Chapter 5: Request for an Abortion

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I lowered my head and secretly observed Father and Mother’s expressions. Mother was shocked, staring at me with unmoving and unblinking eyes.

Father frowned as if he was listening to a rumor. He did not believe the family doctor’s words either.

The family doctor was under pressure from three people, but he still did not allow others to slander his capabilities and credibility as a medical practitioner. Although he stuttered, he still said, “No, I am not wrong. I’ve checked several times and the result is the same.”

“You!” My younger sister still didn’t want to believe it. She was so angry that she reached out to hit the family doctor. The latter was so scared that his legs went limp and he almost fainted.

I hurriedly pulled my sister back and lowered my head, not daring to look at my father and mother. In a voice as soft as a mosquito’s buzz, I said, “Yili, forget it. No matter what, the outcome can’t be changed.”

Upon hearing my words, Father and Mother both turned to look at me.

“What do you mean?”

When my father asked me, his voice was not loud but it was very cold. I could feel the hairs on my skin stand on their ends.

I lowered my head in embarrassment, not daring to look at my father’s disappointed eyes or speak. I remained silent with guilt.

Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Father told my younger sister and the family doctor to go back first. Yili wanted to insist on staying but she was so intimidated by Father’s current temperament that she had to obediently walk out.

The family doctor, on the other hand, had already run out the moment Father had given the order. The only word that could describe his miserable state was ‘scared witless’.

Now, there were only me, my father, and my mother in this room. The huge pressure from Father surged towards me like a flood, making it difficult for me to even breathe.

“Ellie, this report is wrong. You don’t have a mate yet. You can’t be pregnant, right?”

My father sounded almost like he was pleading with me, hoping that I could give him the answer he wanted. I looked up into his eyes but couldn’t bear to maintain eye contact with him because I immediately saw the pain in his eyes. I felt like a complete b*stard.

When I still didn’t speak, my father realized something, but he still didn’t want to believe it. He shook my body as if he was holding on to the last straw. “Impossible. Impossible! My daughter would not humiliate me like this. You’re not a scoundrel, Ellie!”

Ever since I was young, this was the first time I had seen my father lose his composure. I instantly burst into tears. I tried to open my mouth, but I didn’t know how to speak. I used all the strength in my body to find my voice.

“Father, I’m sorry… I was drunk that night. I don’t remember anything. I don’t know how it became like this…”

When he heard my words, it was as if everything had been taken away from him. His eyes became desperate and he roared at me in anger, his voice as heavy as muffled thunder.

I noticed that his fists were tightly clenched, looking as if they had the strength to crush anything. I knew that he was suppressing the urge to transform. Even if he was so angry, he couldn’t bear to hurt me.

I deeply understood why my father was so angry, and also what kind of heinous crime I had committed.

Bright Moon Pack was one of the more well-known packs in the area. In this werewolf city called ‘Ewavite’, our pack stood out from the many werewolf packs, becoming one of the top four packs.

I was the most similar to my father since he had always raised me in his way. I had never let him down which meant that he had always been proud of me, showing off to all the other packs’ Alphas that he had an Alpha heir as good as him.

However, this incident would bring shame to our pack, not to mention people like Father who valued reputation and image the most. Because of me, the confidence father always had in me had shattered.

I knelt on the ground, wanting to beg for Father’s forgiveness. Father just stood there and looked at me without moving, but his trembling legs told me how angry he was at this moment.

Mother was shocked by my father’s reaction. She had quickly run over to help me up. But because I wanted to get Father’s forgiveness, I stubbornly knelt on the ground, refusing to get up.

Seeing that she couldn’t move me, my mother turned to persuade my father. Her eyes were also filled with tears and she couldn’t speak clearly, but she was unusually determined. “Dear, don’t be angry. We can just abort the child before this matter gets out.”

What? I looked at my mother in disbelief. In our city, having an abortion was worse than having a child with someone who was not your mate. It was a crime, an action that would be rejected by the Moon Goddess.

I looked at my father but he didn’t refute mother’s words, as if he agreed with her decision.

I hurriedly grabbed the leg of my father’s trousers. Tears had already covered my face. I choked as I shouted. “No, Father, Mother, don’t do this.”

When mother saw me crying so miserably, she knelt down beside me with heartache. She used the gentlest tone to say the cruelest words. “Baby, don’t be afraid. As long as you abort the child, we’ll tell people that you couldn’t transform because you were too tired from training. When you’re better, we’ll continue with the succession ceremony and then you’ll become our Alpha.”

“I don’t want to, Mother. I can’t do it.”

I shook off my mother’s hand. I would never do something that would betray the Moon Goddess. And how could I bear to kill my own child with my own hands? I stubbornly expressed my determination to stand my ground. When my father saw my unrepentant attitude, he turned furious.