Chapter 34: Devil Fruits

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Chapter 34: Devil Fruits

It was said that if Luffy didnt stir up trouble wherever he went, he wouldnt be the man he was.

So when he laid eyes on the execution platform where the Pirate King, Roger, was put to death, Luffy couldnt resist the urge to climb up and shout his bold declaration to the world:

I will become the Pirate King!!!nove(l)bi(n.)com

It had been a long time since anyone had seen such a fearless pirate, ever since Saitama had taken up orders in Loguetown. But now that the Caped Baldy was no longer there to keep order, chaos had returned with a vengeance. The newly appointed sheriff, Smoker, could already feel the weight of the towns troubles on his shoulders, and was clearly not happy.

Within minutes of Luffys outburst, the entire town was in a frenzy. The marine force were mobilized, running through the streets in pursuit of the straw-hatted outlaw. The commotion was so intense that it was as though the town had turned into a zoo.

Luffy reveled in the chaos he had caused, knowing that it was only the beginning of his journey to become the Pirate King. Little did he know that his path would cross with Saitamas, and their fates would become intertwined in a way they could never have imagined.

Of course, Saitama, who was already traversing the Grand Line, had no idea that Loguetown had become such a lively place.

Standing on the deck of his ship, he gazed up at the sudden flurry of snowflakes and couldnt help but feel surprised.

The weather hereis so strange, he mused aloud.

Saitama caught a few snowflakes in his hand and examined them curiously. I know the newspaper said the climate on the Grand Line is erratic, but I never thought Id see snow in the middle of summer, he said, poking at the flakes with his finger.

In the Grand Line, anything is possible.

Beside him, Tashigi grinned and stood by Saitamas side, saying, you cant trust the wind, the sky, the waves, or even the clouds. Everything is treacherous. The only thing you can count on is the Log Pose! Of course, thanks to Dr. Vegapunk, our Navy ships navigation has become much easier.

Well, thats really great, Saitama nodded in agreement, no longer concerned about the weather. So where are we headed now? Are we going straight to Alabasta?

Alabasta is on the navigation list, but its not our first stop, Tashigi replied, taking out a small notebook from her pocket. She pushed her glasses up her nose and flipped through the pages. Based on the information provided by the World Government, the location where the self-proclaimed Alabasta Princess cut off her transmission signal was a small town called Whisky Peak at the entrance of the Grand Line. Thats where were heading first, Saitama-san.

As Tashigi was speaking, she suddenly remembered something and looked at the notebook again. Oh, by the way, Saitama-san!

She saluted Saitama in a panic and said, When I came back, Mr. Garp asked me to bring you a personal gift, but I forgot to take it out of the cabin. Please wait a moment!

Saitama looked somewhat bewildered as Tashigi ran into the cabin and then ran back out with a small box in her arms.

The box looked very exquisite and was tied with a ribbon for decoration.

It didnt look like something that Garp could have wrapped.

This is it!

Tashigis face turned red with embarrassment, she stuck her tongue out and handed the box to Saitama, saying, Open it quickly, Saitama-san. This gift looks very delicate!

The others shared his enthusiasm, but as they gazed through their telescopes and saw the naval insignia emblazoned on the ships banner, their excitement quickly faded.

Whats thisits the Navy?

Perhaps theyre here to capture some criminals.

But we havent committed any crimes, have we?

The conversation quickly shifted to the islands reputation as a haven for bounty hunters, who hunted down pirates and cashed in on the bounties on their heads.

Were just here to make a living, nothing more.

Despite their initial disappointment, the residents remained wary of the approaching warship. They knew that the Marines were not to be underestimated, and that their presence on the island could spell trouble for everyone.

The residents of this small town were not ordinary civilians.

All 100 of them were bounty hunters who targeted pirates who had recently entered the Grand Line, exchanging their capture for bounties from the World Government.

Their efforts had contributed to the decrease in the number of pirates entering the Grand Line in recent years.

They had a somewhat cooperative relationship with the Marines.

The warship docked at the pier.

Saitama and Tashigi disembarked.

Although disappointed that they werent pirates, the mayor of Whisky Peak still came out to greet the arrival of the Marines with different intentions in mind.

WelcoMa-ma-ma Welcome said the mayor, a man with long curly hair, bowing and paying his respects to Saitama. My name is Igaram, I am the mayor of this small town. May I ask why you have come to Whiskey Peak?

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