Similar images of Fonda and his wife embracing occur here and there.

These knights had obviously joined their families.

Seeing such a picture, Chu Jing nodded slightly inwardly.

"Old Chu, we have investigated the Citi Chamber of Commerce... The Devil Duke is furious. I heard that the five major chambers of commerce have suffered a lot."

Old Wang suddenly came to the news, Chu Jing read the content and smiled slightly.

The Devil Duke is angry and will trouble the five chambers of commerce. This series of things is all within his guess.

I just didn't expect the Demon Duke to be so mad that after he left, people on the street could hear the roar of the five heads of the Citi Chamber of Commerce Building.

Judging from this.

They were indeed greatly aggrieved, so they yelled so exaggeratedly.

"The Demon Duke is really ruthless."

Chu Jing responded to Lao Wang.

"That's not right, I was humiliated by you, and I have to find someone to vent my anger. Those guys are so pitiful."

Lao Wang's voice was full of teasing, and suddenly changed his style: "Old Chu, it's overkill for me to send you information all the time. Do you want to find a new liaison officer?"

"..." Chu was startled.

What liaison is not a liaison officer.

He collects information on weekdays and simply chats with Lao Wang. He doesn't have too many ideas, and he doesn't want to be too professional.

Old Wang said again: "Although I am also responsible for Jingrong's intelligence work on a part-time basis, expanding the territory is my job. If I focus on two tasks, there will inevitably be negligence, so I plan to change the leader of the intelligence team..."

This is to retire.

"Who is it?"

Chu Jing also knew about the people inside Jingrong, so he asked.

"How about my cousin?"

Old Wang's answer made Chu Jing slightly startled: "He Mumu?"

"Yes, that's her."

Old Wang looked excited and said: "I discussed this matter with Brother Rong. Although He Mumu is outstanding, she is definitely qualified for the work of the intelligence team. When the time comes, she will contact you and report the recent affairs. You can also chat with the beautiful woman... How cool."

Chu Jing was quite speechless when he heard the words: "What about the new store?"

"Let me do it, I'm tired of staying in Jingrong Island, I want to come to Wangcheng to have fun."

Old Wang said excitedly.

Chu Jing was speechless for a moment: "Letting the beauty come to contact me is the second priority. The main reason is that you want to come to Wangcheng to play?"

"Hey hey hey! Old Chu, you understand me." Old Wang didn't deny it.

"Old Wang, if it's Brother Rong's arrangement, then you can make a decision."

Chu Jing is still full of confidence in He Yourong's ability.


Not long after the conversation ended, Chu Jing received a request to add a friend.

"He Mumu asked to add you as a friend, do you accept?"

So efficient? So fast?

Chu Jing was quite surprised and chose to agree.

"You have successfully added 'He Mumu' as a friend!"

Friends add.

He Mumu quickly sent a message: "Wow, is it really shocking? I... so honored!"

Chu Jing smiled. It was hard to imagine that the girl who stood alone in front of the knight Owen, who was happy and fearless, was so enthusiastic about her first sentence, and seemed a bit of a nympho?

"Hi Mumu, nice to meet you."

Chu Jing responded politely.

"Jingshen, I have liked you for a long time, I came to Jingrong to work because of you..."

He Mumu completely opened up the chatterbox, chattering non-stop.

Chu Jing: "Thank you Mu Mu for your support, there is no need to be so polite in the future, and call me crazy..."

"That Jingshen, can I call you Chuopa?"

? ? ?

Chu Jing was confused by He Mumu's words.

Look at a girl who is so intellectual, so generous, and so independent.

How could he be so... funny and direct in private?

"Uh...Miss Mu Mu..."

Chu Jing was just about to say something.

He Mumu said: "Oh! Jingshen, don't misunderstand me, I don't treat every man like this, in fact, I am more cold... and only when I am facing idols, I am weird, don't be scared by me. "

"No no……"

"That Jingshen, can I call you Chuopa?"

He Mumu said, and sent a screenshot.

This screenshot is Chu Jing's game notes, and it is "Chu Ouba".

You are so overbearing, how can I say no?

Chu Jing was speechless, and said, "Yes, yes."

"Thank you Chuopa!!! L(''lj'')┘三└(''lj'')?!"

He Mumu was instantly excited, and even sent a paragraph of emoji.

Chu Jing: "..."

"Okay, Chu Ouba, I will be in charge of Jingrong's intelligence work in the future, and I will notify you as soon as I have the latest industry news! By the way, Chu Ouba, I can come to your territory to have a look if I have time. ?"

He Mumu asked.

"Yes, yes, you are always welcome in my territory, and you can also consider this place your home."

Chu Jing's polite words were sent.

next second.

A voice came from the teleportation point: "Chu Ouba! Here I come!"


Chu Jing looked dazed, and when he turned his head, he found a beautiful young girl standing there in the teleportation point, her two lotus arms were raised and waving, her delicate face was full of excitement.

Who else is it if it's not He Mumu?

Damn, here it comes?

Even though Chu Jing had strong concentration, he was also confused by this scene.

Don't you have time to take a look?

Why did you come right away?

When Chu was startled and dazed.

He Mumu trotted all the way over, and quickly stopped in front of Chu Jing.

This girl is more than 1.75 meters tall, and her long legs are very eye-catching under the skirt.

Not only that, the body is bumpy, which can be called hot, and the face is neither big nor small, and the facial features are very iconic, which looks very cute.

Especially a pair of eyes glowing with golden light, looking over with full of admiration.

Any man would be tempted.


Chu Jing is an outlier among men.

After a slight turmoil in his heart, he quickly regained his composure, and said with a smile, "Hello, Mumu, why are you here so fast?"

"Chu Ouba, I've been here a long time ago, when you were not there, I was received by Thomson Machine Gun... I came here for the purpose of reporting, but I lied, it's not like that... It's just I want to see you……"

He Mumu whispered in a low voice.

It's hard to think that she is the intellectual heroine who doesn't change her face when she faces Owen.


The power of idols is powerful.

Often can change a person's character and everything.

No wonder Moufan can date female fans without any scruples.

Don't gossip.

Hearing He Mumu's words, Chu Jing couldn't laugh or cry, so he quickly changed the subject, chatted with his sister about the situation of the territory, and showed He Mumu a tour by the way.

along the way.

He Mumu nodded frequently when he heard Chu Jing's words, but his eyes ignored the pine forest, countless magical turrets, and countless large-scale main houses. His eyes were always locked on Chu Jing's face, for fear of missing the slightest bit.

While listening to Chu Jing's narration, he said with a face full of nympho: "You are so handsome..."



"..." Chu was startled.

I'm taking you seriously as a tour guide, but you just stare at my face.

Are you polite girl?

I was already very speechless.

Chu Jing still explained seriously.

far away.

The Thomson machine gun who was instructing the workers to build the main house suddenly noticed that Chu Jing was walking by not far away, and there was a hot girl with long legs beside him.

"Fuck? What's going on?"

Thompson Machine Gun looked surprised, and noticed that the hot girl seemed very familiar.

"Isn't that He Mumu who has been here before? I asked to add friends, but she refused? Why did you come again?"

"Also, the way she looked at the boss, what's going on? Want to eat people?"

Thomson Machine Gun lost his balance in an instant, and felt the great gap between people.


time flies.

Before he knew it, Chu Jing had already taken He Mumu to look around the territory.

He stopped and smiled, "How?"

He Mumu nodded excitedly: "So handsome!"


Chu Jing was stunned, and He Mumu immediately added: "Chu Ouba, I mean, this territory is really handsome! It's as handsome as you!"

"Uh...thanks for the compliment."

Chu Jing didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Chu Ouba, I have to go back to work first. If there is any information in the future, how about I come here to tell you?"

While He Mumu was talking, Chu Jing wanted to refuse, saying that it would be fine to chat directly by text.

But looking at Nizi's eager eyes, he could only nod and said: "Of course, of course, you are welcome to be a guest at any time."

"Thank you Chuopa!"

As He Mumu said, her face turned red again, and her expression was a little awkward: "Chu Ouba, just ask me weakly, can I... take a photo with you?"

Chu Jing was quite speechless, that's it? Still tweaking it like this?

Why bother.

Immediately nodded and said: "Okay, come on."

Carelessly, he stood beside He Mumu.

"Chuopa, can you put your arm around my waist?"

"..." Chu was startled.

Girl, are you asking too much?

"All right……"

With helplessness, Chu Jing of course didn't put his arms around He Mumu's waist, but put his arms around her shoulders.

After all, you are a gentleman and you can't take advantage of it.

This subtle action made He Mumu's face turn red, and she looked at Chu Jing with even more admiration.

Idol, what a gentleman.

Take a screenshot.

He Mumu blushed with satisfaction: "Thank you, Chu Ouba!"


This girl turned her head every three steps, turned around every five steps, and walked towards the teleportation formation very reluctantly.

Before leaving, she waved to Chu Jing and said, "Chu Ouba, I'm leaving first. See you next time."

This soft voice made Thomson Machine Gun, who was peeking in the pine forest, show an expression of envy and hatred: "Damn! Damn! Why can't I be admired by such a girl? Why! I want to change jobs! I Be a combat player!"

And finally.

He Mumu teleported away.

Chu Jing wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, and muttered, "How can dealing with He Mumu be more difficult than dealing with the boss?"

"Sure enough, I'm not suitable for this kind of occasion, so I should find an enemy to do it hard!"

Chu Jing was quite emotional.

Fortunately, this girl finally left.


Chu Jing felt that it was necessary to find an excuse to leave the territory when contacting intelligence next time.

Otherwise, this girl is so enthusiastic, I can't bear it.