Chapter 45: Everyone, Disband

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Chapter 45: Everyone, Disband

Crocodiles eyes widened in disbelief from his prison. Unbelievable, youre telling the truth! Youre not a Devil Fruit user? How is that even possible?

He studied the bald man in front of him with a newfound interest. So, its true. There are powerful men on the sea who rely solely on their own strength and skill, rather than the crutch of Devil Fruits. It takes great willpower to resist such a temptation, especially considering the potential strength you could have gained from consuming one. I must say, Im impressed. Should I call you foolish or commend your fortitude, monster!

Saitama raised his right index finger, his gaze unwavering. Neither human experimentation, Cyborgization,nor Devil Fruits can be trusted. Never underestimate the innate potential of human beings, Mr. Crocodile, he declared with conviction.

Crocodile let out a sly chuckle. Hehe, youre quite confident, arent you? Unfortunately, it wont last long, he taunted.

But before he could finish his sentence, a thunderous crash reverberated through the chamber.

The air filled with the sound of shattering glass as a colossal aquarium near Crocodile exploded into fragments.

From the chaos emerged a towering Bananagator, its massive form thrashing and causing water to cascade in all directions. With its gaze fixed on his boss, the beast surged forward with terrifying speed.

The once-unyielding Seastone cage that had held Crocodile captive proved feeble in the face of the Bananagators raw power.

In a bone-shattering impact, the cage crumbled, granting Crocodile freedom. His lips curled into a menacing grin as he relished the taste of liberation.

Hehehehe he chuckled, his eyes gleaming with a dangerous fervor.

Suddenly, a burst of sand erupted from Crocodiles body, engulfing the area in a dense cloud of dust that obscured the view. Through the haze, his twisted and maniacal face could be seen contorted in glee.

What do you think, Vice Admiral? Behold the power of the strongest natural Devil Fruit in the world, the Sand-Sand Fruit! In this kingdom, I am a god who can never be defeated! he boasted

The sandstorm grew more intense, as if fueled by his arrogance and determination. More sand spewed forth from his body, burying everything in its path.

Crocodile gathered the sand in his hand, molding it into a razor-sharp blade that he hurled towards Saitama with blinding speed.

Die! Desert Spada! he yelled, confident that he had finally found a way to defeat his opponent.

The sand blade from before was merely a diversion. A knife of that caliber would hardly be enough to sever someone like you. However, with the use of my other ability, things will become much more interesting, ha-ha-ha-ha

Saitama showed no reaction to Crocodiles roars. He blinked lazily, stifling a yawn. Ah, you got me, he said in a nonchalant tone.

You impudent foolyour words grate on my nerves! Crocodiles forehead veins pulsed with fury. I will drain every last drop of moisture from your body and leave you a dried-out husk. Behold the might of the Desert Poison!

As the devil fruits power surged through his veins, Crocodile transformed into a pile of dry sand, ready to absorb any moisture he could find.

He lunged towards Saitama, thinking he had the upper hand with his unbeatable ability. He relentlessly sought to drain Saitama of his life-sustaining moisture.

Yet, in a cruel twist of fate, it didnt take long for Crocodile to realize, his eyes widening with mounting terror.

His once invincible ability, honed through countless victories, had utterly failed against Saitamas seemingly impervious body.

Saitama, with his gleaming bald head, stood before him like an enigmatic vortex, an immovable force of nature. There were no weak spots to exploit, no imperfections to seize upon. It was as if he defied the laws of reality itself, shrugging off any external interference.

Damn it, Crocodile gritted his teeth in frustration. How could this be possible?

I am the god of this desert, Crocodile proclaimed, desperately clinging to his shattered confidence, but deep down, he knew it was a hollow threat. He had never felt so powerless in his life.

Saitama looked at him with a bemused expression on his face. God of the desert, huh? Thats a new one.

Although the other high-ranking members remained silent, their puzzled expressions revealed their shared confusion.

Saitama paused, considering his words, before taking a seat at the head of the table, which had originally been reserved for Crocodile.

Gentlemen, he began, its time to disband.

Disbanding? What on earth does that mean? The group of agents stood bewildered, as if they had misheard their orders.

They had been summoned in great haste, with the promise of a major operation, and now they were being dismissed before even getting started!

The sudden turn of events created an air of confusion and chaos.

Whats happening wheres the boss? Mr.1 asked, breaking the uneasy silence.

Wheres Miss All Sunday? Mr.2 answered with a note of concern.

But didnt they say the boss would come to see us later?Miss Merry Christmas questioned with a glimmer of hope in her voice.

It had to be a prank, or perhaps the boss was testing us to gauge our loyalty. murmured Mr.4, his voice barely audible.

As the group engaged in a lengthy discussion, Paulas mind suddenly snapped back to reality.

It was as if a light bulb had illuminated above her head, revealing a newfound understanding.

With a look of epiphany, she turned her gaze towards Saitama.

Wait a moment!

Paula swiftly rose from her seat, her eyes fixed on Saitama. I knew it! You must be our boss, Ms. Saitama!

A moment of confusion passed over the faces of the others, swiftly replaced by comprehension.

Of course! Mr. 2 exclaimed, his surprise evident in his voice. Its all so clear now! You have the strength of a true boss, and you even arrived fashionably late like a boss!

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