Chapter 3 Carrying a Scandal

This nanny van had been used when Brother Li was still around, and it was kept by the driver. If Brother Li hadn’t given it to Ke Ai, Song Que wouldn’t even know that he still had a car.

There was only Song Que in Ke Ai’s hands. In addition, Song Que was currently in financial distress; Ke Ai even gave Song Que’s driver a part-time job. Fortunately, Song Que only has three-point and one line every day: home—gym—acting training class—home. This regularity of life can make one hair stand on end.

Ke Ai’s investigation of Zhang Menglu was relatively fragmentary, nothing conclusive, but her heart had wholly turned to Song Que’s side. After a few months, she had already understood Song Que’s character. He was a person who could bear loneliness. He has made up his mind to persevere in life no matter how hard or embarrassing it is, and there was no other opposite sex around him except her. Life was a bit bleak.

Ke Ai was going to send Song Que to class now and asked, “What happened to those girls just now?”

She noticed that Song Que was sitting in the back.

When Song Que was not tired, he would sit on the passenger seat and chat with Ke Ai, and only when he was tired would he lie down in the back seat to rest. Almost every time he came out of the gym, Song Que would get into the car from the back seat.

Song Que took off his hat and mask and said, “It’s not someone who recognizes me, just a little girl who wants to strike up a conversation. Don’t worry; I didn’t leave any information, and I have solved it.”

His tone was very gentle as if he was both helpless and funny about this matter. Ke Ai believed that he must have solved it well, and the irritability when she just saw it had disappeared a lot, and said: “There is still some time on the road; you should sleep for a while.”

Song Que nodded and took out the eyes mask, pillow, and blankets that were always kept in the car, resting on his back with his legs bent.

There was only silence in the car, and Ke Ai felt she could smell his shampoo. It was the most simple mint smell, rushing to the nose, causing people’s minds to sober up.

After arriving at the place, Ke Ai woke Song Que up.

Song Que pulled off his eyes mask, but his eyes were a little bit hard to open, showing a slightly confused look. Ke Ai had seen the photos of him when he was young. He looked good, but he was not as good-looking as now. After this incident, there was a lingering feeling of melancholy between his brows. Even if he smiles, this feeling never disappears. It seemed as if he was just hiding, but inevitably a small tail was exposed, making women’s hearts move.

Ke Ai firmly believes that Song Que will become popular again. He will deliver his best works, the truth will not be hidden, and his character will no longer be misunderstood.

Song Que was already fully awake. He took a few sips of water before saying goodbye to Ke Ai and walking into the building.

Those who signed up for this acting class were all little flowers. When they first saw Song Que, they shunned him, and there was no shortage of ridicule and contempt behind him. Song Que ignored it, pretending to be half-deaf and half-blind. He intended to join the course after losing weight successfully, just to give them one less thing to talk about and make himself less trouble.


After a few classes, everyone said less. One thing was because it was boring. The other was that the other party’s performance was too good. They begin to speak behind Song Que’s back because they are jealous of him; no one wants to make themselves seem low-level.

The system suddenly asked, “Why did the host come to the acting class?”

In its view, the host’s acting skills were already terrifying. He seemed to be a young man by nature, but he performed as a gentle and introverted man in his early thirties without any inconsistency. With such acting skills, why do you still attend class?

Song Que didn’t answer it right away.

The teacher of this course was a retired professor from the First Drama Academy and especially teaches actors who have already made their debuts. The professor’s surname was also Song. She was an elderly female professor. Maybe because she had seen many things in the circle, she did not have a different attitude toward Song Que, unlike the other students. After a few classes, she was more kind-hearted.

Today’s lesson was about how to perform under the camera.

Song Que’s eyes lit up.

“System, didn’t you ask me why I came to the class? Although acting is not difficult for me since I just need to figure out the character and the logic chain of the character. Still, I haven’t tried acting under the camera. I am very confident, but I’m also very humble.” Song Que’s eyes swept around quickly and continued: “And if I don’t attend a class, where will my classmates and teachers come from? “

The system reacted quickly and then became depressed. The hosts of other systems keep asking the system questions and asking for help. It’s good. Instead, in this one, the system frequently asks the hosts questions. It doesn’t want any face, does it?

The sudden silence of the system did not affect Song Que. He listened very carefully, absorbing knowledge like a sponge absorbing water. Others were interested in chatting about this semi-cultural class, but because of teacher Song’s identity, they didn’t dare to play with their mobile phones but they still daydreamed.

Teacher Song had a panoramic view of all this and finally looked at this young man with melancholy lingering between his brows. She felt that it was a pity that he did not act.

In order to take care of others, Teacher Song shortened the content of the cultural class and soon started the actual practice, putting Song Que at the end. Some people laughed and thought it was the teacher’s gift to Song Que. But Song Que was delighted with this arrangement. He sat aside, carefully watching everyone’s practice and the teacher’s reminders, and wrote down possible mistakes and countermeasures one by one.

This was a martial arts scene. There was no such thing as putting the camera directly on your face, but the requirements for positioning were higher.

This martial arts movement was practiced yesterday. Everyone complained during the practice, saying that this was not an acting improvement course. Who knew that it was for today.

Indeed, suppose you can find a good sense for the lens in this challenging situation. In that case, other literary and martial arts could be done with more ease. Although it is often said that the camera usually accommodates the actors, if the actors themselves can do better, the effect of the play will definitely be better.

The people in the front row made so many mistakes. Still, Song Que saw it in his eyes and had already simulated the most suitable way of moving and expressing it in his mind.

When it was Song Que’s turn, he took the spear that was thrown on the ground by the previous people. According to the martial arts master’s teaching, the qi sinks into the dantian and starts to gain momentum.

Song Que turned around, turned to the camera, turned over and jumped, and began to dismantle. This routine has many waist-turning movements in particular, and if it was facing the camera, the display was limited. He also did not stand in front of the camera all the time, using the change of footsteps to advance and retreat, making the picture full of tension. The last significant retreat just made people feel a little too far, but Song Que turned around abruptly and finally revealed that heavenly, all-encompassing face. It is the feeling of martyrdom. The melancholy between the eyebrows has all turned into mourning the country’s loss.

Teacher Song paused for a moment, and the scene was quiet for a while. After Song Que finished the salute, Teacher Song still did not comment. After a long time, she reacted and criticized several places symbolically.

After the course ended, Song Que stayed, as usual, to help clean up, and a girl also stayed. Song Que went through everyone in the class and found out that the girl was named Wang Yi, and she was an idol.

Wang Yi also came to help with packing; Song Que glanced at her and didn’t take the initiative to speak.

The two picked up the swords and spears and walked to the props room. The place to put the props was higher; after Song Que put the things in, he turned to Wang Yi and said, “I’ll do it.”

Wang Yi didn’t try to be brave, and after handing the things to Song Que, she took advantage of the situation and started talking: “Song Que, how did you do today? I still don’t understand what Teacher Song said.”

Song Que pondered for a while, then said, “Do you want to try again?”

This means helping her.

Wang Yi nodded; she stayed for this.

Song Que sent a text message to Ke Ai, saying that he would be late, and told her not to come too early.

Song Que told Wang Yi the main points of today’s class again and also demonstrated them several times in person. Wang Yi couldn’t figure it out at first, but after a few times, she had some ideas. Coupled with Song Que’s personal demonstration, Wang Yi made significant progress.

The two of them locked the classroom and went out. As they approached the door, Wang Yi paused and said hesitantly, “I still have something to do; why don’t you go first?”

Song Que said, “What is it? Are you fine with being alone?” 

There was a little subtlety on Wang Yi’s face; Song Que heard and knew the meaning. After a pause, he looked at her without being annoyed and said, “Then I’ll go first.”

Wang Yi felt a little guilty; she knew Song Que could see that she was afraid of being photographed going out together with him.

In fact, Song Que was really outstanding. Even in the entertainment circles above the standard, his entirely masculine handsomeness and the melancholy temperament between his eyebrows still make him stand out.

Coupled with his outstanding acting skills, if he was unmarried, maybe all the girls in the class would have a good impression of him. If he was divorced, maybe 50%, but this percentage will be reduced to zero since he was divorced and riddled with scandals.

Wang Yi analyzed it almost savagely but unconsciously thought that Song Que politely avoided all physical contact and took the trouble to guide her in a warm voice when they practiced.

A man is not a stalk of grass or a tree; ruthless practice makes perfect?

[It means that people have thoughts and feelings and are easily moved by external things, which are different from trees and stones that have no life, no perception, and no feelings]

Wang Yi was the first to let Song Que open a small stove by staying to pack the props, but she was not the last. This kind of thing can’t be hidden. More and more people join in. 

[Kai xiao zhao (开小灶) means receive private attention]

Teacher Song also knows and turns a blind eye to it. After all, she only spends some time in class, and it was good for classmates to help each other. What’s more… She hasn’t decided whether to use Song Que or not, but for those she likes, it was good to let the other party have the opportunity to save some favor.

Today was also the same. Everyone took some props and put them back in the prop room. When they were going to leave, Song Que said, “I’ll stay for a while; you can go first.”

Song Que was older and didn’t have direct competition with these young people. Coupled with him never hiding, the relationship with everyone gradually improved. No one doubted what he said, so they walked away happily.

Only Wang Yi knew that he didn’t want to cause trouble for everyone because of her actions that day. This realization made her depressed and distressed. Walking halfway, she made a random excuse and ran back.