Turns out I forgot about it, but only then did I find it strange that the flame of youth and the flame of emptiness were nothing but the separation of martial arts, with an independent idea that I could exist independently, and I had Take away the meat of the cottage Guangchengzi. You can practice on your own.

The most terrifying thing is the flame of youth and the experience of emptiness. He can truly recognize the power of Heshi without power, and he also knows what it is and how to use it. Even now, I am erudite on this ancient continent. But he still doesn't understand what powerlessness is.

Feng Wanqiu said that the green false flame was a failed experiment, and she had to go back and ask her what kind of experiment she did.

Just when I wanted to retreat from the ocean of consciousness, he suddenly thought that in Luo Xiaoyi's ocean knowledge, it seemed that something without the power of the master could be stored, but it was rapidly declining and disappearing.

Why is there no such change compared to the non-dominant power in the world? Is it because of its special material? I tried it and it stores real gas but nothing special!

But now is not the time to think about this, because this thing akin to powerlessness is about to disappear, it's not a waste! Fire of Youth says it's better not to condense the hole with the power of the master. At first, he absorbed the power without the master's power and stole it from the end of the hole!

The feel of this thing is so similar to that of a powerless person, so it might be useful!

So, his spiritual knowledge actually absorbed this kind of thing into his body, just like he broke through the Tianyuan layer for a long time, and if he just wants to step into the third layer of Tianyuan, he needs to condense again!

The third level of Tianyuan is to elevate all spiritual portals to maturity. Maturity does not mean the same as the spiritual hole of a mature spirit animal, but it means combining the spiritual hole with one's own hole, no longer separate from each other.

Mature spiritual holes and spiritual veins are more powerful, can use more powerful spiritual talents, can withstand the impact of more powerful real elements, the functions of various spiritual holes can also be greatly improved, and dantian can store more real energy .

At this point, martial arts must go to the Tianyuan layer and associate each cell with the true Yuan to do this. Like the field of gas smelting, the celestial environment at every level is laying the groundwork for the next phase.

Due to the difference in practice techniques and methods, as well as the difference in the mind, the spiritual entrance of the condensate is also different, so how to promote the third layer of Tianyuan is also different. But one of my luck is that the system has matured his broken Phoenix student, and I've introduced the promotion method, which takes a long time.

However, if this thing really has an effect similar to the powerless, it will save me countless hours, no matter how meditating in the outside world, he starts to practice the mature spirit. Because this inability-like thing dissipates so quickly, it might just go away with any further delay.

Nie Feng collapsed beside me, thinking about what he had just experienced, his heart skipped a beat, the illusion was so terrifying, so real!

After carefully observing the situation of Luo Xiaoyi and I, he was relieved to find that they were both fine and practicing.

The bell also fell beside me, stroked his forehead, and said, "It's so dangerous, so dangerous, that woman is so sinister, her hallucinations are so terrifying!"

Several people heard that there was a sad nod in their hearts, that hallucination was too real! ?

Not long ago, a ray of light suddenly flew into the distance, but it was one of Jin Guangzong's sacred martial arts that flew in.