Chapter 3064 Impure Motive

When Ye Jian's training was mentioned, Xia Jinyuan's low voice was filled with admiration. When he mentioned her combat, it was filled with admiration. When he mentioned Ye Jian's good results, his expression was filled with admiration. No matter what it was about Ye Jian, Xia Jinyuan was fascinated by her.

He spoke affectionately, making Mr. Fu even more fascinated.

"Once, she walked out of the primitive forest alone and helped the border defense armed police officers to take down a problematic village. Mr. Fu, at that time, Ye Jian was really dazzling. She didn't rely on anyone to achieve her current results. She relied entirely on herself.

"I've known her for six years. I've accompanied her for six years. I saw her walk out of the predicament with the Ye family with my own eyes and saw how she broke out of her cocoon. Uncle Fu, Ye Jian is too attractive. She's like a star. She doesn't fight or make a fuss, but she exudes a peerless light."

Hearing all this, Mr. Fu was very proud of himself.

His daughter's hardships had finally come to an end!

In the future, she would have a brighter life and climb to a higher peak!

And this young soldier in front of him, who watched his daughter grow step by step, was a witness to his daughter's growth.

He had seen his daughter at her most bitter and difficult time. He had also seen his daughter's rainbow after a storm. It could be said that this young soldier had already left a mark on his daughter's life. It was indelible.

"I've been with Ye Jian for a long time. I know how difficult it was for her. Uncle Fu, she's six years younger than me. But I look at her like an adult and admire her. At the end of the day, I'm deeply for her. Uncle Fu, she's six years younger than me. But I look at her like an adult and admire her. At the end of the day, I'm deeply attracted to her.

"You can be angry at me, scold me, and even hit me. However, I beg you not to criticize Ye Jian. Uncle Fu, even if you're her father, I don't want to see you criticizing her."

Facing Xia Jinyuan's sincere words, Mr. Fu wasn't angry anymore. n.)OVεlb1n

This young soldier was too important to his daughter. Although he didn't mention how he had helped his daughter, since Xia Jinyuan understood Ye Jian well,he would definitely help her overcome her difficulties.

Grandpa Xia, Commander Xia, and even the Xia family were upright. They would never make things difficult for others. Hence, his daughter must have agreed to be with the young soldier willingly.

Since she willingly got together with him, Mr. Fu wouldn't do anything... to break them up.

Mr. Fu's emotions surged, but he didn't show any signs of loosening up. He maintained a serious expression until Xia Jinyuan told him everything about Ye Jian and him.

Mr. Fu's expression didn't change. Xia Jinyuan, who had always been calm, didn't panic. He believed that with his future father-in-law's love for Ye Jian, he wouldn't do anything overboard.

"So, you've decided on my daughter?" Mr. Fu asked. There was still a hint of anger in his tone. It seemed like he hadn't relented because of this.

But at least he didn't find a tool to hit Xia Jinyuan.

Xia Jinyuan felt that it was a good sign.

He nodded and said seriously, "Yes, Uncle Fu. Once I've decided, I won't change my mind and won't relent. I've decided on her and only want to be with her."

"What if I don't agree?"

"I'll wait until you agree."

Mr. Fu chuckled coldly, revealing his dignity. "You've indeed occupied most of Jian's time in the past six years, but your motives are impure! If you hadn't had ideas about my daughter, would you have helped an unfamiliar girl?

"No, you wouldn't have. You might have even thought that the matters my daughter got involved in were very troublesome. It's just that your motives were impure. That's why you acted. Even though there were so many troublesome things going on behind my daughter's back, they didn't make you change your mind."