Chapter 588 Revenge (1)

There were about fifty envoys in Lou Ye, and there were even more people in the dowry team. Together with the guards, there were thousands of people. So in terms of numbers, Gong Yimo, who only brought fifty people, was on the losing end. However, all her fifty people were carefully selected for her by Gong Jue. It was no exaggeration to say that all of them were top elites in their field!New novel chapters are published on

Originally, they planned to fight back once Dayu’s little princess crossed to their empire, but after Gong Yimo’s people showed them their ability, Lou Ye started to know their place, and as Lou Ye’s envoy, Buji, he was the most stressed out from this situation!

Everything was fine at the start, they would just head back after sending over the dowry. However, their little princess chose such an important day to frame the princess. As a result, they had to be sent back to their empire. The little princess may be fine, but those of them who followed, might not be as lucky.

But since Dayu had made this decision, it was useless for them to say anything, so they felt dejected along the way, and the entire team was silent.

“Princess, we’re almost at the border!”

Someone said to Gong Yimo. At this time, she was riding on a horse, her hair was tied back in a ponytail, she looked into the distance, her expression was calm, she looked confident and was really eye-catching.

“Set up camp here tonight, and we’ll cross the border to Yuheng tomorrow!”

Gong Yimo didn’t care about it at all, she looked at the direction of Yuheng, deep in thought.

Now that she had the border clearance letter from Jin Yun in hand, she wasn’t afraid of being blocked at the border, but Yuheng still had Yun Jin. After such a long time, she didn’t know whether she had improved from the incident back then, and restrained herself, or has she become even more crazy?

That’s why she didn’t act rashly and set up camp outside the border.

At night, it was very cold, Gong Yimo and the others were all highly trained martial artists, so it naturally didn’t bother them. The people from Lou Ye’s side were more miserable, and most of them slept very restlessly.

Suddenly, Gong Yimo opened her eyes.

At the same time, the sound of the swords being unsheathed from outside the tent could be heard! The moment she walked out of the tent, she saw someone coming.

She could hear the commotion and women’s screams from Lou Ye’s side. Gong Yimo looked at the angry Qiu Xingfeng, his gaze filled with hatred as he raised his hand to stop everyone.

“Gong Yimo!”