Chapter 60: What are you doing?

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Chapter 60: What are you doing?

Piro piro piro this little girls got some skills! Indigo chuckled in a strange manner, conjuring another set of chemical orbs and hurling them towards Tashigi. But theres no way you can escape unscathed from my orbs! One touch and youll turn to ashes. Embrace your end! Piro piro piro

As the attack closed in, Saitama clenched his fist, prepared to step in.

Yet, in that fleeting moment, he instinctively took a step back, captivated by the unwavering resolve shining in Tashigis eyes.

You got this, Tashigi? he asked casually.

Yeah! After being with you, Mr. Saitama, Ive gotten stronger! She replied confidently.

With her response, the tension grew.

Her sword emanated an icy aura, its edge glistening with an elusive brilliance that seemed to flow ceaselessly. The chilling sharpness of the blade became even more pronounced, hinting at the danger it possessed.

-Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding-

The resounding sound of clashing blade filled the air, as Tashigi masterfully wielded her colossal blade, gracefully parrying and dispersing each and every one of Indigos relentless chemical fireballs.

In the midst of the intense exchange, an opportune moment emerged, like a fleeting chance in the heat of battle. With unwavering determination, she leaned forward, her blade raised high, ready to strike.

But just as victory seemed within her grasp, a colossal gorilla thundered towards her with thunderous footsteps, its immense strength poised to collide with Tashigis resolute stance.

Yet, in that critical juncture, a twist of fate unfolded, revealing an unexpected ally.

From the rooftop above, a fist cloaked in ethereal white smoke burst forth, hurtling towards the scene like a comet on a collision course.

White Snake

The punch landed with titanic force, shattering the gorillas advance and leaving it sprawled unconscious on the ground, its threat neutralized in an instant.

Simultaneously, Tashigis blade, sliced through Indigo, severing his connection to the battle and leaving him vulnerable and defeated.

A Logia-type Devil Fruit! Smoke-Smoke Fruit!

In a flash, two strong opponents were taken down, leaving Golden Lion burning with rage.

And that fist, surrounded by white smoke, was none other than Smoker, the Marine Captain from Loguetown whom Golden Lion had recently captured and locked up with Seastone handcuffs!

How the hell did he escape?! Shiki exclaimed, his voice tinged with surprise and anger.


Tashigi snapped her head towards the voice, her eyes widening as she saw Smoker descending from the rooftop and his body marked with injuries.

Every breath seemed to be a struggle for Smoker, his chest heaving, blood staining his clothes. Even his trusted weapon, the Jitte, trembled in his grasp. The wisps of smoke dissipated, revealing the extent of his battered form.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood onto the ground, Smoker scowled at Golden Lion. Tsk, youve been quite a pain, Golden Lion

Shiki clenched his cigar, his face contorted with frustration. He bit down on it repeatedly, the embers reflecting his growing rage. How did you escape? he seethed. I had you locked up tight with those damn Seastone, and the key was within my grasp

A sly smirk played across Smokers bloodied lips. Someone lent me a hand! I owe them For gaving me the chance to capture you! He revealed, casting a quick glance at Saitama.

Saitama looked puzzled. What? It wasnt me!

Smoker let out a snort, a blend of bitterness and appreciation. Yeah, I know it wasnt you. Well, thanks for absolutely nothing, Sir!

Unexpectedly, an unrelenting series of obstacles emerged, derailing Golden Lions meticulously planned scheme that preparing for twenty years.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Tashigi-san! Saitama-sama!

The Legion Commander spun around, his voice booming like thunder As long as were here, no one shall dare disturb you!

In less than a minute

The tables had turned!

The chosen elite pirates, meant to be the new generation of the Golden Lion Pirates, were utterly defeated.

A trifling hundred Marines

A mere one hundred Marines had swiftly dismantled the empire he had painstakingly erected!

Shikis hand trembled with a mix of fury and disbelief, a blaze of rage kindling in his heart.

Tsk It doesnt matter! Those were nothing more than mere pawns! Worthless pawns! I can replace them with better ones! Shiki murmured, his voice laced with disappointment.

But first I have to deal with those rats! he continued, his voice filled with anger.

I am the Golden Lion Shiki, destined to rule these seas from above

With an ethereal ascent, Shikis body gracefully soared into the sky, exuding an aura of untamed power. Swiftly, his twin swords traced intricate arcs, releasing a tempest of slashing waves aimed at Saitama, Whether its the Marines or not, prepare yourselves to witness the terror itself!

Huh?! Saitamas brows furrowing in confusion.

-Shishi: Senjindani-

The once grand hall crumbled under the relentless assault, reduced to ruins.

Within the chaos, Saitama disappeared, by the onslaught of sword energy and the swirling dust.


From his lofty vantage point, the Golden Lion gazed down with a triumphant grin. You are weak, far too weak!


In a display of sheer will, a colossal hand dispersed the obscuring shroud of smoke, revealing a figure untouched by the chaos.


Saitama stood, seemingly unfazed, his gaze fixed upon the Golden Lion with an empty yet piercing stare.

What are you doing?!

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