Chapter 3063 So Uneasy

"A few days ago, when Ye Zhifan's verdict was announced, I went over with Principal Chen. We talked a lot that day. The ones he mentioned the most were Ye Zhifan's family. He didn't mention your relationship with Jian.

"Does that mean that even Principal Chen doesn't know what's going on between you and Jian?"

Xia Jinyuan was stunned. Of course, Uncle Chen knew about it. He was the first to know!

However, Uncle Chen talked so much about the little fox but didn't talk about the relationship between him and the little fox. It could be seen that Uncle Chen wanted to cover up for the two of them.

In that case, he couldn't say directly that Uncle Chen knew about it. He had to put it in another way.

"Uncle Chen has always known that I like Ye Jian. He mainly talked about Ye Zhifan's family, right? Uncle Chen has always had a problem with Ye Zhifan's family. As long as Ye Zhifan's family is mentioned, Uncle Chen will have endless things to say.

He changed his method and changed the topic. Lieutenant Colonel Xia thought that talking to his future father-in-law who had a high IQ was soul-stirring. It made him tense.

Mr. Fu nodded. "That's true. Principal Chen gave me a call, and I talked to him for almost an hour and a half. When I arrived, I talked to Principal Chen from 11 pm to 4 am the next day. The focus was on Ye Zhifan's family and Grandma Ye. He talked about what happened to Jian all these years. He didn't mention anything else.

"Now that you've taken the initiative to look for me, tell me what happened between you and Jian! Young brat, she was only in her eleventh year. How dare you... How dare you..."

Mr. Fu's expression turned cold again.

Xia Jinyuan avoided the minefield and recalled how he knew Ye Jian. "It was a coincidence that I met Ye Jian. When I first met her, she was skinny and small. I couldn't tell that she was a junior high student. She looked like a primary school student. It made my heart ache.

"She was so skinny, but she was actually smart enough to fight against criminals. In the end, she even helped me catch criminals in the mountains. To be honest, I took notice of Ye Jian at that time."

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Xia Jinyuan told him how he knew Ye Jian, what happened between the two of them, and how they got together in the end.

"At that time, I saw her undergoing hard training. She went from the snow mountains to the highlands and then to the desert. Later, she went to the Thousand Forest in the Western Province. Uncle Fu, at that time, Ye Jian was really skinny. She was very small. Every time I saw her, I was worried that she would be blown away by the wind.

"However, the perseverance she displayed was extraordinary. To be honest, I was tempted from that moment onward.

"I had never been in a relationship or had a girlfriend before. I felt uneasy when I realized that I was in love. Just like what you said, she's so young, and I'm six years older than her. I was also a junior high student back then, but I just wanted to be with her.

"In the end, the more I interacted with her, the more attracted I was to her. I threw her age and our generation gap aside and started pestering her.

"You're right. Ye Jian has a cold personality. She's a girl who won't accept others easily. If I wasn't familiar with her, it wouldn't have been easy to woo her.

"But I didn't care so much. I knew very well that if I didn't do anything, such a good girl would be snatched away by someone else."