Chapter 502 Brilliant Opportunity



Old man Jiang assured Bai Renxiang that he would speak to Charlie on hers and the company's behalf. The idea did sit well with him and he was willing to give it a go.

"If all goes well, please call me as soon as possible, grandpa," Bai Renxiang said.

"I will. I doubt if he will refuse if I put it as a request or a plea. Charlie is sensible so he would know what best to do for the company."

"But if he still disagrees, we should let him be. It is his choice after all and he has done so much for us and Jiang Corporations."

Old man Jiang nodded a yes. He would not even have the mind to enforce such a task to Charlie. The was why he said he would plead.

It would be bad and ungrateful of them if they force him against his will.

"Alright. We will do as you say. I will also check for a suitable person for the position," Old man Jiang gave his words.

"Me too. Thank you, grandpa."

"Don't thank this old me. It is for our benefit, is it not? I will do everything I can for our family and the company," he said. "It is after all our money and sweat in there," he added.

"It is buy mostly yours... Anyway, there is one more thing I would like to seek your opinion for."

"Go ahead and state it," he permitted.

"The company that Jiang Bojing had... is now in our grasp. Charlie and Xia Xinyi, my assistant has been able to gain all the shares in it," Bai Renxiang told him.

"Okay. That is good then. So why about it?"

"Xia Xinyi suggested again that we make that building into a mall as it is in a strategic location of business," she went on.

A few more words and she had left Old man Jiang to ponder on his thoughts. He gently stroked his chin and sighs.

"A shopping mall is indeed a great idea. But from the information I gained, that land is quite huge for just a mall," he recalled.

"That is true. So are you suggesting we split the land to contain something other than just a mall?" Bai Renxiang asked as she could understand according to her thoughts.

"Indeed, I am. Why don't we build like a condo unit of about sixteen to twenty storeys beside the mall?" Old man Jiang pitched in his thoughts.

"A condo unit of sixteen to twenty storeys," she repeated his words in a low pondering voice. She was considering his words.

"I think it is a great profit maker if you ask me? In fact, I know it is. I vouch for it even," old man Jiang said with confidence flowing out of his voice.

"I asked one of men other loyal men to do a better research on that specific region. I wanted to know why my brother chide that place."

Curiously, Bai Renxiang asked, "Then, what did you find?"

"Not only did he buy that place with my money to hide from my eyes, he decided to build there because of the locals there."

"I don't get it," Bai Renxiang was confused.

"You see child, the locals there... Over eighty percent had no job. So he did a quiet interview for them. Not only that, since the cost of living there is affordable, most travellers wanting to start afresh here in City S would go there."

Bai Renxiang'smouth flew open in an 'o' shape. To say she was surprised would be an understatement. So behind that power hungry mind of Jiang Bojing was a brilliant one.

"So he was planning on building a hotel with prices a little bit higher because of the little quality he added. That was his next big project he got Me Lin Tian-yu to invest in," he concluded.

"But unfortunately for him, I sollied his plans just as the same way he applied Jiang Corporations' name," Bai Renxiang added.

"Exactly... But now that he is out of our way, we can change his plans by adding a little but of modification. Instead if an expensive hotel..."

"We build an affordable home for the people," she completed his words. A smile made its way to the sides of her lips.

"Not only that, I discovered there are lots of land for sake in that region. We can slow bring modernization there. I was thinking of a fun game centre and a resort would be a good fix there. Also, we could build a hospital as there is none there," more ideas spilled from the old man's lips.

"That means you want to collaborate with others to create a comfortable means of living there."

"Not just other, my dear. Our family. Ask your dear husband of what he thinks about the resort and the younger Yang boy of what he thinks about the fun centre too. Give me feedback once toy have done that. Then we will start preparing for a new project for the new year."

"Aahh!" Bai Renxiang squealed. "You are so smart, grandpa. It is no wonder people respect and fear you so much."

"Hahahaha. One does not need to be the very best to be able to make one's stance in the business world," Old man Jiang laughed.

"True words spoken, grandpa. True words. Sigh... I feel so lighthearted about the new journey we are about to embark on and it's all thanks to you and Xinyi," she said with a smile.

"Yes, yes. Alright. Charlie just came. I think I should ask him about that stuff now," Old man Jiang said.

He was looking through the window from the drawing room he was upstairs. That was how he saw the young man highlight from the car.

"Oh, alright. I await a reply whenever you are done speaking to him. I pray it would be a positive one."

"I pray so too. Bye now."