Chapter 52: Sky Island

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Chapter 52: Sky Island

What did you say?

The crowd couldnt believe their ears.

How could someone be so brazen after hearing the name Bellamy!?

Hey, four eyes!

Sarquiss approached, playfully embracing the woman, and sarcastically addressed Scholar, Who do you think you are?

Are you itching for a death wish or something?

You dare talk to me like that?

Do you even have any damn idea who I am?

Scholar looked up nonchalantly and replied, I have no idea.

Heh, no wonder youre clueless. Let me enlighten you then!

Sarquiss smirked and casually pointed his thumb, Im Sarquiss, a pirate with a bounty of 38 million berries He nodded towards the scar-faced man behind him, And thats my captain, Bellamy! His bounty is even higher, a 55 million berries! Apologies wont cut it now, you clueless four-eyes The five minutes have already ticked away!!!

Just as Sarquiss finished his sentence, he suddenly flipped his demeanor, pulling out a knife from his waist and lunging towards Scholars head!

The blade gleamed with a chilling light, mere moments away from smashing into Scholars skull.


Oh Looks like its time for an apology, huh? Scholars glasses reflected a flash of icy determination as he nonchalantly revealed a sinister eye. Honestly, I havent bothered wasting my time on pathetic garbage like you!

In an instant, an eerie silence fell over the place, sending shivers down everyones spines.

After three minutes, Scholar fixed his clothes and casually strolled out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, the hotel manager, completely freaked out, sat on the ground in shock, surrounded by a gruesome scene of dead bodies and blood stains.

Not only did those pirates bite the dust, but Bellamys two ladies didnt escape either. They were all wiped out It was a level of brutality and cold-bloodedness the owner had never witnessed before.

Scholar couldnt care less about taking down a measly pirate crew with a total bounty of 93 million berries. As a seasoned CP0 agent, it was childs play for him.

But now, the real challenge was

How to get rid of that guy?

Lost in thought, Scholar walked past a local bar, overhearing the familiar sound of laughter and mockery.

Skypiea, seriously? Hahaha Cant believe there are still folks buying into that crap!

Islands in the sky? Are you high or something?

Your Log Pose points to the sky? Must be busted, man! Hahaha

Youre a fan of The legendary big Liar Noland, arent you? Such a newbie!

Meanwhile, on a nearby island, Scholar calmly withdrew his hand from the pages of the book titled Noland the Liar, revealing a captivating illustration depicting the legendary phenomenon known as The Knock-Up Stream.

Heh Looks like this is where it all ends, Scholar muttered with a confident smile.

With the power of the Illustration Devil Fruit he possessed, the books illustrations could come to life in the real world. Though the effect was temporary, it granting Scholar an advantage in eliminating even the most powerful adversaries.

As Scholar released his grip, the forceful Knock-Up Stream dissipated, leaving the marine ship to plummet from a height of over 10,000 meters.

Once the altitude hit two hundred meters, the line between water and ground faded away.

No matter how powerful the opponent is, a fall from such heights would inevitably lead to a catastrophic fate, reducing them to nothing more than a flattened mass.

So, Scholar just squatted there, waiting to retrieve the dead body and finish the mission.


Damn it! It supposed to be an easy job!

And so, Scholar continued waiting, hoping to see something drop from the sky. Three hours went by, and he started scratching his head, wondering what the hell was going on. Seriously, does it take this long for a ten-thousand-meter fall?

After a few more minutes, the pangs of hunger intensified, overpowering his focus.

Unable to resist any longer, he acknowledged his rumbling stomach and made the sensible decision to prioritize a much-needed meal before reassessing the perplexing situation that lay ahead

Above the clouds, way up at ten thousand meters, Saitamas warship descended into the fluffy sea of mist.

Normally, this ship wouldve crashed back into the ocean, smashed to bits.

But these clouds defied convention, boasting an unexpected solidity.

Soft and squishy, yet holding up a massive warship weighing hundreds of tons!

The naval officers tagging along, they were totally mind-blown after seeing the warship fly off into the sky. Now they are all droopy and clinging to the mast, hearts pounding like crazy.

Meanwhile, Saitama maintained his calm demeanor. He leapt off the ship, his feet finding purchase on the clouds below, testing their texture with a subtle touch.

Oh Its sturdy! he remarked.

hey! Tashigi! He cupped his hands to his mouth, projecting his voice towards the warship.

So, were like, in the sky now Have you ever heard of clouds that can carry people?

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