CH 18

Name:Qing Kai Author:
She didn't think that Lin Qing Kai knew what was written on the letter, and her expression was normal. She carefully tucked it away, and sorted out her clothes before raising her head.

Their eyes met. Lin Qing Kai raised her hand and caressed her cheeks with his fingers: "Do you normally get these kind of letters?"

Jiang Ling was asked about this and unconsciously denied it: "No, it's not..."

She didn't know why she felt ashamed.

Lin Qing Kai smiled.

He was not surprised that here would be a boy that would hand her a love letter. regardless of appearance or personality, Jiang Ling is the very flattering type. At least that's what he thought.

However, he felt that this was uncomfortable.

He rubbed her cheeks and slid it down to the side of her neck.

"Then... how did you know?" When Jiang Ling spoke, he could feel the vibration of her veins under his fingertips.

Lin Qing Kai didn't answer. He lowered his head, pressed his lips to her neck, and sucked the place where his fingertip rubbed.

At this time, most students were lying down on their desks in their classrooms and are taking a nap. There was no sound of footsteps in the library, only the occasional laughter floating from the direction of the basketball court.

The laughter gradually became distant to Jiang Ling. She clutched the hem of his shirt, feeling the tip of his tongue on her skin getting hotter.

"Class is about to start..." She wanted to push him.

Lin Qing Kai's breath was also hot. "Yeah." He responded, licking at her neck again.

Jiang Ling's entire neck felt numb and hot because of him. She softened, "Do it lightly, there will be marks..."

Lin Qing Kai slowly laughed: "You've learned a lot, did you get those ideas from me?"

"Last time," Jiang Ling was a little embarrassed," Last Friday, when I took a bath the next day, I saw something on my chest."

That time, his fingers tightly gripped her, and his kiss was even harder. When she took off her bra, her chest was full of finger marks and kiss marks.

"Why didn't you tell me then?" Lin Qing Kai slid his palm up and gently squeezed her chest.

Jing Ling thought, because you didn't even contact me. But she stopped herself. It would be too deliberate to say it.

In fact, she didn't dare to take the initiative to find him at all. She always felt that he would only contact her when he wanted something physical. If he didn't want it, she didn't know her place.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her expression. He lowered his voice: "What are you thinking about again?"

"Nothing." Jiang Ling softly retorted.

Lin Qing Kai touched her n*pples through her clothes, "You are honest when we're doing it."

Jiang Ling was embarrassed and continued to deny it with a blushing face: "Nothing."

He looked at her and smiled, "You're a little repeater, aren't you?"

Jiang Ling was startled. Lin Qing Kai probed over and laughed lowly: "I came here to find you, and your courage is getting bigger and bigger."

He tucked the stray hair behind her ears.

When the two of them went downstairs, the self-study session was almost over.

There were no people around the corridor, and most of the sunlight was blocked by the branches and leaves of the trees.

Jiang Ling stepped on a shaded spot on the ground, her mind keep flashing back to when she said 'nothing'.

I haven't went to look for another girl.

When he said that, she believed him.

She quietly looked at Lin Qing Kai.

Even if it is such a relationship, even if it is only for the physical pleasure, it seems that there will be an additional reason for her self-comfort.

Lin Qing Kai noticed her absentmindedness and was about to say something when someone behind them called her: "Jiang Ling!"

When Jiang Ling turned her head, she saw her table mate with her freshly washed hair, and she swiftly turned her bicycle.

She squeezed the break and stopped in front of her.

Looking at her, then at Lin Qing Kai, her table mate was very surprised: "You two are together?"

Jiang Ling's face burnt up, and the pitch of her voice was a bit high: "No! No! How could it be!"

She denied it thrice.

In an instant, her body moved a meter away from him.

Lin Qing Kai's eyes were slightly narrowed. He calmly looked at Jiang Ling/

She really has to be naked and pressed on the bed to say the truth.

There was a hesitation from her tablemate, but in front of Lin Qing Kai, it was not very good to be hesitant. She checked the time: "Will you ride with me?"

"Okay." Jiang Ling sat on the back seat.

After they moved, she dared to turn her head and look at Lin Qing Kai cautiously.

Lin Qing Kai stood under the bright and luxuriant tung tree, with long legs and narrow waist. His eyes are very clear.

He went to the bathroom and smoked a cigarette before returning to the classroom.

The bell had already rang, and the room was noisy. Several boys in the back row were playing with their mobile phones together. Seeing him coming in, they looked up and asked: "Where have you been? We couldn't find you when we were playing basketball."

Lin Qing Kai sat down at the window and casually answered: "I went to do something.'


Halfway through the boy's question, his eyes went to his shoulder, and he paused. He then laughed: "It seems that what you did was really good."

On his white short sleeves, there was a strand of soft hair.

Lin Qing Kai lowered his eyes to see, raised his hand and pinched it down.

He absentmindedly played it around his index finger.

The hair was jet black, long and thick. Wrapped around his knuckles, it was ambiguous and made people's heart stuffy.