Chapter 64: Kaidou

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Chapter 64: KaidouShes weak, thats why! Blackbeard laughed boldly, And Im not like that woman. Im a good man, ZEHAHAHAHA The warship came to a sudden stop, strategically positioning itself in close proximity to the object that the Blackbeard Pirates had identified as a ship. It was as if they were preparing to besiege them. The siege tactics employed by the warship created a sense of discomfort among the Pirates. However, driven by their unrelenting ambition to secure the coveted Shichibukai position, their guard gradually wavered. Hey, you, blind man! Teachs voice carried an air of arrogance as he pointed towards Fujitora, his words ringing out with authority, Got the stuff we talked about?! Im sorry, could you remind me of the details? As you see, Im blind. Hard to keep track of faces, Fujitoras response was measured. Quit messing around! I struck a deal with your bosses, Whitebeards Second Division Commander. Shichibukai position was on the table! And now, just because youve managed to tick me off, Im tossing in one of these ships as well. Teachs voice carried a hint of persuasive manipulation, as if trying to charm his way into a new ship. Kuh-Uhaha Kaahahahaha Shichibukai and one of our warships?! Fujitoras laughter echoed. Listen up, blind man! This tied-up guy here is the Fire Fist, Portgas D. Ace. Adding a ship shouldnt be a big deal for you! Its a win-win: an extra ship for the trade! Teachs tone carried a growing anger. Trade, huh? Thats a tough one Ive got another idea. Spit it out already! We aint got all day! one of the pirates spat with arrogance. How about surrender? Fujitoras experienced hand instinctively found its sword-canes hilt, resting there against his chest. His face displayed unshakable determination as he declared, All Ive brought is this blade and an unwavering determination to rid the world of scum! WHAT? The Blackbeard Pirates were surprised and confused. Hold on! Teach couldnt believe it, raising his hand, Werent we here to make a deal? You need to think. Were talking about the Second division commander in Whitebeard Pirates. Hes worth more than what Im asking for, you idiot! He was pretty convinced his argument was solid, believing that if the Navy bosses thought properly, they wouldnt say no. Especially after they lost two of their Seven Royal Seas already. Theres a gap that needs filling or at least thats what he thought! What all the pirates didnt get was that the Shichibukai execution were on purpose, kind of secret but planned, known as Operation X Moreover, Teach was confronted with Fujitoras unyielding demeanor. In response, there was just the sound of Fujitora unsheathing his sword-cane. Justice wont back down anymore! A bunch of purple gravitational waves shot out from Fujitora, reaching the sky quickly! At first, Blackbeard Pirates didnt get what the blind man was doing, wondering if it was some kind of trick. But within a short time Their gazes were drawn upward as a formation of meteors hurtled through the sky, prompting astonished whispers, Meteors Falling!? As bright meteors fell from the sky, Teach felt really surprised. Isnt this over-the-top!? he said, seeming a bit annoyed. Damn it! This isnt good for us. Everyone Spread out! Teachs authoritative shout cut through the chaos, commanding attention. EVERYONE SPREAD OUT! With those words, his palms met the deck. -Black Hole!- In the blink of an eye, darkness engulfed the ships deck, shrouding nearly everything in obscurity. The navy vessels swayed and groaned, as if influenced by the enigmatic mist that enveloped them. One after another, Rear Admirals lost their balance, stumbling in disbelief at the surreal scene unfolding before their eyes. Yet Fujitora remained steady. He only felt bad about his soldiers screams. -Gravity Blade: Moko- In a sudden surge, an aura of potent energy enveloped Fujitora, casting an eerie stillness upon the battlefield. Gradually, a subtle tremor, akin to a mild earthquake, rippled through the surroundings, accompanied by the tendrils of inky smoke conjured by Teachs dark powers. Quick as lightning, a strong wave of energy went towards the Blackbeard Pirates, making them struggle to stand firm and counter the relentless assault. In the midst of this chaos, Meteors exploded around Teach, destroying his boat and disorienting his crew, preventing them from reacting to Fujitoras attack! -RRIIPPP!- (ripping cloth.) A deep wound appeared on Teachs back, blood flowing freely. Luckily, Burgess was nearby. Reacting swiftly, Burgess grabbed Teach and threw him to the ground to ensure his safety. Soon, a bunch of people came over to see what was happening. Some thought it was fireworks, others guessed the navy was catching pirates. Either way, Fujitora had to stop to keep everyone safe. Seizing the opportune moment amidst the gathering, the Blackbeard Pirates executed a swift escape. Fujitoras pursuit of Teach and his crew may not have borne fruit, but the operation is undeniably stamped with the mark of success. In the end, he managed to capture a big fish Portgas D. Ace! Without wasting time, the fleet checked the damage and quickly fixed things up before heading back to Marine Headquarters. A single day had passed since the ships of the Navy left Mock Town, carrying Ace and the pirates from Skypiea. Some were grateful to Saitama for saving them, worried about being stuck in the sky after Shikis defeat. The idea of being trapped on a sky island scared them no food or water, and who knows for how long? But not everyone felt lucky. Some of the pirates blamed themselves for getting caught. They knew they messed up by saying yes to the invitation, all because they wanted more. The fleet headed back to Marine Headquarters after quick repairs. Finally, a peaceful hush settled over Skypiea, casting a momentary spell of serenity. The hot sun went away behind clouds, and rain started falling gently. Lightning and thunder happened, and a big shape appeared slowly, kind of like a secret being told. Shiki Show yourself! The voice that followed was authoritative, echoing with command as the massive dragon head emerged from the enshrouding mist. Ive come to defeat you! The dragons eyes surveyed the land below, and it thundered, SHIKI! Show yourself! Its focus shifted as it took in the scene, a hint of surprise evident in its tone. Why is everything in ruins? Shiki, come out! Ive come all this way for you! A sharp, piercing sound reverberated through the air, prompting everyone to instinctively cover their ears in pain. Some unfortunate souls even experienced bleeding from their eyes and ears due to the sheer force of the dragons roar. Wait WAIIIIIT! Finally, recovering from their shock, one of the islands residents managed to gather his thoughts, hands over his ears as he yelled, Shiki is gone! Hes dead! Dead? What do you mean, dead?! The dragons inquiry rang out. Dead! Blowww Gone forever! the person replied. How did it happen? The menacing dragon that had been weaving through the thunderclouds descended gracefully to the ground, morphing into a human form. A towering, robust figure emerged, adorned with horn-like protuberances on its head, exuding the commanding presence of an ancient demon deity. The gathered residents were all taken aback. It wasnt just his overpowering presence that struck them, the aura exuded by the being was undeniably fearsome, a characteristic befitting one of the Four Emperors who held dominion over the seas Kaidou! The person who had spoken earlier stuttered, his voice trembling as he recounted the grim news, Shiki hes gone. Some bald guy took him out nothing left of him Shiki, you weakling! Kaidous voice was really loud, almost like a storm. He let out a burst of fire from his mouth, and his eyes were full of anger, looking straight at the guy. Tell me, whos this baldy who thinks he can mess up my fun? Ill break him into pieces, no doubt about it! The anger in his words matched the intensity in his eyes. The mans voice trembled as he replied, HHHis name is Saitama accompanied by a girl who claimed to be part of the Marines. Marines, you say? Interesting! A wicked grin slowly crept across Kaidous face. His colossal form swelled once more, seamlessly transitioning into the ominous shape of the malevolent dragon. With a powerful stroke of his wings, he ascended gracefully into the skies. Its been quite a stretch since my last visit to Marineford. Seems the Marines have managed to gather a few promising talents once more Lets hope this Saitama has the mettle to genuinely put up a challenge against me! WORORORO With those words reverberating, Kaidou gradually faded from sight, leaving behind an aura of foreboding that lingered in the air. Three days later. The shadow of the dragon cast its eerie presence upon Marine Headquarters, looming with an unsettling weight. Kaidous massive figure circled over, his deafening roar echoing off the surrounding walls. Sengoku boy! Give me the navy called Saitama!!! The words cut through the bustling atmosphere of the cafeteria, causing the clatter of cutlery to dwindle to a hush. Sengoku, Garp, Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, Momonga, Tsuru, and Gion all swiftly abandoned their meals, their expressions resolute as they stepped forward. In that moment, A colossal battle loomed. Kaidou, the Governor-General of the fearsome Beasts Pirates and one of the Four Emperors ruling the New World, facing off against the Marines strongest fighters. Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great time reading this chapter! 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