Chapter 589 Revenge (2)

Qiu Xingfeng’s sword shook slightly, and the two guards in front of him were shaken back a few steps! He walked towards Gong Yimo step by step, his murderous aura made everyone else stay alert, but because Gong Yimo didn’t speak, they didn’t dare to act rashly.

Gong Yimo watched as his sword slash at her! She made a fake move and directly clamped down his raised hand!

“Are you here to avenge me? Because I killed Long Hanyan?”

A cold light flashed in her eyes, and that low voice strangely suppressed most of Qiu Xingfeng’s anger!

For some reason, when he faced Gong Yimo, he always felt powerless!

“Why did you kill her?” Qiu Xingfeng’s pure gaze was filled with sadness and anger! His usual indifferent temperament that felt like the first snow, was also destroyed by his anger, leaving only his killing intent!

Gong Yimo looked up at him with a smile. This person was once a master who was willing to die for her in her previous life, but in this life, he wanted to kill her for someone else, which was really ironic.

“Aren’t you afraid? You killed so many people! When you dream back about it every night, won’t you feel scared?”

Qiu Xingfeng naturally couldn’t understand her, because he had never killed anyone before, but Gong Yimo, her hands had long been covered with blood!

Was she afraid when she dreamt back about it at night?

Gong Yimo’s smile froze, her face suddenly sank as she looked at Qiu Xingfeng.

“If you want to fight, come and fight! If you can kill me, it’s your ability!”

With that said, she slid out a hidden blade from her sleeve, and the two of them leaped towards the open space outside the camp. During the process, they had already gone through a lot of moves. The two looked very serious as they moved quickly!

Qiu Xingfeng’s moves were much sharper than last time, and Gong Yimo’s movements were as smooth as flowing water, with a touch of casualness, but she held the upper hand!

“You have no idea! How important she is to me! You have no idea!”