Chapter 1806 1806: Smear Her Reputation

Chapter 1806 1806: Smear Her Reputation

"How do you take this job?" Long Hui asked.

"I found this job in the dark website. The payment is higher and the material has been prepared. I don't need to think about anything. Just fly over to Binhai Nation and proceed with the job." The man said. Long Hui frowned. Dark website. It was hard to find the track of the people in the dark website. He did not think that he would get anything else from this man. He stopped the illusion.

The man snapped out of it. He looked around. He frowned. Something was off. This man seemed to do something to him. "You will not be returning home anymore." Long Hui said.

"What? What do you mean by that?" The man shouted. Unravel the Unknown, Unleash the Unimaginable: N♡vεlB¡n.

Long Hui clicked on the recording. The man's voice played and he was confessing everything on that. He went pale. "No... No... It is not me. It is not my voice. You faked it." The man shouted.

"Not you? We have CCTV there and people are also watching you confessing about your crime. You will not get over with this." Long Hui calmly said.

"You want to say the matter here?" The man was quite surprised to hear that response from Yu Qi.

However, that person already told him that Yu Qi was a hard nut to crack. "You used my service yesterday. When are you planning to pay?" The man said loudly.

He also planned to get some money from Yu Qi. He heard this woman had a lot of businesses.

"I see. What kind of service that I get from you yesterday?" Yu Qi asked again.

"You should know that. If I say it here, your reputation would be plummeted." The man said.

Yu Qi smirked. That smirk made the man feel uneasy. "You want to say that I slept with you last night?" Yu Qi asked the question clearly. The man did not expect that Yu Qi would say the matter loud and clear in front of the people. Since the matter had been far away, the man could not back off anymore.

"So, you do know about that. Then, pay up." The man said demanding money from Yu Qi.

The silent cafeteria broke when someone laughed. Everyone looked at the person who had been laughing. It was a staff. It seemed he was a medical assistant from what he had been wearing. He was sitting nearby with other people. The man felt a bit angry when he heard the laugh. "What are you laughing about?" The man shouted asking the medical assistant.