Chapter 33: Set Sail, Grand Line Ahead!

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Chapter 33: Set Sail, Grand Line Ahead!

Commodore Sai Tashigi began, her voice warm and familiar, No, now I should address you as Rear Admiral Saitama.

With a sense of pride and accomplishment, Tashigi stepped back from Saitama, releasing his arm from her gentle grasp. Adjusting her glasses with a smile, she reached into her jacket, retrieving an official document.

Congratulations on your promotion, Tashigi continued, extending the letter of appointment to Saitama. You are now a Rear Admiral in the Navy Headquarters.

Ah, thank you Saitamas eyes scanned the document in his hand, the weight of the paper seeming to signify the weight of his new position. As he looked up, his gaze fell upon Smoker, a man whose chest seemed to puff out with pride.

And who might you be? Saitama inquired, his tone curious yet respectful.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, Mr. Saitama. I am Smoker, and we crossed paths ten years ago, said Smoker with pride.

Saitamas memory was jogged by the familiar name, and he nodded in recognition. Smoker, though grateful for Saitamas help in the past, couldnt help but feel embarrassed for forgetting his saviors name.

As you have been promoted to Rear Admiral, the task of guarding the seas now falls on the shoulders of officers of lower ranks. Therefore, it is time for you to report back to headquarters he continued.

Tashigi, sensing Saitamas confusion, took the opportunity to jump in. But, Mr. Saitama, Youre not going back, theres a more pressing matter at hand, she said in a hushed tone. The Navy has begun the operation to eradicate the Shichibukai, and Garp has entrusted you with the task of investigating Crocodile, who is one of them.

Crocodile? Saitama scratched his chin, deep in thought. The name rings a bell, but I cant quite place it. Who is he?

Crocodile, the Sand-Sand Fruit user, is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, announced Tashigi.

Smokers voice carried over the crashing waves as he looked out at the endless expanse of the ocean. He has a good reputation, he said, his gaze never leaving the horizon. They call him the protector of the kingdom, a hero who has repelled many pirate invasions.

Saitama and Tashigi stood beside him, both listening intently to his words.

But recently, Smoker continued, his expression darkening, The World Government received a distress call from someone claiming to be the Alabasta princess. She said that the country was being stolen by the Sand Crocodile

As Smoker spoke, his eyes flickered towards Tashigi. Could it be that the headquarters are finally going to take action against the Shichibukai? he asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Tashigis eyes widened in surprise and she quickly covered her mouth. How did you find out? she asked, trying to keep her voice hushed.

Dont worry, I know its classified information. I wont let it slip, Smoker assured her, before letting out a small chuckle. But between the recent Marine deployments, the frequent meetings at headquarters, and the name you just mentioned, its not exactly hard to connect the dots, is it?

Oh I see, Tashigi replied before turning to face Saitama. The World Government refuses to act without concrete evidence. However, Vice Admiral Garp has requested your assistance in investigating the matter. Of course, it is not an order but rather a humble request. Would you be willing to help, Rear Admiral Saitama?

Saitama, deep in thought, crossed his arms before finally nodding. I have no problem going, but Tashigi, you must come with me.

Of course, General Saitama, Tashigi responded eagerly, relieved to have the opportunity to work again alongside the legendary hero. You have always said that its just for fun and you wont accept orders. So, Vice Admiral Garp is worried that you might find it bothersome.

Suddenly, there was a loud plunk- as the barrel Tashigi was standing on fell into the sea, carrying her wishes away with it.

As the crew continued their journey, crossing the treacherous Reverse Mountain with a thrill that was like riding a rollercoaster on water, Tashigi couldnt help but feel a sense of awe at the world around her. So many strange and wonderful things coexisted in this world, and she was determined to discover them all.

Perhaps, Tashigi mused, this great voyage would be the key to rediscovering the feeling of fighting to her hearts content, a feeling that had long been forgotten. With Saitama by her side, she was ready to face whatever the world had in store for her, with a fierce determination and an unshakable belief in the power of justice.

As Saitamas battleship cruised down the Grand Line, another pirate ship quietly docked at the port of Loguetown.

Luffy, the goofy captain with a straw hat, stood at the bow excitedly scanning the horizon.

Be careful, Luffy! cautioned Zoro, wrapping his swords in cloth. That bald monster we talked about earlier is the towns guardian, and were no match for him yet. If we get caught, well be in deep trouble!

What?! Is it really him? Luffy turned around, shocked. Dont worry, Zoro! Ill make sure I dont get caught by that baldy.


Before Luffy could finish his sentence, a pair of seemingly delicate fists had already landed on his and Zoros faces, leaving them with swollen noses.

Who do you think youre calling a baldy monster?! Nami scolded them, holding a fistful of cash in one hand. Saitama is a true hero! If I hear you badmouth him again, I wont lend you any money to buy stuff in town, got it?!

Intimidated by Namis financial power, Luffy and Zoro nodded obediently.

Got it

Got it

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