After leaving the street where Jingrong branch was located, the devil Duke changed his mind and went to the building of Citi chamber of Commerce instead of going back to his house.

In the building, johnmorgan and others had been waiting.

As the demon Duke came in, johnmorgan and others did not get up to meet him as usual.

Instead, they were all sitting in their seats, with an ugly face.

Although it's good to see the arrogant devil Duke eat.


The devil Duke is an ally of the five chambers of Commerce anyway.


The man who let the devil Duke eat is Chu Jing, the sworn enemy of the five chambers of Commerce.

The enemy lives well.

The ally demon Duke suffered such a blow. Who would be in a good mood?

"You five bastards, that Cheap Bastard sneaked into my knight's hall. You don't have any information at all? Are you rubbish?"

The demon Duke entered the hall, did not sit down, and slapped on the conference table.

The heads of Mitsubishi and Samsung were shocked and scared.

John Morgan, sandiwell and other three persons in charge were livid.

The devil Duke is so arrogant.

Obviously, everyone is an ally, and their status should be equal.

As a result, the devil Duke seemed to be treating his subordinates.

Damn it!

I can't stand it!

"Bastard, it's just a virtual program. I'm so arrogant that I'll kill him!"

The head of Citi chamber of Commerce shouted angrily on the team channel.

Sendiwell said coldly, "don't get angry. We can kill him with our energy, but we will also pay a certain price, which is not conducive to our current development. Secondly, although he is stupid and like a waste, he has some effects after all. We will keep his life and continue to treat him with favor or disgrace."

"To deal with flattery and disgrace? Come on, don't you see? The demon Duke is a complete waste. He has no ability to deal with flattery and disgrace!"

The head of Citi chamber of Commerce growled loudly.

Leaders of several major chambers of commerce were discussing on the team channel.

The demon Duke roared: "what are you mean adventurers talking about? Answer my question quickly, or I will kill you all!"

Talking room.

The giant sword appears in the hand.

With the ferocious expression of the demon Duke.

All the leaders of the five major chambers of commerce were shocked. There is reason to believe that the devil Duke will really do it!

"Madman, this guy is really a madman!"

"Baga Road, dare to threaten us like this. I can't stand it. Gentlemen, I really want to kill him!"

The heads of Samsung and Mitsubishi, who have always been used to being dogs, roared on the team channel.

The other three leaders ignored them directly.

Sandiwell squeezed out a smile, looked at the demon Duke and said, "Lord demon, we can't blame us for this. Although we have a lot of eyeliner, you know, adventurers can disappear, or be transmitted. Especially, they have the skills of camouflage. We want to find them anytime, anywhere. It's a reality."

"Hum! Aren't the five major chambers of commerce the best among the self styled adventurers? Now such a small thing can't be done well. What do I want you to do?"

The devil Duke's attitude became more and more serious, and even sendiwell, who was quite deep in the city hall, was so pale that he nearly exploded.

"Don't argue with this pig. Show weakness first."

Johnmorgan said a sentence on the team channel, and immediately said with a smile: "Duke, we are deeply aware of our mistakes. In order to make up for them, we have decided to give you some compensation."

"John, are you crazy?"

The head of Mitsubishi immediately shouted on the team channel.

"Yes, after so many contacts, John, can't you see that the demon Duke is a devil who eats people and doesn't spit bones?"

The person in charge of Samsung is also echoing.

The head of Citi chamber of Commerce remained silent.

Although very unwilling, very humiliating.

But if you want to quell the devil Duke's anger, you can only make compensation.

"Just do what John says."

Sendiver said distraught.

"Hum, you want to bribe me with money again? You five guys are so vulgar that you can't even compare with the rats in the smelly ditch."

The devil Duke was unforgiving, but his attitude was much better than before.

However, his sarcasm made the heads of the five major chambers of Commerce angry again.

"Cough, cough..."

John Morgan coughed to hide his anger and smiled: "Lord devil, we are willing to pay you 20million gold coins as an apology."

"Twentymillion? How can I get rid of it?"

Roared the demon Duke.

John Morgan certainly knew that the devil could not be satisfied with twenty million.

In fact, this starting figure is just for the next bargaining.

"Duke, what do you think of forty million gold coins?"

Johnmorgan said with a smile.


The demon Duke scolded directly, "do you know how many gold coins were spent on the construction of my knight's hall? Twobillion, twobillion!"

"So you five bastards have to give me twobillion gold coins!"

As soon as this statement was made, the heads of the five major chambers of Commerce collectively changed color.

"That's ridiculous!"

"Although we can come up with so many gold coins, we can't just satisfy him!"

"Yes, gentlemen, this guy is completely insane. It's obviously his own problem. Let's pay the bill, beast, beast!"

Looking at the silent five leaders.

The demon Duke smiled ferociously and cruelly: "why, don't you five waste people plan to make compensation to me? You have made it clear."

The threat is obvious.

The faces of the heads of the five major chambers of commerce could not hold.

"Just give it to him. I'm so bored."

But soon, sendiwell took the lead in calming down his mood and shouted on the team channel.

Later, johnmorgan resisted his anger and said, "Lord devil, after discussion, we think we can give you two billion gold coins."

When it comes to $40 million and $2 billion, this counter-offer is a failure.

But I can't help it.

Who makes people have to rely on the demon Duke.

Don't talk about Chu Jing.

In other things, the devil Duke can also play a big role.

You can't lose this chess piece!

"You idiots, who said I only needed twobillion gold coins?"

At this time, the words of the devil Duke made the heads of the five major chambers of Commerce dumbfounded.

"Twobillion gold coins are the cost of building the knight's hall. Among them, the cost of personnel recruitment, personnel training, equipment purchase, etc. is as high as fivebillion. In addition, the knight's hall is my concern for the existence of painstaking efforts. He was so destroyed. How much do you think my spirit has been hit?"

The devil Duke chattered endlessly, and the heads of the five chambers of Commerce drew a corner of their mouth. Judging from your complexion, you really didn't see that you had been hit.

"So, Duke, how much do you want?"

John Morgan couldn't help interrupting when the demon Duke had a headache.

The demon Duke then closed his mouth and raised his finger: "ten billion."

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