Chapter 4: Pregnant

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In the werewolf world, the first rule instilled in every she-wolf was to give yourself only to your mate. This was an unchangeable and unbending sacred rule among werewolves.

And now, I was the sneaky she-wolf that had broken that sacred rule.

[Yes, I slept with the Alpha of another pack.]

I sent the sentence to her again.

Realizing that I wasn’t joking, Yili’s eyes widened. She slapped her thigh and angrily said, “F*ck!” The driver was so frightened that he kept turning his head to look at us in the back seat.

She then typed: [Do you know who that b*stard is? I’m going to kill him.]

[Don’t be silly. I don’t know who he is.]

I lied.

Yili clutched her head and looked at me with a slightly reproachful gaze. “Sis, why didn’t you take a photo? There are so many people here. How are we going to settle the score with him?”

“I was scared silly when I woke up, so I ran away.”

Yili felt rather helpless towards me. She let out a deep sigh as the two of us fell into our own contemplations. Neither of us said anything after that.

Very quickly, three weeks had passed. Today was the day I came of age, the day I would succeed the pack as Alpha.

The ceremony was extremely grand and all the influential werewolves of our pack came to attend. Even the Alphas of other packs were invited.

I was dressed in a gorgeous gown, with exquisite and heavy makeup as my high heels stepped on the red carpet.

My father’s most trusted Beta respectfully held my left hand and brought me to the stage to stand before my father.

Now, I had to complete my first transformation since I had turned eighteen, the age when all werewolves took their first step into adulthood, in front of all the werewolves in the audience. It was time to awaken my wolf. Then, I would officially become our pack’s Alpha.

Awakening my wolf would also mean that I would have the opportunity to find my mate, something I was looking forward to.

Finally, I walked to the center of the stage. My father placed the crown that belonged to the pack on my head. I let out a low growl as I bathed in the moonlight. I was about to begin my first adult transformation.

I knelt on the ground and stretched out my fingers as I used all my strength to transform. But I couldn’t feel anything changing. Did I fail to transform?

I tried again in disbelief, and suddenly, my heart felt as if it was being clenched tightly by someone. My stomach was hot, and every part of my body was screaming in pain. In the end, I fainted and collapsed on the ground.

When I woke up again, my entire family was by my side. My little sister was crying. When she saw me open my eyes, Yili instantly hugged me. “Sister, you’re finally awake. You scared me to death.”

Mother held my hand, her face full of worry. “Why did you faint during your transformation? The pack’s doctor examined you for a long time just now, but he didn’t know what happened.”

My father was no different from usual. He had a straight face, but when he saw that I had woken up, a trace of heartache flashed in his eyes. He gave an order to the family doctor beside him. “She’s awake now. Give her a more detailed and full examination.”

Father had always been dignified, but now he was looking even more serious than usual. Just by standing beside him, the family doctor’s body was already covered in cold sweat. Hearing Father’s words, the family doctor hurriedly helped me up to examine me in the examination room.

After a long time, the family doctor timidly walked in with a thick stack of reports in his arms.

Noticing his hesitation, I suddenly remembered that absurd night. A terrible thought suddenly emerged in my heart and I started to tremble uncontrollably. My heart became more uneasy. I was unable to calm down for a long time.

Yili didn’t understand what I was feeling and why. She thought that I was worried about having an illness so she hugged me and said, “Sister, don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine.”

Father had also noticed the doctor’s strange behavior so he ordered the doctor to speak quickly. And yet, the family doctor still hesitated.

I silently prayed in my heart. ‘It must not be, it must not be.’

In the end, the family doctor decided to just go for it and said, “She’s pregnant…”

The family doctor’s words were like an order to an executioner and I could feel the sharp blade about to fall on my neck to punish me for my heinous crimes.

In the werewolf world, if a she-wolf conceived with some who was not their mate, they would be labeled as ‘inferior wolves’.

Becoming an inferior wolf meant that they would be banned from entering a pack’s territory – they would be expelled and become abandoned wolves, left to live in neutral territories for the rest of their lives.

Being forced to live outside of any pack would drive inferior wolves crazy, especially since others would treat them like traitors. No one would leave their packs since their territories existed in cities. Living outside alone was not safe and would make it hard for anyone to survive.

Even though our pack didn’t have such a rule and wouldn’t chase such women out of the city, they would still treat them as ‘inferior wolves’ and let them fend for themselves without any intervention from the pack.

Thinking of this, I felt more and more uneasy. I was afraid that I would become one of them. Those women who were forced to make a living because of their wrong choices were the people I looked down on the most.

“What did you just say? You quack, you must have made a mistake somewhere. ”

Upon hearing the family doctor’s report, Yili was the first to react. She grabbed his collar with a face full of disbelief and demanded that he examine me again.