Chapter 51: Scholar

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Chapter 51: Scholar

Saitamas warship departed from Alabasta, leaving behind an incident that was just beginning to unfold.

As a member of the World Government, the capital city had witnessed the horrifying deaths of one million peoplean unprecedented and shocking event since the governments establishment.

News headlines spread like wildfire, causing a global uproar. People were desperate to uncover the truth, unaware of the actual events that took place.

However, those who were privy to the truth issued a strong warning to the president of the World Economy News Paper, Morgans, effectively putting a stop to any further coverage of the Alabasta incident.

The Five Elders were well aware of the grim reality that unfolded, holding the knowledge of the one million lives lost as a result of CP0s ruthless methods.

While they reluctantly permitted him to take any necessary action, they never fathomed that individual would have the audacity to casually eliminate one million lives as if they were expendable.

But whats even more terrifying

Despite facing an army of one million fighters, Saitama remains unscathed, while CP0 met a gruesome demise!

If he can single-handedly defeat one million opponents, that person is undoubtedly more fearsome than a Yonko or an Admiral!

World Government.

Secret Meeting of the Five Elders.

Whats our next move? Should we abandon the idea of assassinating him and try to recruit him into CP0 instead? the mustached bald elder suggested.

Based on the current intelligence, he doesnt strike me as the type who would easily comply. Besides, he holds some unconventional ideas about justice, and that could potentially clash with the Celestial Dragons the scarred elder responded, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

So, were leaning towards continuing with the assassination plan, the youngest elder chimed in, crossing his arms.

Saitamas abilities are off the charts. Engaging him directly would be a risky endeavor for CP0, another elder added, expressing his concerns.

In that case, we need to deploy highly skilled assassins with unique abilities, Jaygarcia suggested.nove(l)bi(n.)com

What about Scholar? the bald elder proposed.

His abilities are quite remarkable. Let the highest-rankinging officer of CP0 contact him, the long white-haired elder decided, his voice firm. He added with determination, That bald man must be eliminated!

Located on the western coast of Jaya Island, there existed a small town.

It served as a haven for an array of criminals, an unruly territory that the World Government intentionally overlooked.

Pirates, assassins, and bounty hunters all flocked to this place, indulging in a life of unparalleled luxury that ordinary folk could only dream of.

Despite the blood-stained hands of almost everyone on the streets, the criminals in this town rarely targeted the common folk. Their purpose here was not mere robbery, but rather pursuit the pleasures of life.

He let out a deep sigh. I will complete the mission, you damn bastard.

Adjusting his mindset from relaxation to work mode, Scholar straightened his glasses, instantly transforming his entire demeanor.

Stepping into the hotel reception, he reached into his personal luggage and retrieved the latest model of the Den Den Mushi Fax machine, a cutting-edge communication device specifically designed for operatives like him. He eagerly anticipated the incoming transmission from his commanding officer, ready to dive into the mission at hand. However, just as he was about to do so

Get the hell out of here! Hahaha

The tranquility of the hotel was abruptly shattered as a band of dubious figures forcefully barged in.

Taking the lead was a man with a prominent scar tracing across his brow, his intense gaze filled with an air of menace. Standing by his side was his trusted associate, clad in a white-furred coat and donning a purple-tinted visor that concealed his eyes, adding an aura of mystery to his presence.

Each of them held a woman in their arms, their attire daring and provocative, while engaging in inappropriate behavior.

From now on, Captain Bellamy has taken over this place!

A man with a disheveled cascade of golden locks confidently stepped into view, emanating an air of arrogance as he bellowed at the startled vacationers, You have five minutes! Anyone who dares to remain here beyond that time will face severe consequences! Hahaha

His companion giggled flirtatiously, feigning audacity as she snuggled closer to him.

You better get outta here fast! Captain Bellamy and Sir Sarquiss aint someone you wanna mess with!

Those fortunate enough to be vacationing here are not exactly the most reputable crowd.

Their expressions noticeably froze at the mention of Bellamys name.

Bellamy? The infamous bounty of 55 million berries! You definitely dont want to mess with a guy like that.

The room fell into an abrupt hush as the guests, sensing the gravity of the situation, hurriedly packed their belongings and made their way towards the nearest exit.

But amidst the commotion, there was one voice that dared to speak up.

Hey! Could you please keep it down a bit?

Scholars eyes remained fixed on the picture in his hands, his tone filled with frustration. The thing that distinguishes humans from animals is our ability to show some manners and let me tell you, my mood right now is far from pleasant after my vacation got completely ruined!

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