Chapter 503 What You’ve Done...



As soon as Bai Renxiang ended the call with old man Jiang, she lolled back into the black leather swivel chair. A long satisfied sigh left her lips as she shut her eyes closed.

She rethought about all that was said between herself and Old man Jiang about the whole company and business stuff.

Everything would bring so much benefit for them all. It was an opportunity she not anyone who comes across it would want to miss.

"That's right. If we don't want this to scale through us, I need to tell them so that we can make a quick move before someone else does," Bai Renxiang thought out loud.

She instantly sat up when her eyes met the still opened laptop on the desk. A small smile came again as she let her gaze linger on the happy faces of her grandparents.

"It seems that you have forgotten about your husband and son to have stayed up here for more than an hour."

A certain familiar voice brought Bai Renxiang back to reality. She blinked a few times before turning her head to the direction of the source.

"Jin," she called out with a cute smile. "Since when have you been standing there? Why did you not come in?" Bai Renxiang asked as she stood up from the chair and made her way toward him.

Li Fengjin did the same after locking the door. He took leisure strides to her to meet with her. His strong arms made heir way around her small waist before pulling her closer to him till there was no space left between them.

"So you are not going to call me hubby anymore?" Li Fengjin's voice came out low and husky.

"What are going on about? I thought you loved it when I also call you Jin," Bai Renxiang said as she arched her brows at him.

Li Fengjin pouted his thin pink lips and complained. "It is not my fault that either of them sounds so good in my ears. Your voice is just so tempting."

"So now it is the fault of my voice?" When Li Fengjin nodded, Bai Renxiang laughed and pinched his cheeks.

"My hubby Jin is so cute," she exclaimed before laughing again.

"Sigh... You should stop before I get addicted to those honey sweet words you feel my ears with. What were you looking at that made you so lost in thoughts?" He rested his forehead on hers and asked.

"It is my grandpa's Weibo account. Come and see my late grandma," Bai Renxiang said before she pulled him by the hand to the chair.

She made him sit on the black leather swivel chair and then she sat on his thighs. Li Fengjin gulped feeling her softness on him.

"Look at how happy and lovely they are together... And this one too. They look quite younger here. Oh and..."

Bai Renxiang continued to happily point out and click different pictures on the screen with the pointer. Li Fengjin sighed.

She had no idea what she was doing buttcheeks moving carelessly on him. He knew she was innocent but he could not just stop his mind from having lewd and naughty thoughts.

Moreover, with her indoor outfit today has been driving him insane. A cyan blue cotton sweater that had her left shoulder exposed. Then paired with the short white cotton shorts that placed her smooth fair thighs on display.

It was almost as shorter than a bum short but the only difference was that it cover her butt well enough. So even if she stood with her back facing others or she bent down, nothing inappropriate will be shown.

But it was a little too sexy for him. If not that the other ladies wore the same like some kind if trend, he would have thought that she was trying to seduce him.

And thank goodness he had the will of self control since they were not alone. Also, with Li Xiaojin clinging unto her, be would have longed ravished her to his heart's content.

But now they were alone and she was unknowingly walking into the big bad black wolf's den.

"Ah! Before I forget," Bai Renxiang's voice managed to trigger him out of his thoughts.

"Grandpa thought of a wonderful business for you and Yang Chen. You know about Jiang Bojing's company I told you about, right?"


"I have do ally gotten all the shares so the company belongs to me now. I was thinking of building a mall there but grandpa decided to split the space and build a condo unit of sixteen to twenty storeys...."

Bai Renxiang went one to Li Fengjin everything she and Old man Jiang had discussed. And by God's grace, he managed to focus on them.

Soon enough and much to his dismay and relief, she was done and he got the full gist of everything. It was a good idea and he had to give it to the old man.

"So that is also one of reason why I have been here and not because I forgot about you and Xiaojin," she says.

"No wonder you took that long. You were cooking up a good source of profit making for your hubby and family," was his response.

"If you want to put it like that, fine," she shrugged. "Since that's all. We should get going before Xiaojin starts crying."

Shutting down the laptop, she was just about to stand up when Li Fengjin's hands pulled her back down. A light gasp escaped her lips.

"Jin what are you–"

"I never said that was all or did I?" He whispered beside her ear.

Bai Renxiang gulped in nervousness. She knew this feeling especially when he talked like that... Like he wanted 'something' from her.

Red alarms started glaring in her head. She made an attempt to move again but still failed. And this time, she got the result poking under her butt.

"Look at what you've done to me, my love."

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!