Chapter 2 Carrying a scandal

At that moment, Xiao Ke completely forgot all her previous judgments on Song Que and stammered: “My name is Ke Ai. I just became an agent, and you are the first actor I brought; I will work hard.”

If Song Que was the one who came to choose an agent just now, Ke Ai’s self-introduction would have made her completely unqualified.

But Song Que didn’t say anything, just nodded slightly and said, “I’ve been with Brother Li for a long time. Although you are a newcomer, there must be a reason why Brother Li would recommend you. Barring no accidents, we would have to cooperate for a long time. Trust between actors and agents is crucial. You should have seen it; brother Li thought I didn’t tell him the truth…”

Ke Ai knew this because he inadvertently revealed a bit when Brother Li introduced Song Que to her. But she didn’t expect Song Que to know, and she was surprised: “Then why don’t you tell him the truth?”

Although Song Que’s current situation was terrible, as long as it doesn’t violate the bottom line of the law, such as drugs. The entertainment industry has a high degree of forgiveness for male stars caught cheating. Song Que was not without a chance to come back to life. He could persuade Brother Li to continue to be his manager, but he did not.

Ke Ai found that she really didn’t understand Song Que’s thinking.

Song Que only said: “What I told Brother Li is the truth, and I hope you can believe me. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. I really didn’t cheat, and I didn’t do domestic violence, but I hope this is the end of the matter. I also don’t want the company to dig up Lulu’s black spots; can we reach an agreement?”

He still called Zhang Menglu “Lulu,” and this discovery made Ke Ai purse her lips. Ke Ai was not Brother Li; even if Song Que wanted to counterattack Zhang Menglu’s side, Ke Ai was not confident that she could do it well. Hence, she nodded and asked, “Then what are you going to do next?” 

Touching his belly, he smiled and said, “This period is too decadent. I don’t look like an actor now. I have to get back in shape during this time. Could you help me arrange my fitness training and diet? Right, help me sign up for an acting class too.”

Hearing that he would attend a class, Ke Ai was a little surprised. She soon discovered that because she had no experience, all she could do so far was to obey his request. Ke Ai thought for a while and said, “These are all fine, but what about the script?”

Song Que naturally has no script invitation now. Hence, it is difficult to act, and he said, “I am still recovering, and I want to polish my acting skills and appearance. The script should not be forced. When you are free, please help me pay attention to it. It doesn’t matter how small the role is, it doesn’t matter if it is a good person or a villain, as long as there is something that can be explored.”

A few years ago, Song Que was the male protagonist in various popular idol dramas. The protagonist has now been reduced to only looking for supporting roles, and Ke Ai doesn’t know whether to pity him or spurn him.

Who made him commit wrongdoings?

Even if he said he didn’t do it.

After confirming various matters with Song Que, Ke Ai turned around and planned to leave. However, Song Que suddenly remembered something and stopped Ke Ai: “Xiao Ke, there is one more thing to trouble you; can you help me sell this house, and then we will find a new place to live.”

Ke Ai thought it was because he was being harassed by the paparazzi, so she didn’t ask any further questions. But when she found the house, she realized that Song Que wanted to rent instead of buying it because he had no money.

Whether it’s hiring a personal trainer, a personal nutritionist, or joining an acting class, it all costs money. If Song Que was a promising newcomer, the company would be responsible for this part of the money or lend it temporarily, but Song Que was not, and the company would naturally not help. Perhaps, if Song Que was still under brother Li, brother Li would temporarily help make the payment. But now, his manager was Ke Ai, a fledgling new manager, but Song Que didn’t mention it. He didn’t want to embarrass Ke Ai at all. He simply chose a way that would make people laugh at his downfall.

Ke Ai felt a little uncomfortable. It’s true. A scumbag who has cheated and a domestic violence perpetrator deserves to be reduced to what he is now. But what if he really didn’t do it? After all, Song Que has defended himself time and time again. And since Ke Ai took over, she has never heard Song Que complain about Zhang Menglu once. He seems to always be so quiet and reserved.

Ke Ai didn’t want to let herself be torn forever on whether or not to sympathize with Song Que. After thinking about it, she quietly investigated the matter of Zhang Menglu.

Song Que, on the other side, was eating. Everything on his plate looked bland, but he seemed to enjoy it.

“Does the host have no sense of taste?”

Facing the system’s surprise, Song Que smiled. He didn’t look like a man in his thirties but a naughty teenager.

“I’m thinking, what did I do in the past? Why do I find it so interesting no matter what I do now? This meal is tough to eat, but I’m very happy to eat it. System, do you know what I used to do? “

“I don’t know; I was already bound to the host when I was on.”

The system’s words didn’t affect Song Que’s good mood; he opened the system panel, checked his own stats, and focused on the physique column. There was a bracket after the perfect score of 100—ordinary human rank. Song Que thought about what he would be upgraded to after reaching full rank and then carefully looked at his own value: 45.

He was only thirty when he woke up, but Song Que wondered how weak he was.

“System, I thought I had reached the level of an ordinary person now; how come it didn’t even reach 60?”

Song Que was not actually upset; he just wanted to find out the mechanism of the system’s quantification.

“100 is the peak that ordinary people can achieve. In fact, the physical fitness of most people in this world fluctuates around forty-five.”

Song Que understood that the score of the system was not proportional.

After he finished eating, he went to exercise again.

For most people, fitness can keep you fit, but the essential thing is shaping the body’s muscles; there is a limit to the amount of strength the muscles can develop. But Song Que was different. He has truly realized the benefits of the system. Unless there was an accidental injury, once his physique increases, it would not decrease. Although he can get injured by over-exercising, it is difficult to over-exercise with a system that controls his physical condition in real-time. And with the growth of Song Que’s physique, the upper limit of the exercise was also increased.

Song Que’s fitness instructor was the most surprised. He ignores entertainment news, but he has also heard about Song Que. But men, although they will not jump out and say cheating was the right thing, the degree of aversion to this was also far less than women.

The coach initially only regarded Song Que as an ordinary client, but as Song Que gradually lost weight and developed a body with beautiful muscles, the coach gradually changed his mind.

The muscle training of male stars was different from that of ordinary people. The emphasis was on being lean in clothes and lean in undressing. It was absolutely not to train into such exaggerated muscles, which are mainly flamboyant.

Even those flower vases, doesn’t look as Song Que after exercising. A thin layer of flesh was attached to the bones. The lines and shapes were highly smooth, but the power contained in them was not small. The coaches wanted to learn from him instead.

[ Used to describe people who otwardly look beautiful or attractive ]

At first, Song Que practiced according to the plan made by the coach, but then he trained on his own. The coach quarreled with him at first but later found out that he did not hurt himself. He realized that Song Que’s physique might be slightly different from most people’s. Moreover, Song Que has a better grasp of his body than the coach, and he can already arrange a training plan for himself.

Song Que did not know that his performance had made the coach want to resign. He was still exercising, and exercising was very painful. The muscles were sore, the meridians were stretched, none were comfortable, and the sweat was rolling down his face.

But just like what he said to the system, these things and emotions made him feel fresh and so far addicted.

Song Que wiped his face with a towel, opened the system panel, and his physique finally rose to 46. In the beginning, his physique rose very quickly, and it could raise a little after one or two classes. Now, it only increases after one week’s amount of exercise. But this hard-won point was a point that exceeded the ordinary people, not a trivial improvement.

Song Que went to take a shower, and when he looked in the mirror again, he was completely different from the frustrated man he saw when he first came.

Song Que’s bone structures were excellent; he couldn’t get fat. Once he lost weight, he was the envy of many young students. He was neither feminine nor greasy, and he was the most handsome man.

Song Que put on a mask and cap and left the gym with his belongings, waiting for Ke Ai to pick him up at the door. Many people wore masks; it didn’t look strange that Song Que dressed like this. Naturally, no one would suspect that he was an artist. In everyone’s imagination, artists were wealthy; how could it be possible for them to go to such a club to take a class?

Moreover, Song Que’s body training was quite successful. Even the paparazzi who had been with him for a long time at this time would not be able to recognize his back.

But Song Que did not expect that he would attract other people’s attention.

A girl in fitness clothes stood in front of Song Que, but her companions were standing aside. As soon as she turned her head, they told her to get on, apparently to cheer her on.

The girl blushed and said, “That…”

Song Que had already realized what was going on. The originally surprised eyebrows slightly curved up and said, “I’m sorry, I have to leave.”

Ke Ai’s car had arrived, and she obviously saw this scene. She seemed a little unhappy, but Song Que apologized and walked straight towards her, crossing a few girls.

The girl who wanted to strike up a conversation looked at Song Que’s back with a lost face, but her face turned even redder. She had noticed Song Que, who came here every day, for a long time. Although she had never seen his face clearly, his figure and temperament alone made people unable to miss it. And the brief conversation just now made her inexplicably feel that the other party was a very gentle person.

One of her friends said, “The one just now looked like a nanny van. Could it be some 18th-tier star?”

[A star or artist that is not very famous or basically has no fame]