Unfortunately, this formula of returning to the origin of God has not reached the highest level as far as I am practicing right now, but he believes that as his practice goes deeper, the formula of returning to the origin of God can reach Extreme, purifies the blood of gods and demons.

First of all, the people of the fairy kingdom didn't pay much attention to my return to the origin of God, but when I heard my voice, they realized that my imagination was strange, and the courage was completely beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Who has the courage to turn ordinary people into demons?

At the same time, they also understand the value of this method to them, calm down one by one, and listen to me!

I said, "But this is my rough cut, there may be some imperfections, and I don't know who wants to try!"

At this time, people were a little hesitant, but Wan'er didn't hesitate at all and said, "Let me come!"

I wanted to say something else, but I was pushed away by a few girls from the ancestors of the Wa ethnic group. Wazu said to Wan'er, "Miss, let me try it out." After all, this method was newly created by my uncle! "

But I don't want Wan Er to say happily: "I believe in him, I believe my husband is the greatest person!"

I also heard this sentence outside the door, and couldn't help laughing. My wife believes in herself so much, and it's not worth her energy to interpret this formula of returning to God.

Everything is ready, it's just a good time.

I'm not new here and I'm not nervous or anything. I am talking to fairies and great saints.

Suddenly, he looked like a movement, then frowned and said, "No, it's today!"

As soon as he said that his figure flashed and flew away. When the little fairies looked up at each other, they looked at each other. "It's the cloud of Kowloon!" Damn, someone broke into this field! "

I flew out of Wonderland and saw a group of people fighting fiercely, and a few acquaintances, that was Jifa and a worried son!

However, a worried son appears to be in poor condition and appears to have been fabricated by something.

In this world, a worried son is a sad and indestructible figure. He's a master in the world, but he's been out of luck since kicking Ji out.

He kept being a hitman for others, kept being kidnapped, and finally killed his brother Ji Chang and died under Ji Fa, but this time he shouldn't be so unlucky.

With the spirit of my sword I fought back those who besieged them. I said to Jifa and his party, "Today is my happy day, you live in my house and fight in my house, it's so humiliating to me!"

Ji Fa and Yan Jiumei, who also have a worried son, were ecstatic, Ji Fa said, "It turns out that this fairyland is the residence of Xiao's younger generation, no wonder it is so beautiful." It's not that I want to fight with others. I have arrived! "

I smiled and said, "My mouth is full of sweetness, come on, come in for a drink!"

So the clouds and mists in Kowloon stopped, showing the true face of the fairyland. Ji sent a few people into the wonderland. I said coldly to those who besieged Jifa: "I don't know how to get out from here. Let me show you a scene today. Or I have a good temper." Otherwise you'll look good! "

A red, naked, middle-aged man with furious hair tried to speak, but was pulled beside him by a thin man. This sharp and thin man was the devil's handsome son - the devil's brother, and he trembled: "Lord Shen Gongbao, I know this man, at the beginning of the song, it was the first day he killed the devil!"

Shen Gongbao also heard about the Battle of Songs that day. Wang Zhou was the master of King Zhou, and King Zhou also fought against many masters before he dared to surround him. Before I go out, I always get the upper hand, if not me. King Zhou's massacre was doomed to fail.

He can't even fight the King of Zhou, so he doesn't have to follow the King of Zhou's orders. He thought to himself, he can't beat me.

So Shen Gongbao hummed coldly: "Then just wait." Just wait for the arrival of the devil handsome, Tianmu, high priest, soul priest, lightning gatekeeper, devil, even if he is stronger than the devil in the heavenly realm in the Yuan Dynasty, but it is only the road of death a part of! "

This time, in order to capture Ma Jifa's spirit, King Zhou was under the bloodline, not only doing his best under the leadership of his master, but also ordering Nanchu to cooperate with E Chongyu, because this is Nanchu's territory.

And Ai Chongyu's wife Xuanji has always had an affair with the devil. He Chongyu always wanted to kill the devil, so Xuanji asked the devil to come out and kill with a knife.

Although Ai Chongyu's son E broke the sky is a waste, but seduced a woman but had a hand, the owner of Lightning Gate was obsessed with changing his soul, he wanted to do merit in front of his father, so he invited The owner of Lightning Gate does it, trying to hide his sister's spotlight.

Although Qing’er, the owner of Lightning Gate, is only a teenage woman, even this old green-haired ancestor who can fight the ethereal master in the city is afraid of her, and her strength can be seen from her.

But some of these people didn't arrive, and some came all the way, so the masters around Shen Gongbao all had him, and with his stubborn resistance, they didn't dare to break in at this time!


Ji was sent into Wonderland, and most of the previous panic disappeared in the past, after all, the scene of me defeating the ethereal master was deeply etched in his heart.

I helped a worried son get rid of the venom, healed him, and he's almost okay. Thank you for not having word of mouth.

Wan'er was very happy to see my friend coming, of course, made people warm and hospitable, and I said to Jifa, "By the way, you are not born with Tianjin." Oh, oh! Sing a song with Master Bao, give me your Tianjin, and I will give you a trick! "

Ji was stunned, but I not only saved his life, but also spread the artistic feeling, if there is no muddy Tianbao sword, he would have died long ago in the face of Zhou Wang's pursuit.

So he wanted to think about it, and took out "Tianjin", which was born by himself!

In full view, I made the only gap on the patio, and the fairy ball started flapping and suddenly turned into a sword! The sword of top management finally appeared in this world again!

I handed the sword to Wan'er and said, "This sword belongs to your father, and it also has the magic power of the sword. I will return it to you now!"

So I turned my head and smiled at Ji: "You were born with a spoon for this sword. Today this sword should be yours, but it is indeed Wan'er's family business." That's it, I took this sword thing. I will do something for you. For example, what about killing the King of Zhou? "

Sixty or thirty-one people passed the customs easily.

Although Jifa has always hated King Zhou's viciousness, it can be said that from the moment he was born, King Zhou had conspiracy against him, which surprised him. Both his mother and Aunt Xue died at the hands of King Zhou, but they had to say that they betrayed and killed the Son of God. He still never thought about it that way.

I smiled and patted Ji's shoulder and said, "Think slowly, I want to worship!"

He couldn't help but sighed and said that he also wanted to appreciate the marriage etiquette of the Yin-Shang period. He remembered watching a TV series from the Qin Dynasty, in which the marriage etiquette was completely different from that of later generations, but he didn't want to watch it. His marriage etiquette was no different from what he saw in the Hereafter!

mirror world. I can't complain.

After paying homage to Wan'er, an earth-shattering dragon song suddenly came from outside.

My face remained the same, and I smiled and said, "It seems like someone bothered, but luckily, we're married!"

Wan'er held the top manager's sword in his hand and said with a smile, "If he can give this to the bride, how could his wedding be peaceful?"

I said, "You all stay here, I'll be there in a minute!"

After speaking, he wore the clothes of the newcomer and flew out immediately. People look at each other. Jifa looked at a worried son and said, "Uncle, are we waiting here?"

A worried son smiled and said, "Senior guard Xiao is helping us stop the disaster, how can we just sit back and ignore it? Who would want to miss the formula of Xiao's predecessor and others?"

The bride touched the sword of God with her finger and said with a smile, "At least I don't want to miss my husband's fight!"

Then she held the sword of the top administrator in her hand, and flew out with a pair of angry wings on her back.

Although I can't get her to concentrate her spirit and use the formula of returning to God, she doesn't need to concentrate her spirit, but it is not too difficult for her to transform her real qi into stubborn qi. Even if the blood of God is mixed, her body shape is far smaller than that of her. Natural people are much better.

Seeing that the bride was gone and no one could sit down anymore, everyone did some light work and flew out.


When I flew to the edge of the fairyland, the cloud nine dragon array was broken, and the fairyland recently stood in the forest, and there were seven or eight top masters in the world, at least others were also first-class masters!

If my face is cold and frosty, the sword of the star emperor will turn into a bright galaxy into the sky, and then slowly return to the palm of the hand to become the sword of the star emperor, he said calmly: "It still seems to be Speak with a sword, dare to step into fairyland today, there is no amnesty!"

I'm not a murderer, but he had to get mad at his wedding three times.

Then I saw an unexpected man, he was already half bald, he had white hair on his temples, he was wearing golden armor, but his hands were exposed, he needed strong muscles, and a cape was approved .

This man is a devil, I frowned slightly: "I can't believe you and King Zhou are together, I thought you were his enemy!"

The devil gritted his teeth and said, "The day you accept my fairy ball, you should expect it to be today!"

He came to congratulate me, but met King Zhou's master and his party, so the devil advised him to unite with his own party and must kill me, because no martial artist wants to have a world riding on his on the head!

After weighing the pros and cons, the devil chose to join hands with Zhou Wang and his party because the fairy ball was so important to him.

As soon as I saw me, the devil's ghost attached to the devil cried frantically: "It's him, very good, it's called broken iron shoes, don't look for anything, kill him without effort, he must Was mutilated into 10,000 pieces." To understand the hatred in my heart. "

The devilish dude will say, "Yes, Master!"

After possessing the whistle, the demon's power was fast, and now it has reached a strength similar to that of the whistle elf. Obviously, the body is very important even to the gods and demons of this world.

Only the high priest took care of himself and then saluted me and said, "The last time I was in the dynasty, thanks to your hand, my king always wanted to thank you." I'm not here to embarrass you, but Najifa is my culprit. I hope you hand him over to us, my king will thank you very much! "

You Dao stretched out his hand, but didn't get a smile. I played with the sword gently, and said, "Ji Fa is my guest, how can I give him to you?"

Before he could finish, he said, a hunchbacked, short and obscene old man with red eyes and hardly a single white eye, he said: "Even if you have great martial arts, none of us are the top masters in the world, you How dare you be so arrogant." Don't think it's too good to fly! "

He is the brother of the high priest, the soul priest, because the high priest is the darling of the king of Zhou, he has always hated the high priest, he sees the high priest so humble to the younger generation, Jifa is in fairyland, he has heard what I did , also can't help it. But if you don't see it with your own eyes, there's no power.

So he sacrificed his soul flag, and more than a dozen strange beasts charged at me.

I think it's better not to do that. Today is a happy day. Seeing blood is unlucky, but when he shot first, the soul priest made him a little **** off. As I explored it, the souls of a dozen animals fell into my hands as a black ball. There was a fierce devil in the black ball, and he struggled to roar.

Then, when I pushed it into my hand, the black ball flew towards the priest of the soul.

At this moment a dark flash, the black ball grabbed, it was the great power of the demon. The handsome, handsome face was dignified: "This is the **** of the seven magic balls!" I can't believe you did it. Of course I have to kill you! "

If I hadn't learned **** demons, it would have been a bit difficult for this soul priest to condense from demon souls, but under the law of demon slaughter by the gods, these demons and food are the same thing.

I don't want to talk about it. These people are the greatest masters in the world. Everyone can have a blast, everyone has the kung fu to press the bottom of the box, and there are plenty of first-rate masters. It would also be a little trickier if he wasn't for the tactic of flying kites in the sky.

So one of my steps was to clear the pitch and get those top players out of the game first!

Endless starlight flew out of my body and instantly transformed into a large column of stars, and a dark space came, except for the void, only endless stars illuminated the sky.

In this starry sky, it confuses time, space, gravity, eighteen false shadows and eighteen forces, increasing me and my opponent.

Then heaven and earth, if the tide pours into the array, it evolves into tens of millions of swords, stabbing everyone in the array.

In this battle, the stars of Da Zhou destroyed the sword formation of 10,000 flying immortals, and those who were slightly weaker, such as the demon brothers, pig boys, the soul priest under the demon, the two brothers of Jingong Bao, and Tie Gongfei Smelting and crippling human flesh. These figures can usually walk horizontally, but now they all breathe in a sword formation that is anything but immortal.

There is no face-to-face, except for the top masters, all the first-class masters are dead!

I'm not a heavy hitter, but I'm never kind and forgiving when I'm against the enemy.

In the 1960s and 1930s, the stars broke with the stars.

Among the masters sent by King Zhou and Nan Chu Hou, only the handsome monster, the shrine leopard, the high priest, the soul priest, the heavenly mother, Nan Chu, the devil, Leimen Shi Qinger, and the devil are still alive. However, only the king of Zhou and Nan Chu are still alive. One of the masters of Hou Pai is sent by King Zhou and Nan Chu Hou, High Priest, Soul Priest, Mother of Heaven, Nan Chu, Devil, Leimen, do your best to fight the sword of Feitian Immortal.

Everyone is afraid to change their appearance, there are thousands of ghosts crying and roaring around the ghosts, the demons are handsome, the endless flow of demons, the heart is horrible, just know that the last time I shot and killed the demon spirits and it didn't try my best.

The devil is glad he didn't bring Xuanji and EYouer, otherwise death was inevitable. He called himself the head of the Magic Gate, and even Yuan Dynasty magic didn't notice, but he didn't want me to be so powerful. It was inevitable that the cold moonlight of the left hand wheel and the scorching sun of his right hand were like the sun and moon in his hand, like a double day of ice and fire. Against the endless sword.

Shen Gongbao died of two brothers, and the heartache was like a drop of blood, and I was glad that they didn't shoot in advance, otherwise they would have died long ago. He is a very pure martial arts, who died at the hands of the strong without fear, but he was afraid of death because he was useless. He burned endless flames on him, resisting the attack of the sword. He thought: "This is a terrible death, but unfortunately, Qimen is a hermit." I'm not as good as Jiang Ziya, I can't break this. "

The Magic Monarch has already destroyed the Nine Yang Meridian Technique to the extreme. He is full of black energy and desperately resists the sword's attack. He felt a little regretful just now. If he hadn't stood beside Zhou Gou, he would be fine now!

But Nan Chu Hou and Sunny's son were heartbroken, because just now, the broken sky was hanged into pieces by the sword, Qing'er deeply loved the broken sky, and the broken sky was Nan Chu's only son. Although he has a daughter, he raised it for others. Why are you not angry?

Qing Er was surrounded by endless lightning, and Nan Chu was waiting to be surrounded by a layer of purple tornado, which he would strictly guard.

Everyone was impressed by Nan Chu, because Nan Chuyu was Lu Musai since he was a child, and has always been the laughing stock among the storage rooms. It is precisely because Xuanji wore a green hat for him that his heart is fierce. He reads more soldiers every day, practices martial arts, and finally becomes a master of the generation, and shines brightly at this time.

Only the mother of heaven was the least attacked, she saw me smiling and looking at herself, secretly believing: "This man got married today, but looked at me so fascinatedly, and sure enough, men are affectionate things, all men will be killed."

If I knew what she was thinking, even if it was a spout of old blood, I would treat her kindly because she is Wan Er's biological mother.

The Emperor of Heaven is the typical ruthless scumbag in this world. He said that Tianmu and Xuanji were both his concubines in previous lives and had something to do with them. The two men bore him two daughters and said their lives were over. Take away the goddess, Wan'er.

It was only when Notre Dame was heartbroken that she became so slutty, taking revenge only on top managers. Another daughter of Xuanji lives next to Xuanji, which is Nan Qiuhou's daughter, EYouer. After Xuanji and Nan Chuanhou get married, she will have an affair with the devil, which is related to this matter.

There is also the wife of the Demon King, who was also played by him for such a damned reason, so in the world of the Son of Heaven legend, the Emperor is a worthy standard figure, comparable to King Zhou and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.

On the battlefield, the Soul Priest summoned countless demons to protect himself, and countless ice cubes surrounded him to protect himself. He said to the high priest, "Brother, this is too strong for everyone to form. If you don't get rid of this battle first," he said to the high priest. This formation alone is enough to tire us out! "

The high priest was covered by the scorching sun, and there was thunder from time to time. He said: "His outer formation method has infinite changes in Zhou Tianting, and the inner layer arrangement method absorbs the vitality of heaven and earth in nine days and nine places, which is very similar to the movement of the earth that is frightened by the natural gods." If you want to break its formation , you can only start from the root! "

They are the disciples of Lingshan Qigu Tan, they are good at all kinds of witchcraft and sorcery, and they can see the key of the great formation at a glance.

The soul priest said in surprise, "You mean, break that star with a star?"

There are so-called Destiny Stars in this world. The master of a country like Zhou Wang, or a powerful martial artist, has a Destiny Star corresponding to it. With the power of starlight, it can be repaired to deep place.

I don't know what the high priest means. Suddenly, a small shadow floated down in the sky, the burly figure, the wild smile, the wild expression of the world, not the appearance of King Zhou.

He had a hunch that he was going to see me this time, so he followed the crowd and appeared as soon as the high priest notified him. He doesn't care even if these people die, but if he doesn't have these people, even if he sits in the world, he's not sure he'll beat me.

After being possessed by the great god, his hatred for me grew so deep that he wanted to get rid of it, and got rid of it quickly.

Seeing the appearance of King Zhou, the High Priest and Soul Priest did their best to shake their magical instruments. I do not know what to do. Although it was dusk at this time, the stars in the sky suddenly flickered, the stars were clearly visible, and the stars fell one after another. My big week star hit a big run and even stagnated.

My Wanfei Immortal Sword Array was embedded in the Great Zhou Tianxing War Array. The movement of the Great Zhou Star Wars Array was blocked, making the Wan Fei Immortal Sword Array unable to operate, and the sky sword weapons disappeared without a trace.

I'm a little surprised, he didn't expect these people to break his flying sword in this way.

He couldn't help rubbing his chin: "The real meaning, there are some ways, is this the defense mechanism that God wants to change the world?" This requires a little more effort! "

At this time, Wan'er had already rushed to see me kill all those first-class masters, but ten masters, including King Zhou, surrounded me, and their hearts were terrified.

A worried son not only recovered, but the toxicity is no longer, but recovered to a certain level of combat effectiveness, he will fly over to help, and the daughter of the sky also wants the sword magic that has just been practiced to help me.

Others are ready for action, too.

But I said to them, "You don't have to do this, this is my home, my place, so this is my fight, let me see what these ten masters can do!"

Shen Gongbao pointed at me angrily and said, "I admit that you are a master who is hard to see in the world, I am not as good as you!" But just because you wanted to pick ten of us by yourself, this is too much! Kill my two brothers and die! "

As soon as Shen Gongbao came up, he immediately lost his fighting spirit, he pressed his hands on the ground, the fire on the ground, the real fire, the foreign fire, the three wonderful flames suddenly turned into a sea of ​​fire, surrounded by him.

Then he stood up, and the sea of ​​fire turned into a dragon, his teeth and claws open, and he charged at me growling.

That's exactly what caused him to fire three times.

Jiang Ziya saw that Shen Gongbao was fighting with all his strength, and his black and white yin and yang face became stronger and uglier. He and Shen Gongbao are both guards of the Heavenly Emperor's dual system of Saint Luoshu, but their friendship is no longer good. They saw Shen Gongbao's attack. Until then, he didn't know that Shen Gongbao's power had exceeded the limit he could imagine, and his fear was just a strange hermit.

And a worried son is also frowning. The strength of this blow is at least comparable to the three or four blows he frightened. If he wants to defeat the Jingu Leopard, I am afraid that he will have to use the earth's five moves to win.

The rest of the masters also changed their colors, and even the King of Zhou was secretly afraid. If Shen Gongbao was trained earlier to send these three fires back to Duke Yuan, it would be difficult for him to easily subdue him or say two people!

Shen Gongbao shot a shot, and the others also shot, because they knew that no matter how strong Shen Gongbao was, he couldn't beat me, they were all masters, and their own pride and dignity were like joining the army with contempt, but now Impossible to take these into account!

My face also became majestic, Star Emperor's sword was in my hand, and then it broke through countless sword souls, and the sword energy poured into the vast sea, and everyone involved Wang Yang!

If you're talking about collective warfare, you're the best person to block the rain sword.

Six, thirty-three, one escape, one capture.

Although a few people have seen me in Chaosong really strong, but now that they have seen it with their own eyes, even those people are shocked again, facing it face to face is definitely two concepts. .dt.com

They finally realized how Yuan Dynasty magic felt.

Shen Gongbao only felt that my sword spirit was turbulent like a tide, but every sword spirit was spiritual, just like Ding Jie Niu, cut off the fire protecting his body, he secretly said: "No wonder Yuan Tianyi Said his martial arts has its own soul." Unexpectedly, every sword spirit is like a master in the world to execute the high guard, if not really Yuan there are countless unimaginable spiritual despair to do , how did he do it? "

So my heart turned around: "Unfortunately, no matter how strong he is, facing so many masters, it is inevitable to fall down. These martial arts are absolutely, really sighed from today." Master competition, what a pity! "

Just when he changed his mind, he suddenly realized that he was wrong. He couldn't help but startled: "Why can I think so much during the war? His swordsmanship affects my mind."

My swordsmanship has already reached the point of comfort, and it is easy to carry a mental attack in the rain sword.

However, the rotation of the mind was only for a moment, just when Shen Gongbao eliminated the interference and was right, Jian Qi Wang Yang suddenly emerged from the silverware and turned into a 10-foot-long ice crystal phoenix, cold air and colorful colors . Fight with his three fire dragons!

Hide the sword in the sword, my style of hiding the sword.

Tibetan swordsmanship originally came from an unknown martial art idea, but he didn't reach that level in his lifetime, when the idea changed the point of contribution of my organization.

But I have an open sky, this sword hides qi, and the subsequent explosion means is not a problem for him, in a way, the style of this Tibetan sword is equivalent to a simple open sky style.

Because the sky is too tired, even now he can only use ten strikes.

My Ice Crystal Phoenix is ​​amazing and smart. Fortunately, the holy dragon and leopard only needs to fight with this ice crystal phoenix, a dragon and a phoenix, an ice and a fire fighting the earth, the ice is flying, and the sea of ​​fire is raging.

Shen Gongbao rushed to the front, but the strongest among them were King Zhou and the handsome demon, both of whom were possessed by demons.

A huge image of a magician appeared behind King Zhou, and when he sucked, he swallowed the sword energy in front of him, and then he drank countless golden knife wheels, which opened in the force of chopping the ground, and kept going. cut at me.

But here, the black light erupted from the endless sword energy and turned into a thick black back knife, which drew a mysterious arc in the air, and even blocked the inexhaustible gold with a knife. cutter wheel.

The demons of heaven and Evil City did their best to shoot them in this way. Although they do not share magic with the great gods, they can cooperate in the face of the same powerful enemy, and the demons and demons of heaven also show that the demons and demons of heaven can cooperate with each other in the face of the same powerful enemy. Countless ghosts rolled up a dragon, twisted their call signs frantically one by one, brought their voices into their ears, and gave birth to infinite fantasies.

At this time, there was a trace of golden light in the waves, and it turned into a big golden hand to cover the sun, a big hand, a vast golden light, a cloud, countless diamonds, arhats, and bodhisattvas standing on the lotus platform, chanting Buddhist sutras. Golden lotuses swelled up in the earth, and the sky was a mess.

In the chanting voices, those who seemed to be going to **** gradually began to cry, and one ferocious grimace after another was laughing calmly now, almost losing the control of the car horn.

The sky demon artifact face is now smiling fiercely: "I did this last time, will I still be in the game this time?"

The devil's handsome body poured out endless evil spirits, pouring into the ghost like black water. For the first time, the feeling of being touched by the Buddha's light was like taking tonics one after another. , King Kong hanged together.

And think, stronger than the beginning of the devil, a master of the devil, no longer distracted, directly make the magic light six times, the magic light moon is infinite, the icy moon shines on the sea of ​​rain swords, a sword Yuan condensed into ice and was broken on the spot. The magical bright moon has no pole, the icy moon shines on the sea of ​​Yujian, and a sword element condenses into ice and shatters on the spot.

A trace of starlight rushed out of the sword wave, turned into a golden sun, collided with his icy moon, and fought endlessly.

This is my sunshine sword.

The high priest frantically destroyed the work of the blood fire, vaporized and melted the sword qi covered by the rain, and then a little blood red jumped out of the sea of ​​rain swords and turned into a ferocious blood **** son, with the blood fire of the high priest. tangled together.

The Devil King is entangled in various forms of Tianshan arsenal, and he uses the Nine Yang Meridian method in order to change forever.

Several of them were entangled together, only the priest of the soul, the goddess, the master of Leimen, Qing Er, and the country of Nanchu who loved Chongyu, appeared straight in front of me all the time.

It's a long story to write, but in reality, these are just instant events!

Some of these changes are dizzying and terrifying, they never imagined there would be such a battle in the world!

Each of my martial arts is equivalent to an independent world master. No wonder I'm not afraid of group battles. It's just a push from the goddess to make them worry, they have some plan they can't help but do. Only the worried son has clear eyes and clear eyes. I thought to myself, "Soul Priest, Qing Er, and Nan Chuhou are all weak. I'm afraid that Lao Xiao did it on purpose, so he bent his wings first." On that day, the strength of Saintess Ji was extraordinary. Yes, was the senior of the Xiao family upset and missed it? "

There are clear onlookers, in the battle of Notre Dame, only the Virgin thinks that they are extraordinary, otherwise I can't stop them, but the eyes of King Zhou and the great magician are so sharp, they immediately shouted: "Come back! "

There were a couple of people in Heaven who were reminded that they immediately felt they were wrong, so they wanted to retreat, but I wouldn't let them retire, he was much faster than the rest of the world!

A green lotus flower bloomed on the sword of the stars in my hand, and several Mothers of Heaven were surprised to find a boundless vision before them. True qi and blood are drawn by an invisible force, the weak are drawn to magic almost immediately, and the surrounding space is like a solidified high-ranking guard.

The Marquis of Nanchu, the Soul Priest is the weakest, almost motionless, Qinglian's breath-breaking formula that will be crushed by the sword spirit, Qing'er can also destroy True Qi and turn into boundless lightning to protect herself, but in Qinglian's broken Qi Countless imperfections are pulled out of the formula.

Just when Qinglian broke his momentum and entered Sword Soul, lightning shone on Qingming's son, and the lightning turned into a powerful thunder and lightning dragon to protect himself. These are the three tricks of Thunder Dragon in the Lightning Gate.

Lei Ting accidentally broke free from the force field of the Qinglian Qi-stopping formula, and the rapid retreat wrapped in front of him made the sword qi hang, only to hang the electric thunder dragon, not to kill her!

I don't pursue it either, because his ultimate goal is the goddess. The speed of the Qinglian formula under the goddess is only 1/3 of the normal speed, and the speed of the infuriating energy is only 1/3 of the normal speed.

But she still showed the power of a female master in the world, and really became a flame phoenix, the reincarnation of her stunt flame phoenix! As soon as the flaming phoenix's wings were wrapped around her, Qinglian's main purpose of breaking her qi was her, and the sword immediately tore the flaming phoenix into pieces, showing the appearance of a goddess.

The sword of Qinglian spirit was exhausted. The star emperor sword stabbed into her chest. The goddess showed an unparalleled martial arts demeanor. She was not afraid of the situation. She didn't even want to fight. superior.

As soon as she passed it, she would immediately turn her finger into a grab, grab me, and apply her celestial being.

The celestial method is similar to the spell of great magic, which can not only absorb the opponent's power, but also bring great happiness to the enemy, and also control the opponent's mind.

If I win her fairy spell, she'll be able to turn the wheel for sure.

But right at this moment, as soon as my hand was released, the sword of the Emperor Xingxing flew out automatically and aimed it at the chest of the goddess. She lost all his powers to get the chance to launch her fairy. I have it in my hand!

One face-to-face two deaths, one escape, one capture, including the world martial arts of Notre Dame, I showed enough pride in contemporary power.

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Six, thirty-four, three-pole hybrid elements

King Zhou watched me die, but at the same time, they lost a third of them. Even the Virgin, who might be a mistress in this world, was captured by me.

In Zhou Wang's view, my real anger is no more intense than theirs. There is much less real anger than the enemy.

But I'm really smart, with subtle energy, a real gas point can make seven or eight points, plus great tactics, and while the big week star race is shut down, the power still has an effect on them , all to achieve the miraculous outcome of this war.

The magician got angry with the King of Zhou and said, "But very angry!" As a descendant of the gods, you can't do anything with humans of this type of ants! "

King Zhou ignored the magician's roar and said to the devil: "This man is too strong, he can only use my strength fully when he hasn't wiped out the others and we still have reinforcements." Before you have a chance to win Before, gather the devil's soul in my body! "

The devil is not happy again, the big devil is about to be born again, how can he be crushed by an ant-like family? God hates him, hates him and nods: "Then our business will be counted again, and we will kill this abominable human first!"

After saying that King Zhou had absorbed countless magical spirits, the demon also put the soul of the devil into King Zhou's body. The stars in the sky were as bright as the full moon, and the stars fell on King Zhou, forming a purple ball on his chest, as if he could be world-famous. Look at everything on Sunday.

The high priest suddenly stretched out his hand, and the soul of the Shang emperor was also enshrined on the Zhou King's body. King Zhou's power has reached a level that people in this world can't imagine, and Duke Zhou's power has reached a point where people in this world can't imagine the world shaking. In this terrible shock, there was a candle in the wind.

King Zhou said with a smile: "The power of Emperor Ziwei supports my body, the power of emperors of all dynasties supports my body, the power of demons, the sacred power that supports my body, the Yuanjia body of the three-pole hybrid, this time you don't have die!"

Only through the means of the high priest can the spirit of the Shang emperors be transmitted here from the palace songs of the Shang Dynasty!

In my opinion, the power of the Emperor Ziwei's star, the power of the devil's heaven and the devil's sky are just a few of the worlds, and the power of the souls of the emperors of all ages is similar to the power of faith provided by the Mayans. In the past, remnants of heaven and demon spirits supported Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang was at most the output of the third peak of Tianyuan in the early days of the fourth floor of Tianyuan, but when he got these three things, his output was already equivalent to the top of the fifth floor of Tianyuan.