little sister? Big brother is a smart and cultured good brother, but why do you say you are a fool? I asked my brother's forgiveness again.

My dearest brother, I can never live without you. I lost you:

Even in the sun, you can feel apathetic;

Even in the sea of people, he would still feel lonely.

Even in the summer-house, it was irritating.

Even in the family, it was painful.

You are the coals in the cold winter, always warm me...

Therefore, I miss you all the time. How can I cut you off? You said in your letter, 'A man's feelings are sweet and twisted,' and now I do. Big brother, sometimes I suffer too much from emotions. When I want to see you again, I don't want to think, I don't want to eat. I think back to the warmth and happiness with my brother, my mood is so comfortable and happy! Therefore, whether it is bitter or sweet, will leave us with one unforgettable memory after another.

My dear brother, do you remember that day of March 24th this year? It's Xiao Yu and Xiao Xue under the heavens, so I wandered around Erdaojiang Station for more than two hours to see my brother, but I didn't see you. This is the actual act of loving you! The next day, hearing that my brother had gone to the hospital, I went to see you again. Brother, tell me, didn't the little sister do this all for the sake of loving you?

In his brother's poem, he wrote, 'My heart is always thinking of Lia Xia' and 'You and I love each other and never separate'. Brother, at this moment, my mood is the same as yours. From the two times you went to the City's passenger transport station to send me off and pick me up, I could tell that Big Brother genuinely loved me. He's not a person who's playing with emotions, but the best big brother that's worth me loving.

Dearest brother, I didn't write to you these few days, this little sister has no other intentions. Because my ability to analyze things is weak, I'm afraid to make my brother sad again. Therefore, I didn't reply to you in time, please forgive me.

Dear brother, today you went to the station to pick me up, a day of suffering, starvation and freezing, my heart is not at peace:

You care about me so much, and think back to things that go on and on;

You love me so much, how can I not be intoxicated.

You are so considerate of me that I am happy and warm;

Deep in the night, it was hard for me to sleep. I tossed and turned thinking about the Argo.

My good brother. These words were completely from my heart. I hope you can forgive me for not writing well. Alright, I've talked too much tonight. Please take care, brother! Let our love be forever etched in our hearts!

This to


Your little sister

Grass on the night of 20 November 1989

After Zi Peng finished reading the letter, he couldn't help but shed hot tears from excitement. Her true feelings, her passion, roasted like charcoal, warmed his heart. Therefore, he was moved, he was happy, he was happy, he was happy …

He thought: I will never be able to repay the kindness the little sister has shown me and the love she has shown me in this life. I want to use my actions to double her care, love her, care for her, take care of her...

Time passed in a blink of an eye, and two days went by in the blink of an eye. Zi Peng thought: It's time to write a letter to Lixia, lest she looks forward to and worry about him. And so, on the evening of November 24th, he wrote a letter to her in a flurry, looking for a suitable opportunity to send it to her.

The next morning, Zi Peng went to work after breakfast. He had just walked to the main road outside the gate, where Lixia was waiting for him. He was delighted to see her so early. I was trying to find a way to give her this letter, but she came first. He gave her the letter. He said:

"Sister, why did you come down so early?" Where are we going today? "What a coincidence, I didn't expect to run into you right after leaving the house. I'm so happy."

Lixia was overjoyed to see Zi Peng leave her house and give her another letter. She looked at him with a smile and said:

"Brother, I have something to do in City today. If you have time, wait for me at 9: 30 in the morning at the usual place in New Station. If I go and you don't come by ten, I'll come back first. Brother, if I didn't come down earlier, could I have waited for you? I was walking from home at six o'clock, and I was walking for exactly an hour. "

Zi Peng's heart ached when he saw Lixia's face turn red from the cold. He thought, she came so early, and the cold was all for my sake, how could I refuse her request? So he said,

"Sister, don't worry. If you think like this, I won't let you down." I promise to meet you at the meeting place on time and see you there. "

Hearing Zi Peng's words, Lixia felt very comfortable in her heart. She stretched out her ice-cold hand and held Zi Peng's warm hand. He murmured:

"Bro, then you go first, you can ride your bike fast."

Zi Peng was very touched when he heard from Lixia that she wanted him to ride his bicycle first. But could Zi Peng leave her here first? He wanted to take her down on his bike, so he let go of her ice-cold hand. He said:

"Sister, I'll take you down with me on my bicycle. Come on up."

So he took her on his bike to Taoyuan's 8-line station, and then he went back to work in the village. When Zi Peng arrived at the village, he saw ginseng field, Zhou Lianhai. Thus, he asked:

"Week Field Length came so early. What's the matter?" Zhou said:

"Come down and report to your leader about the situation in ginseng field. "Well, with this snow, there's nothing left to do."

Zi Peng invited Week Field Length into the house, then pointed at the sofa for him to sit down. After that, he poured him a cup of hot water and passed it to him. He said:

"Week Field Length, come sit in my office for a while. When everyone is here, we'll have a meeting to study them."

At 7: 20, the village chief and the Deputy village chief arrived. Thus, Zi Peng followed them and listened to the Week Field Length's report. Zi Peng said:

"Week Field Length, the Village Chief and Deputy village chief are here. If you have anything to say, speak up. After you're done, we can discuss it." Week Field Length said:

"People of the ginseng field, a few days ago, were riding on horses towards the ginseng pool to pick up dirt. There was a big snow the other day, and now there's nothing to do. I just came over to let you know what I'm going to do. "

"Let's stop and let the workers take a break. After resting for a few days, he would have to chop down pillars, poles, beams, and even the artemisia seeds. During the holidays, he made arrangements for the Gengfu. They wanted to change the house to let the Gengfu burn more. But be careful, don't burn the house down. " Chunming arranged for him to speak.

"That's fine too. I have a meeting with them tomorrow. I'll take a week off first and then come back to work." Week Field Length promised.

"Currently, the sales of ginseng is not good. I will go to the City with Changyou and Jianli to sell red ginseng. They won't accept anything. I went back and still couldn't sell it. There is a family to buy, red ginseng to give 8 yuan per catty. Didn't you say that this was scolding people? In my opinion, whether ginseng can develop during the new year is still a problem. Let's make a decision. If this continues, we will definitely lose everything. " Zi Peng said indignantly.

"The current price of ginseng is to make us lose money. It's not like that at all, you say. Besides, can the countryside agree? "We still need to develop a little less. We usually develop 500 curtains every year, but in the new year, we will develop 100 curtains. Does everyone think that we can do it?" Chun Ming analyzed.

"I agree with the Village Head's opinion. We've already invested so much money, so do less, and make less compensation." It was all the fault of that disappointing Radix Ginseng. If we do not get the Radix Ginseng into trouble, the price of ginseng will not decline even after a thousand years. " Long and full of complaints.

"Then let's do it according to Chunming's suggestion." Zi Peng stated his position.

"If we were to develop the 100 curtains, the materials would be a lot fewer, and the people of ginseng field would not need that much either. What do you think we should do? " Week Field Length asked.

"Then choose the ones you want to stay and take the rest for a long vacation. "We will end it here today. I still need to participate in the family planning Expressionism with the secretary," Chun Ming said decisively.

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