Chapter 1805: Put Him In The Illusion

Chapter 1805: Put Him In The Illusion

The shopping mall management was shocked when they heard about the news. It was fortunate that this matter was discovered during the nighttime. What if one of their customers discovered them and mistaken them for something else and that bomb exploded? People might lose their lives and might be injured. And their shopping mall might be destroyed. Then, they might have to pay several thousands to the deceased and victims. They also needed to pay for the store's owner. It was clearly their fault for not prioritizing the safety of the shopping mall. So, the shopping mall management gave permission for the soldiers to inspect the shopping mall thoroughly. The shopping mall would be closed for a week. They were also afraid that the person also put the bomb inside the stores. They began to call the owners to explain the situation.

The owners needed to open their stores for the soldiers to check the stores. Some of the owners were not around. So, they called their employees to cooperate with the shopping mall management and the soldiers. Yu Qi already received a call from the shopping mall management regarding this matter. She told them that she would send his store managers to cooperate with them. She had two stores in the shopping mall. One was HuiQi Jade and another one was Qi Qi Skincare. The soldiers also investigated the man's identity. They found out that the man's nationality is Helios Country. He had been here for two months under a tourist visa. Even after being interrogated, the man did not reveal anything. Under the law, the man should be sent to his own country after one week of interrogation if they could not find anything else. Long Hui went to see the man.

The man looked arrogant when he saw another one enter the room. He saw Long Hui's face and snorted.

"What is this? Why do you send me a gigolo? Are you trying to use him to seduce me? I will not tell you anything." The man insulted Long Hui directly by calling Long Hui a gigolo.

The soldiers in the room felt extremely angry. How dare this man insult their Colonel? They wanted to beat up this man.

"Stop!" An order from Long Hui stopped them completely.

"Humph! Coward." The man said again. He smirked while looking at Long Hui.

"Go out. Don't come in unless I order you." Long Hui ordered the soldiers. "But Colonel Long..." The soldier said.

Long Hui then stared into the man's eyes. That was where the man fell into Long Hui's trap. Long Hui put the man in the illusion. Well, the scariest one, the one that the man feared the most. The man began to shout unreasonably. Long Hui kept staring at the man. "No... No... Please... Don't kill me. Don't kill my family. My wife... My child is still young. Please, stop." The man shouted.

Long Hui scoffed. So, you are begging for your life and your family's lives? How can you destroy others' lives? The man still shouted begging for forgiveness. Some soldiers were watching them from the mirror. They could see that the man was crying and begging not to kill him while Long Hui was not doing anything but staring at the man. "Why is the man like that?"

"He cried and begged for mercy."

"What did Colonel Long Hui do to him?"

"Looks like he has been in illusion."

"Wait, does Colonel Long know how to hypnosis someone?"

"That is probably right." The man was crying. Then he heard the voice saying someone.

"You can save your family. Just tell me who are you working under? Why do you want to bomb the shopping mall?" The man was already mentally weakened. In his mind, he just wanted to save his family. Long Hui already took out the recorder to record everything that the man was about to say.

"I don't know my boss. But the true target in this matter is not the shopping mall but the businesses under Tang Yu Qi's name. That person wants Tang Yu Qi to suffer a financial loss since her two businesses are inside the shopping mall." The man began to talk. Long Hui's eyes flickered. That was why the man specifically wanted to place the bomb at his beloved Qi Qi's store. Someone was targeting his beloved Qi Qi. This was not a public matter anymore. It had become a personal matter.