Chapter 63: Exchange

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Chapter 63: ExchangeOh, n-no way! This this cant be real, sir! Tashigi stammered as her heart pounded in her chest, a mixture of fear and shock washing over her. As they plummeted through the sky, she could hardly believe what she was hearing. We put our lives in your hands, and now youre telling us youre blind?!! Her voice trembled with disbelief and terror. Dont worry, trust in me. Above the ocean, the man with a smile held his cane-sword close to his chest and carefully unsheathed it. Though I cant see, I still know whats going on, Lieutenant I can sense you all! As he spoke, a magnificent surge of brilliant purple energy emanated from him, sending shockwaves through the air. It was a sight to behold, a display of power that left everyone spellbound. The powerful wave unleashed an otherworldly force, causing an instant disruption in the falling individuals descent. Something inexplicable gripped them, slowing their plummet, yet their eyes remained shut, unable to witness the spectacle unfolding around them. Once the waves subsided and the wind calmed, a familiar sound of cooing played in their ears. Upon opening their eyes, they beheld a sight they never imagined they would see again, an expansive ocean dotted with a few marine ships. At first, the ships appeared small, but as seconds passed, they drew nearer and grew larger. Wait, are we actually flying? Tashigi questioned, her eyes wide with disbelief as she tried to make sense of the surreal situation. Just then, a massive shadow passed overhead at an astonishing speed. She looked down, her heart pounding with curiosity and fear. What is that?! she exclaimed in awe. Struggling to maintain her focus, she cautiously considered the possibilities. Wait a sec Could this be Oh, no way!! Earlier, As the rest of the crew kept themselves busy with the jumping thing, Saitama sprang into action. With lightning speed, he swiftly caught the pirates who were participating in Shikis gathering, locking them within the confines of his ships custody. Then, he leaped from the island while holding it. Vice Admiral Issho felt an unusual object descending, seemingly of gigantic proportions! With a surge of energy, he concentrated to mitigate the shock. What is that? he asked Tashigi with a sense of panic. Ah, my apologies, Vice Admiral, but it appears that Rear Admiral Saitama is on his way to meet you, she replied with timidity. But I know Saitama is not giant! he exclaimed. Thats the problem Hes not alone! she explained. Who is with him then? he asked. Not who Its what! Hes descending while holding our ship! My apologies for this! she clarified. WHAT?! Hes holding an entire battleship?! This is insane! he exclaimed in surprise. Yep! Now you have an idea about our superior, sir! Even though Tashigi was still in the process of learning the Moonwalk technique, with the assistance of the Vice Admirals abilities, she successfully made her way to the ship that Saitama was carrying. -BOOOM!- The sound of the ship crashing into the water was deafening. Luckily, Isshos abilities managed to lessen the force of the shock. However, it was evident that if it were an ordinary ship, it would have been completely destroyed. Fortunately, the ship was a modified Marine vessel, designed to withstand such impacts. Saitama climbed out of the water, seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal. Issho calmly continued lowering the soldiers from the sky. Once he finished, he turned his attention to Saitama, his tone concerned and stern, Whats wrong with you?! What were you thinking by jumping like that? And how is it possible for you to hold an entire battleship? Youre not even a Devil Fruit user! Taking a moment to dry his clothes, Saitama responded in a casual tone, Ah? Do I know you? He then shifted his gaze to Tashigi, who was still recovering from the shock impact, and inquired, Who is this? He is the Vice Admiral Fujitora, she said. Ah, I remembered now. Saitama replied. Impressed by what he had witnessed, Issho remarked, Fascinating! If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, Id have a hard time believing someone in this world could do what you did! Yes, Im blind, Issho confirmed. He sheathed his cane-sword and continued, Your reputation precedes you, Saitama-san. Your incredible abilities are renowned, and its no wonder they have inspired many, including me, to join the Navy. Its an honor to finally meet you in person. Your commitment to justice is truly commendable. Saitama scratched his head, a look of slight confusion on his face. Youre really going all out with the compliments, but I dont have anything to give you in return Issho replied with a sincere tone, Im the one who should be grateful A weary smile graced his features as he looked up, In a world as messed up as this one, I chose to shut my eyes. I used to think I was destined to be a lone swordsman, but meeting the Marines through you showed me that there are so many others trying to make a difference And its all because of you. His smile faded slightly as he lowered his gaze, then he opened his blind eyes, focusing on Saitama. Your sense of justice and strength awakened the Marines. If I hadnt blinded myself back then, I wonder how different it all couldve been I really wish I could see your face, your hair, your eyes, the expression you carry Saitama chuckled, his eyes filled with amusement. Oh! My hair is yello Saitama-san is a bald person, Tashigi chimed in spontaneously as she tended to Smokers wound. Her words hit Saitama like an unexpected jolt, and he looked at her with a mixture of surprise and slight offense, as if silently asking, How dare you! He cleared his throat and composed himself, then continued, As Tashigi mentioned, I am indeed bald! Issho paused, a glimmer of realization appearing in his eyes. Right, I remember now They already call you the Bald Devil. I didnt think they meant it literally! Sorry about that. Saitama shrugged nonchalantly, his attention elsewhere. No big deal. Ive heard it a lot Then he tilted his head, glancing at his crew. I owe you one. Without your abilities, they wouldnt have made it. Thank you, Vice Admiral Fujitora, your help means a lot! Tashigi expressed, her gratitude evident in her gesture. She went on, Were currently dealing with a serious situation on Skypiea Island involving a group of pirates that were recruited by the Golden Lion Shiki. Is there a possibility to bring them down? No need for that, Saitama interjected, his tone calm as he wiped his nose. Ive captured them all. Youll find them in the ships jail. Her surprise was palpable. Wait, what? When did you do that? Just before I jumped with the ship, Saitama replied casually. Kuh-Uhaha Kaahahahaha typical of Rear Admiral Saitama! He couldnt just abandon a group of pirates on an overpopulated island! Kaahahahaha Issho burst into hearty laughter. Hen? Yeah, okay, Saitama mumbled, a touch perplexed. He turned and agilely leaped back onto his own ship. With a half-hearted wave and a yawn, he added, Dont forget to take them with you, okay! The Vice Admiral nodded, still chuckling, and issued orders to the crew to prepare to sail with the prisoners onboard. Under what specific circumstances would the deployment of a Vice Admiral and a team of five elite Rear Admirals be justified? The current rescue situation appears insufficient to warrant such a high-level involvement. Clearly, there is a more significant and confidential demand driving the need for these forces, indicating an intricately complex mission of great importance. After a considerable duration, the naval ships reached Mock Town. By the seaside port, there rested a makeshift pirate boat, resembling a rough raft. A crew of four pirates stood upon it, their appearances peculiar. While their outward looks didnt inspire awe, only true experts could sense the underlying danger they posed. Pirates! ZEHAHAHAHA. shouted a huge pirate, his dark skin showing signs of days under the sun. He had a big, round body but thin arms and legs. His face looked weathered with broken teeth, a crooked nose, and a wild black beard. His long messy black hair fell down his back, making him look tough and fierce. Actually, its the Navy captain! Well, well, the Navy has indeed shown up These warships are a hundred times larger than our ship! Quite a tempting sight! Nevertheless, Captain, caution is advised. Beside him, a man with a sniper rifle and a monocle calmly observed Issho, who stood at the helm of the naval vessel. Their intentions dont appear to involve trade The individual at the bow, if my memory serves me correctly, is Vice Admiral Fujitora. Vice Admiral! The dark skin pirate was momentarily taken aback, then he let out a deep chuckle, Aye, for the lad weve got in our custody, sending out a Vice Admiral might seem like overkill. But then again, its a murky situation. After all, he holds the post of Second Division Commander in the Whitebeard Pirates. ZEHAHAHAHA. Amidst their rough laughter, a restrained man near the brig of the pirate ship lay unconscious. His upper body was bare, revealing a clear Whitebeard Pirates tattoo on his back. It was Ace! He chuckled and continued, Bartering this lad in exchange for a Shichibukai position. If this deal goes through, the Blackbeard Pirates could make waves throughout the Grand Line ZEHAHAHAHA. A burly man was sprawled on a visibly frail old horse. He coughed and let out a laugh, Although, the Pirate Empress met her demise not too long ago. This title doesnt offer as much protection as it used to Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great time reading this chapter! Im really excited to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Dont forget to drop a comment and let me know what you think! Instagram: One Punch Of Justice Otaku Tnn Twitter: Otaku_Tnn Looking forward to catching you in the next chapter! Thanks for your support.