Chapter 61: Lion’s Threat: Imperial Earth Bind

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Chapter 61: Lion’s Threat: Imperial Earth Bind

What the heck!! Why is he still alive?!

Shikis voice thundered through the chamber, reverberating with the shock coursing through him. His face twisted into an infuriated scowl.

Did he stop my attack? or did he dodge it? He wondered aloud as he gazed at Saitamas nonchalant expression.

An ember of irritation ignited within him. Is this guy making fun of me? That cocky, bald idiot! He paused, attempting to calm himself down.

No wonder he dared to stir up trouble on my turf. Hes got some skills, he muttered, clenching his cigar between his teeth as his eyes remained fixed on Saitama.

However, this place is too damn cramped for a real brawl. If you want to catch me, lets take this outside, shall we? Do you have the guts to face me on open ground!?

Before the words could settle, Shiki leaped out of the palace and disappeared.

Below, Saitama looked up at the sky, seeming unsure of what to do.

Tashigi thought Saitama was worried about the Marines handling the pirates, so she said, Dont worry, Saitama-san. Im here, we can handle them!

Its not that, Saitama replied, looking troubled. That guy told me to follow him but I cant fly

An uneasy tension settled over the scene.


Tashigis eyes widened in genuine surprise. But, Saitama-san, you effortlessly defeated a Rokushiki user! Still, you cant fly?

Saitama shrugged with a hint of humor, So? Humans cant fly, you know!

I mean, I can jump high, but flying? Nah, not my thing. But, if I could learn to fly somehow, I might actually catch up to that guy.

Smoker, standing nearby, furrowed his brow. Right now, theres no time for that. Lets deal with these jerks first and then figure out how to handle Shiki!


Saitama pondered for a moment, then said with a spark of determination, You know what? Maybe Ill give it a shot! Just give me some instructions, and Ill see what I can do!

Ten seconds later, Saitamas eyes glinted as he attempted the fabled Moonwalk technique. With all eyes on him, he took a deep breath and stepped into the air, attempting to defy gravity itself.

Okay, this might take some time, Saitama mumbled, slightly frustrated. It looked so easy when others did it

Smoker, watching from below, nodded sympathetically. Learning such advanced techniques isnt easy, especially for someone whos not used to it.

Undeterred, Saitama continued to practice, making small progress with each attempt. He focused on refining his technique and gradually gained more control over it.

After a while, Saitama managed to lift himself a few inches off the ground, a sense of accomplishment evident on his face. Isnt it quite simple?

Saitama cheerfully called out to Smoker below, who was left dumbfounded with his cigar dropping to the ground.

Monster! He effortlessly mastered it in a mere ten seconds!It took me two years to learn it!

At this moment, Smokers emotions were a tumultuous mix of concern and determination, but Saitama had no time to delve into them.

Not far ahead, the Golden Lion floated in the air, ready for action!

You actually followed me, huh, kid

Shikis face twisted into a malicious smirk as he snapped his fingers, exuding a sense of cold confidence. Nice moves with the Rokushiki. Gotta admit, youre pretty skilled for a young one. But sucks to be you, cause no way Im gonna show mercy not for you or your friends!

-Lions Threat: Earth Bind-

Kekekeke What do you think now?

The Golden Lion exulted while floating above the destroyed island.

Alright, check this out!

These lions, under my complete control, are gonna give you a one-way ticket off this island, straight down from a height of ten thousand meters into the deep blue ocean!

Can you even imagine the pain youll feel?

Its gonna be one heck of a painful demise for each and every one of you! Kekekeke

And let me tell you, the victory?

Its all gonna be mine, no doubt about it. Youre about to witness the sheer awesomeness of my power!

But just as he was about to let out his triumphant laughter, a voice boomed from beneath the debris, its tones carrying the weight of a brewing tempest.

Can you just shut up!

With incredible agility, Saitama cut through the rushing lions. He emerged like a bullet, propelling himself out of the ground with remarkable precision, closing the distance between them in an instant.


Saitamas fist ascended, drawing attention from all around.

The atmosphere seemed to still, colors becoming more vibrant as if nature itself held its breath, anticipating the impending clash.

In that moment, a realization dawned upon the Golden Lion, this was no ordinary opponent. The look of fear etched on his face told the tale.

Within Saitamas unassuming demeanor lay a hidden power, capable of wielding tremendous devastation with uncanny realism!!

Normal Punch

As Saitamas fist surged forward, the Golden Lions body crumbled into pieces. His anguished cries were abruptly silenced, lost amidst the chaos.

Defeated and lifeless!

No room for doubt.

As the Devil Fruit user met his end, his supernatural abilities dissolved into nothingness.

The tumultuous ground gradually stabilized, and those who had been displaced and perilously close to their demise were miraculously granted a second chance.

Saitama descended with an air of triumph, cautiously approaching Tashigi and Smoker, who had been separated by the disarray caused by the colossal rock formations. Swallowing a few particles of dust, he shrugged off the minor inconvenience with resilience.

Meanwhile, from a distant elevated vantage point, an astute observer who had patiently lain in wait, took aim with a high-powered rifle, hidden amidst the rocky landscape, searching for the opportune moment to make a move

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