Chapter 46: CP0

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Chapter 46: CP0

A collective gaze of affirmation swept through the room, as if an unspoken consensus had been reached.

Saitama, on the other hand, was a bit perplexed and waved his hands repeatedly, saying, Ah Believe me, Im not your bo

Absolutely! it must be you, boss!

Paulas mind whirred with a flurry of thoughts, adorning the bare facts with intricate details. With an air of detective-like sophistication, she proclaimed :

First of all, Miss All Sunday was our direct link to the boss. She and the Unluckies were the sole members of our organization aware of his true identity. She never appears with company!

Paulas face radiated confidence as she continued, Until now! She paused, Tonight was different. To everyones surprise, she appeared alongside an unfamiliar individual, and witnessed him engage in a fierce battle, Not only did he face off against a regular syndicate member, but also two of our powelful officers.

Paulas expression exuded unwavering confidence as she continued, What truly impressed me was Miss All Sundays unwavering confidence in this individuals abilities. She identified him as the Mr.5s replacement, and knew without a doubt that he possessed the skill and prowess to effortlessly overpower Mr.1 and Mr.2!

Speaking of that

In a sudden, unexpected surge of awareness, Mr. 4 found himself engulfed by a tide of realization. His eyes grew wide, reflecting the profound impact of his newfound understanding.

Without a moments hesitation, he blurted out, unable to contain his astonishment any longer, Saitama-san, based on what I observed at the casino, I must say you dont fit the profile of a newly recruited agent at all. Miss All Sunday treats you differently, with a peculiar blend of fear and respect, something she never displays towards the rest of us!

So? Saitama responded with a blank expression, as he persisted in denying the assertions laid before him. Im not y

Just as the conversation unfolded, Mr. 1, Daz, interjected enthusiastically, And let us not overlook the undeniable truth, he exclaimed, his voice filled with awe. The man possesses an incredible strength!

A twinge of frustration flickered across Saitamas features, his hand instinctively reaching up to scratch his head in a gesture of perplexity. Come on, guys! he muttered. Ive said it countless times, and Ill say it once more Im not y

A mischievous grin stretched across Mr. 2s face, his eyes twinkling with a playful glint. With a resounding thud, he playfully pounded the table, his hand soaring triumphantly into the air. His voice danced with unabashed excitement as he added another layer to the enigma before them.

And to add to the intrigue, he nonchalantly issued orders earlier, declaring its time to disband. Come on, boss, do not manipulate us like this!

Alright, Im the boss.

After countless futile attempts to explain, Saitama finally gave up, with a vacant stare, said, So, will you guys actually listen to my next command?

A resounding agreement echoed among the group of agents, their heads nodding without a trace of doubt. Of course, boss!

The Baroque Works is disbanded.

Saitama rose from his seat, turning on. Well then lets try being good guys from now on. But let me make one thing clear: if I ever catch any of you messing with the innocent, Ill track him down and knock him out! he declared with a menacing tone.

With that, he nonchalantly walked away, paying no mind to the chaos unfolding behind him as the agents erupted into frenzy. He took confident strides out of the Rain Dinners casino and gazed up at the moon in the bustling street.

What a bunch of weirdos He sarcastically stated, It had been ages since I met people who were so insistent on making me their boss.

Gazing up at the vast expanse of the night sky,

Crocodile lay amidst the barren desert, his ravaged flesh contorted and convulsing relentlessly.

The might of that bald-man It exceeds the bounds of my imagination!

Cough, cough

With such power, why is he only a Rear Admiral?

Cough, cough

Expelling a mouthful of blood, he emitted a feeble chuckle, tinged with bitter realization.

How pitiful To be defeated in such a manner, it never crossed my mind

Robins homeland lay in ruins, her loved ones obliterated by the ruthless hand of the World Government.

It was inconceivable that she would have turned traitor to side with these despicable fools!

BANG! BANG! BANG We have a winner! The CP0 member sarcastically taunted, relishing the moment.

Then, with a sinister smile on his face, he continued, Judging by your expression, I suppose Ive struck a nerve The unsettling grin on his face persisted as he posed another puzzling question to Crocodile.

But wait, theres one more burning question thats been bothering me The CP0 member stood tall, towering over Crocodile.

The mighty and fearsome leader of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, defeated so thoroughly! Who could have accomplished such a feat?he paused, savoring the suspense before delivering the final blow, Is it that marine, Saitama, who was once stationed in Loguetown?

Crocodile clenched his teeth and spat out, Why do you inquire about that Do the Celestial Dragons actually care about the strife between the Marines and pirates!?

Oh Croc! Dont let me down now Ive always admired your intellect! Who in the world would bother with such petty affairs?

He nonchalantly shrugged, his mask concealing any trace of emotion. Ive been assigned to retrieve Saitamas head, you see. Its quite fortunate to stumble upon you before the assassination mission, my dear Crocodile

What! Crocodiles mind was blown with astonishment.

Those World Nobles sending their lackeys to assassinate a Marine! he exclaimed, a wry smile forming on his lips.

Tch And yet they accuse us pirates of killing each other! How disgraceful! Theyre even more despicable than us.

Inwardly, he scorned the repugnant and corrupt nature of political power struggles, his face clouded with discontent. If youre so eager to meet your demise, go ahead. Youll find him in town.

Im well aware of his strength

Empowering his cane with Haki, he proceeded to firmly plant it on Crocodiles chest.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be worthy of being called the Justices Treasure, and it wouldnt be worth my personal involvement in his demise

Crocodile was engulfed in a wave of terror as the specter of death closed in on him. He fought against the excruciating pain, desperately attempting to rise and mount a counterattack. However, his injuries proved too severe, leaving him wracked with agony at the slightest movement.

Finally, realizing the futility of his resistance, he succumbed to his fate. With a wry smile, he managed to utter, Hahaha Fool See you soon Cough, cough

With a sinister smile, the masked man slowly pierced Crocodiles heart, his voice oozing with malicious satisfaction.

Oh, by the way, let me share some good news with you.

Under the pale moonlight, a chilling glint flickered in the CP0 members eyes.

I wasnt sent here by those worthless creatures in the Holy Land.

I am carrying out the orders of the Five Elders themselves, tasked with assassinating the so-called Treasure of Justice and eliminating anyone foolish enough to pry into the secrets of the ancient weapons Crocodile!

As the words hung in the air, the hand pierced through Crocodiles heart.

Blood gushed forth, staining the surroundings, while an eerie silence descended upon the scene.

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