When the demon Duke asked to come out.

The heads of the five major chambers of commerce are collectively stupid.

Ten billion!

Gold coins?

What's the concept of NIMA?

Enough to buy at least ten buildings in the No. 1 urban area of Chaoge King Island!

The annual turnover of many chambers of Commerce may not reach this level.

Many nobles may not earn this amount for a lifetime.


The devil Duke asked the five major chambers of Commerce to give this outrageous figure as compensation?

Too much!

Too much!

The heads of the five major chambers of Commerce have a natural mentality of collapse, and they also abuse each other on the team channel.

you 're right.

They are capital giants.

They are rich.

But heaven is not reality after all.

The circulation of gold coins here is limited.

The small-scale circulation of gold coins, the exchange rate may be gratifying.

However, the exchange rate is often very high in the large-scale circulation of gold coins.

Make a rough calculation.

If you want to raise 10 billion gold coins.

The writing power to exchange for us dollars should be at least 1:0.1

in other words.

The five major chambers of Commerce will give onebillion dollars to the devil Duke as compensation.

Even if we have money, we are not fools!

So he was sucked by the demon Duke.

Who can hold it?

"Hum! My lord just said, if you don't give me money, my Lord will kill you all. Besides, the five major chambers of Commerce will also be my enemies in the future!"

Looking at the five principals whose faces were getting ugly, the demon duke said very overbearing and rude.

"Demon Duke, we have cooperated for so long, but you have been so rude to us? Are you too rude?"

The head of Citigroup's chamber of commerce can no longer be entrusted with a false snake.

He shouted at the demon Duke with a livid face.

"Hey! Yes, I'm just going too far. Don't you know before you cooperate with me?"

The demon Duke looks like a scoundrel.

It was mainly this time that he was suffering and angry. He had to find a vent after suffering so many injuries.

It happened that the five major chambers of commerce became his outlet.

"This request is too much. We can't meet it!"

The head of Mitsubishi chamber of Commerce gnashed his teeth and said.

Because he was so angry, he didn't want to talk about it on the team channel.

But face the demon Duke.


The demon Duke sneered and waved his huge sword.


The head and body of the person in charge of Mitsubishi exploded like a watermelon, turned into a blood mist and died directly.

"Baga Yalu! Demon Duke, you are too much! You are finished! Our five chambers of Commerce will attack you! Gentlemen, send someone to kill him quickly!"

The voice of the head of Mitsubishi chamber of Commerce kept ringing.

The demon Duke put his huge sword on his shoulder and looked at the other four leaders coldly.


The four responsible persons did not call anyone up.

They know.

Even if this battle can kill the demon Duke.

But many people will be killed and injured.

The headquarters building of Citigroup cannot be preserved.

The most important and important point.

Once they kill the demon Duke.

The monarch would cut them.

After all, the monarch is worried that he has no chance to continue to suck the blood of the five major chambers of Commerce.

If they dare to kill the demon Duke, the losses they will bear will definitely exceed 10 billion yuan.

Even from then on, the five major chambers of commerce were forced to withdraw from the stage of heaven.

"Lord devil, we can agree to the ten billion yuan, but... The scoring period, because you know that adventurers have a great demand for gold coins. The ten billion yuan figure is not enough overnight."

After a long silence, sendiwell ignored the barking of the head of Mitsubishi and said with a heavy face.

The voice of the head of Mitsubishi gradually subsided.

His whole body trembled with anger.



At least he is a representative of Mitsubishi.

Even if he was killed, he was ignored by his colleagues?

But after all these years.

The cherry blossom country has always been the object of the United States.

The person in charge of Mitsubishi suddenly lost his breath and seemed to be in a daze.

"Hum! Yes, I'll give you three months to raise the ten billion yuan. But every month, you must give me three billion gold coins!"

The demon Duke did not go mad any more.

He knew that he had to be skillful in picking up sheep.

If you collect all the wool at once, you will not be able to flow in a long time.

"That's it. Now we can sign the contract."

Sandiwell's attitude was somewhat impatient.

Anyone would be so angry at this time.

He is just a little impatient. The city government is really deep.

The devil Duke didn't care about the attitude of sendiver and others.

He nodded and finally fell down at the long table.


Sandwell sent someone to draw up a sub contract.

Preparing to sign.


The door of the office was pushed open, and someone shouted, "Your Highness, shame! Shame!"

They are not from the five major chambers of Commerce.

But a spy under the Duke's command.

The arrival of the spy made the four leaders' faces stiff.

Let the spies come here without permission.

This is not to take the four of them seriously!

In the ugly faces of the four.

The demon Duke turned to look at the spy and said, "what happened?"

The Scout tried to calm his mood, but his voice was still bitter and said: "just now, near the leader of Jingrong, there were ten people who were not afraid to cry... They are the... Knights of the knight's Hall..."


Hearing the news, the demon Duke thought he had heard it wrong.

The Knights he cultivated are absolutely loyal to his demon Duke, just like an old dog!

How could such a loyal knight appear on the Jing Rong fief?

"What the hell is going on!"

The demon Duke grabbed the spy's sleeve and shouted rudely.

The spy turned pale with fright and stammered: "I don't know... But the ten people... Did appear in the Jingrong fief and preached an idea to passers-by..."

"What idea?"

The demon Duke's eyes burned.

"Devil Duke... Is a waste..."

"What did you say?"

"The idea they preach is... The devil Duke is... Waste..."


The spy didn't finish his words.

Because his head, like a watermelon, was crushed by the demon Duke.


When the body of the poor spy fell to the ground.

The heads of the four chambers of commerce were all slightly cold.

The demon Duke was a demon Duke and an uncivilized barbarian.

Such a killing on such an occasion, especially when the spy only tells the information.

What a beast.

The heads of the four major chambers of commerce all hate devil Dukes from the bottom of their hearts.

"Neither flatter nor disgrace! My Lord and you are not finished!"

The roar of thunder suddenly rang out in the hall.

The heads of the four major chambers of Commerce felt that their eardrums were about to be broken.

They clutching their ears and waiting for the sound to stop, they found that the demon Duke had his eyes full and clenched his teeth. Because of the excessive force, blood seeped out of his teeth.

"How dare you humiliate me! I will kill him! I will kill him!"

"There are also those ten traitors who eat inside out and don't know good or evil. I must strip them of their skin! Let them tremble when they hear my name in hell!"


Under the gaze of the four principals, the devil Duke roared again to vent his anger. Then, he angrily looked at the principals of the four chambers of Commerce: "increase the money! Increase the money!"


The four leaders are stupid.

Add money?

Your men betrayed you and took refuge in favor or disgrace.

Who cares about us?

How dare you add money?

"You must pay more. You will be killed if you don't!"

The demon Duke took down the huge sword again.

Such a bold move is a provocation to the bottom line of the heads of the four major chambers of Commerce.

But after the bottom line was broken again and again.

They have also lost the bottom line.

"Demon Duke, we can give you 10.5 billion..."

Sendiver, preconceived, said with his teeth clenched.

The demon Duke waved his sword and shook his head. "Fifteen billion dollars, no discussion!"

"But the Duke..."

"I said 15 billion is 15 billion. Will you disobey me? You stupid pigs!"

The demon Duke slashed with his sword, and a crack appeared on the ground.

The leaders of the four chambers of commerce can even see the next floor through the cracks.

One sword can cut the ground.

So two swords, three swords... Can't six swords destroy this house?

What about a hundred swords? Can we destroy this building?

Thinking of this, the heads of the four major chambers of Commerce looked at each other, and immediately said in unison: "demon Duke, we have agreed to 15 billion!"



The devil Duke was in a much better mood when he came out of the Citi chamber of Commerce building.

With his departure.

The heads of the four chambers of Commerce in the hall all clenched their teeth, clenched their fists, and their eyes were bloodshot.

Sandiwell even gnashed his teeth and said, "don't be surprised by flattery or disgrace, ***********************************************

It can make a capital giant swear.

It can be seen how hurt his heart was this time.

The other three persons in charge were also indignant and hard to let go.

"We must put out favor or disgrace!"

"This time, we must be ruthless and pay any price!"

"Kill! Kill!"



Jingrong fief.

Ten knights, wearing black horses and armor, looked very dignified.

They stood side by side in the middle of the road.

This is the west side of the island.

But how many people passed by.

Whether players or NPC.

When many passers-by walk by, they will wonder why there are ten Knights here.

Look at your outfit. Aren't you one of the devil Duke's men?

However, at this time, the ten knights would always say: "the devil Duke is a waste. Under his command, our talents are buried. We don't know what is light until we come to the Jingrong fief!"

"Everyone with lofty ideals, welcome to join count Jingrong's command! Let's work together for the light!"

These words fall into the ears of passers-by and naturally belong to nonsense.

But they were also particularly shocked.

These ten knights are really the servants of the demon Duke?

Just them?

Betrayed the demon Duke and took refuge in Chu Jing?

How bold is this?

Don't they know how terrible the devil Duke's revenge is?

Chu Jing didn't care what the passers-by thought.

He stood near the ten knights and watched them humiliate the demon Duke.

My mood is getting better.

At this time.

A convoy of motorcade came from afar.

Beside the motorcade, there were all kinds of Jingrong guild thugs.

When the motorcade was near, the ten Knights wept with joy.

"Ah! My Lucy! Here you are! Where are the children? Have you brought them?"

The knights rushed to the motorcade. When they got close, one of the Knights got off his horse and rushed to a stopped carriage.

On the carriage, a woman jumped down excitedly and enjoyed it with the Knight: "Fonda, it's OK. Our children have come... Everything is safe. Thank count Jingrong. We're all OK."

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