Chapter 957 Nine Dragons War Chariot

The black market had not opened yet, but Li Xiang had come in. Arcus was sure that he had come in through the cave entrance.

When they entered, there was not a trace of movement. The guards at the entrance did not even send back any news. Even Arcus was afraid of this ability. This meant that Dark Spirit Town had been exposed.

Previously, when the Honeysuckle City was expanding, the Ogre and other tribes had tried to stop it with their vicious schemes. They even took the human race as hostages but could not stop the conquest. With Dark Spirit Town's background, they were the first to know about this.

"Although I've just entered Dark Spirit Town, I can see that the human civilians here don't have any restrictions on their freedom. We can come and go freely. We have also relied on the protection of Dark Spirit Town to let hundreds of thousands of civilians live safely until now as long as other tribes are not hostile to the human race and treat us as friends. Naturally, we would not use weapons against our friends."

Li Xiang removed the black bead again and said slowly, "However, the Kingdom of Dawn will not stop expanding. This area is outside the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn. When that time comes, I hope that Dark Spirit Town can give me an explanation. Also, don't prevent human civilians who are keen to join the Kingdom of Dawn from joining us."

This place was not far from the Kingdom of Dawn. The Divine City's expansion is inevitable. In other words, this place would become the Kingdom of Dawn's territory.

In the Kingdom of Dawn, the existence of Dark Spirit Town would undoubtedly be highly awkward.

The Divine City suppressed the wilderness. Within a thousand miles, there would naturally be foreign races, distant villages, and towns. However, their development would be stopped by the Divine City. If they did not submit, they would not make much progress.

Suppressing all foreign races was unrealistic.

Roping them in was the perfect method.

What Dark Spirit Town had done was enough for them to be roped in.

"Does the Dawn Dynasty only belong to the human race?"

At this moment, Arcus asked again.

Li Xiang pondered momentarily and said, "The Dawn Dynasty belongs to the Human race. It is also a kingdom for races close to the human race who harbour no hostility towards them. As long as they are willing to live in peace, the Kingdom of Dawn can tolerate other races."

Li Xiang had considered integrating different races, but not every foreign could join. It was also unrealistic to only exist in the human race, but the status of the human race would never be shaken. This was the most crucial and fundamental point.

"Alright, thank you for informing me, Your Majesty."

Arcus was not disappointed. Instead, he was delighted.

It was rare to receive such news.

"The Dawn Dynasty will soon open a trade market with the other races. As for which city it will be in, I have yet to confirm it. However, I hope to see Master Arcus in the trade market."

Li Xiang smiled.

Where there was black, there was white. The existence of the black market could not disappear. Ultimately, an exchange market was needed for proper trading to take place.

Accius agreed without hesitation.

"There are many rare treasures in the Dawn. I've been looking forward to it for a long time."

"Lastly, I also want to present a gift. I hope that you will like it, Your Majesty."

"Oh, Master Arcus is too polite!" Li Xiang said with a smile.

"Your Majesty seems to be lacking something to move around. Coincidentally, I have a rare treasure in my treasure vault. It's a chariot known as the Nine Dragons War Chariot. At first, this chariot would only have one dragon pulling it, but bathing in blood and devouring souls would transform it continuously. Only kings and emperors are worthy of owning it."

Arcus took out a rare treasure from the treasure vault.

It was a war chariot.

The war chariot looked ferocious, and the totems of the nine dragons could be seen engraved on it. Behind it was an ordinary carriage and palace where one could sit and rest. In front of them was a real war chariot, standing tall and commanding its surroundings. It looked invincible.

Most importantly, it was a rare treasure.

It could still grow and transform. It was only a yellow-grade treasure war chariot now, but it would become even more potent once it upgraded.

"What a good chariot."

The Nine Dragons War Carriage was built on speed, sturdiness, and dominance. It could even travel through the void once it peaked to roam the Great Void.

What powerful combat strength.

He could not help but feel a sense of fondness for it. This kind of chariot was undoubtedly a symbol of status on the battlefield. Taking the chariot was equivalent to accepting the kindness of Dark Spirit Town.


As soon as Li Xiang took the chariot, a loud boom suddenly rang in his ears. It sounded like drought thunder. It was a terrifying boom that shook his head.

"Thundercry contains the will of heaven and earth. What's going on?"

Li Xiang's heart trembled. This level of thunder did not cause any damage to him. The appearance of this thunder was not to injure people but to alert the world and attract attention.

Such heavenly might was the will of heaven and earth.

Or was this the Heavenly Dao, the system?

Amidst the booming sounds, an invisible pressure swept the world like a tidal wave. Countless living beings seemed to feel shackles around their bodies and were suppressed until they could not resist.

"Is there any major change?" Li Xiang thought to himself.

Generally speaking, the Heavenly Dao would not appear. The Heavenly Dao was the will of heaven and earth. It would not occur without reason. Every time it appeared, something significant would happen.

Something significant must have happened.

He looked up at the void.

Under a mysterious power, even if he was in the treasure vault or underground, his gaze seemed to be able to pass through all obstacles without any hindrance and see the void outside.

In the outside world, it was just dawn, and the sun was rising from the east.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled in the void.

Not only Li Xiang but the entire Myriad Realms Continent, including countless races, humans, and lives, no matter where and who they were, how strong or weak they were, could see the changes in the void at this moment. Even sects and experts of the various races were sealed.