CH 17

Name:Qing Kai Author:
e can always give her pleasure. He thought that next time, he would definitely make her struggle to walk after he's done.

There was a numb feeling in Jiang Ling's body. On her lower body, the shape and temperature if his middle finger still remained, slightly moving.

"Ah, it's comfortable..." she moaned.

Lin Qing Kai smiled: "Look at me and say that."

Jiang Ling's face suddenly became hot. She kept looking into his eyes, and she became flustered, and her voice became softer.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her, with undercurrent lust in his eyes.

He pulled on her clothes, making most of her chest exposed, and the finger marks due to the rubbing were faintly visible. He felt his lower abdomen tighten and raised his hand to touch her lips.

"Do you want to lick it for me?"

He took her hand and used it to unzip his pants. Jiang Ling didn't feel embarrassed, and lowered her eyes. She saw that his dark underwear already had a wet marks on top.

She jerked for no reason. Only when she touched it with her fingertips did Lin Qing Kai move.

"Take it out." Lin Qing Kai put her hand on it.

Jiang ling's palm was scalded.

The meat stick was very hard, and there were blue veins wrapping around it. It was obviously not the first time that she saw it, but she still couldn't seem to stare at it.

Her body couldn't help but remember the feeling of being inserted with it in the classroom. She leaned closer, tentatively touching it with the tip of her tongue.

Soft and slippery. Lin Qing Kai couldn't help but sigh.

"That's good..." He rubbed her hair, "Open your mouth and take it all in."

This was only the second time, and Jiang Ling's actions were still amateur. Lin Qing Kai taught her patiently, his voice raspy, and he was breathing hard.

Jiang Ling thought that he would shoot in her mouth, but in the end, he pulled out.

Lin Qing Kai pressed her on the bookshelf. He reached out and touched the center of her legs, and smiled: "You only licked my di*ck, why are you already wet?"

"No," Jiang Ling lied, "That was just now..."

His body was hot, his chest pressed against her back. Without much effort, her skirt was lifted, and the co*ck pushed into her legs from behind: "I'll shoot here, okay?"

Jiang Ling responded with a faint hum, and the hot pe*nis thrust between her legs vigorously.

Just now, Lin Qing Kai didn't dare to do it hard. Now that he was on the verge of release, his movements became fast and hard. Through a layer of soaked thin underwear, the wet la*bia was rubbed fiercely by the meat stick, and the shape of the swollen la*bia can be seen.

Jiang Ling pursed her lips, but couldn't help but moan. She suddenly remembered something in a daze: "The door..."

"I lied to you." Lin Qing Kai kissed her earlobe, "It's locked... hiss... clamp your legs again."

Jiang Ling held the edge of the bookshelf. His lips on her ear amplified his groans. She clamped her legs together, and Lin Qing Kai slid in and out faster and faster. When he reached his release, he bit her ear and groaned.

Jiang Ling got goosebumps and was aroused by this sound.

It was sexy.

The two held this posture for a while, and Lin Qing Kai's breath fell on her neck.

He kissed her skin multiple times. "I'm torn," he whispered, "If it wasn't your first time, I would have fucked you well."

Jiang Ling wanted to confirm something again, but her voice was quite and soft: "Are you seeing anyone else..."

"Huh?" Lin Qing Kai was a little comfortable, still kneading her bre*ast with his hand.

Jiang Ling suddenly didn't dare to continue to ask. She is afraid of being affectionate. She is also afraid that he would say yes and never look for her again. Besides, what if there is really no one else? Putting aside the things that they've done, could it be that he likes her?

When her voice was cut off, the air stagnated inexplicably.

After a while, Lin Qing Kai smiled instead. He went to hold her hand that was holding on the bookshelf. "No."

Jiang Ling pursed her lips and turned back to see his expression. "No?"

"Yeah." Lin Qing Kai replied. Without further explanation, he changed the subject: "What about this?"

Jiang Ling still held the love letter that was given by the class monitor in her had. After what they've done, it was crumpled into a ball.

Jiang Ling was embarrassed. Anyway, it is someone else's intention. Even if she can't accept it, it would be too much to throw it away. She put it in her pocket, "I want it."