Chapter 956 Book Of Truth

"This is a wondrous item, an item that truly contains miracles. It contained an incredible fortune. This isn't a rare treasure, a spiritual treasure, or an alchemy item. It's a miracle created by the heavens and the earth. I've only seen it in the Book of Truth," said Arcus quickly, excitedly.

"Yes, the Book of Truth might have records of the black bead."

Arcus quickly took out an ancient bronze book. It was giant, at least one meter in size. It was placed on a workbench and emitted a bronze-like light. The patterns interweaved, making it seem as if it was immortal.

"What is this? Is this the Book of Truth?"

Li Xiang looked at the ancient bronze book in front of him curiously. It was not a simple item.

"That's right; this is the Book of Truth. The Book of Truth contains all the truths in the world and records countless secret histories. Unique items were recorded in the Book of Truth," said Arcus as he flipped open the bronze book.

This ancient book was made of bronze pages and emitted old patterns.

When he flipped to the first page, a paragraph of text appeared.

"Knowledge creates civilization, and civilization gives birth to wisdom. Wisdom belongs to the truth, and the truth exists eternally."

These words emitted a mysterious aura, making people feel as if their entire minds and will have been purified and become incomparably clear. Many problems that were difficult to understand in the past were solved at this moment, and they were suddenly enlightened.

At the same time, a puppet appeared in the Book of Truth. The puppet crawled out of the book and smiled, "The truth is everywhere. The truth is eternal. Only by believing in the truth can one obtain the truth. However, the truth is not cheap. To pry into the truth, a corresponding price has to be paid. Dear Arcus, are you ready to pay the price?"

His eyes landed on Arcus as he spoke in a crisp voice.

"Of course, I am willing to sacrifice. I want to ask the Great Truth Creator about the knowledge of unique items," said Arcus quickly.

The puppet nodded in agreement.

"Alright, once the sacrifice is completed, you may learn about unique items."

Without hesitation, Arcus placed a few runic guns in the Book of Truth. The puppet looked at them and said, "Not enough!"

Arcus took out all kinds of treasures again. There were rare ores, magical alchemy items, and alchemy synthesis diagrams. All sorts of creatures were delivered but were silently taken away by the puppet and disappeared.

Ultimately, the wooden puppet nodded after taking a rare treasure.

"The sacrifice is already comparable to the price of the knowledge of a unique item. You may have it."

As soon as it finished speaking, the puppet disappeared.

Following that, lines of text appeared on the bronze book.

"This Book of Truth requires sacrifice. What is this?"

Li Xiang frowned slightly upon seeing the words. Something that could be sacrificed was not an ordinary treasure. Moreover, he had previously said he would offer it to the Great Truth Creator. There was a clear target for sacrifice.

Altar. Book of Truth. Sacrifice. What kind of secret was this?

A thought flashed through his mind.

"This is a treasure, but it's said it can connect to the Great Truth Creator. One could obtain the corresponding knowledge if he sacrificed to the Book of Truth. Knowledge is the truth, and the truth is everything," said Arcus quickly.

At the same time, he looked at the Book of Truth. A line of words had already appeared on it.

Li Xiang walked over and watched.

"Unique items are strange objects, products born from miracles. They are not rare treasures or spirit treasures. They are not within the Three Realms or the Five Elements. They could be sacrificed to obtain endless benefits. Each of these unique items contained good fortune."

"Unique item?"

"Unique items can be used to forge altars and sacrificial objects."

"Sacrifice! Sacrifice!"

A paragraph of text appeared in the Book of Truth. The description of the unique item was not very detailed. It only pointed out that it could be sacrificed and was not in the five elements or the world. It could be called a miracle and a creation. If one offered sacrifices, one could obtain countless benefits.

"Unique item, black bead."

Li Xiang also saw the flashing words in the Book of Truth. Although the words in the Book of Truth were unclear, he still knew how precious this unique item was. No matter who it was sacrificed to, it could reap immeasurable benefits. This was a treasure that even influential figures would fight for. Although it was not necessarily more precious than rare treasure, it was more irregular.

It was even more precious than rare treasure.

"Unfortunately, the Book of Truth doesn't specify the use of the unique item. I know this black bead is strange, but I don't know its specific effect."

Arcus quickly read the records in the Book of Truth and shook his head.

"It seems that the Book of Truth isn't omnipotent. It doesn't even give a complete answer," said Li Xiang meaningfully.

"Truth lies in exploration and pursuit. The Book of Truth would not give an accurate answer. This exploration process was the true joy of understanding the truth," retorted Accius without hesitation.

At the very least, the Book of Truth had given some of the uses of the unique item. It also showed how precious it was.

"I believe my honoured guest's surname is Li. He is the ruler of the Dawn Dynasty, the legendary human king."

Accius looked at Li Xiang with a hint of cunning in his eyes. Although it was a question, his tone was very confident.

Li Xiang did not deny it, saying, "Master Arcus is very wise."

"With your bearing, even though you tried to hide it, you wouldn't hide your natural king's aura. Moreover, there are probably only a handful of people in the Kingdom of Dawn who can casually take out millions of Star Coins without hesitation. With such a background, the fact that you could enter Dark Spirit Town without a trace, and your bearing, the possibility of correctly guessing your identity is as high as seventy to eighty per cent. If I still couldn't figure it out, then I wouldn't have been able to survive until now."

Accius smiled.

"May I know why Your Majesty has come to Dark Spirit Town? For the human civilians of Dark Spirit Town?" At this moment, Arcus had the bearing of the lord of Dark Spirit Town. "Since establishing Dark Spirit Town, we have been on good terms with the humans. This Dark Spirit Town was built by goblins, dwarves, elves, and humans. The human race has made great contributions. Moreover, they had never forcefully enslaved the human race all these years. Your Majesty, you could investigate this personally."

While he guessed Li Xiang's identity, Arcus was afraid. The Dark Spirit Town naturally had a connection with the outside world. In the past, they had used a rare treasure transportation array to enter and exit the town. One was in Dark Spirit Town, and the other was outside. Usually, the black market opened when the outside world was connected to Dark Spirit Town's teleportation array. After the black market closed, the teleportation array would be closed. Only the residents of Dark Spirit Town knew about the cave entrance. It had never been exposed.