Chapter 17: He is the ‘Bald Devil’!

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Chapter 17: He is the ‘Bald Devil’!

Saitama eyed Buggy with a bored expression. You talk too much, he said bluntly. All this bluster, but youre really just a weakling.

Buggys face twisted in fury. What? How dare you! Ill have you know that Im the greatest pirate in the New World. You have no idea of the terror and power that we pirates wield!

Saitama raised an eyebrow. Is that so? Well, forgive me for not being impressed by a man who wears a clown nose and cape.

Buggys anger turned to indignation. This isnt a clown nose, its a symbol of my strength! And this capewell, its just cool, okay?

Saitama blinked, unimpressed by Buggys theatrics. Okay, he said simply.Follow current novels on novelb((in).(com)

Buggy scowled, frustrated by Saitamas nonchalant attitude.

Suddenly, his hands detached from his arms and flew towards Saitama, brandishing knives.

Stop ignoring me, you silly face! he yelled. Your face just makes me so angry! Im going to cut you open from the stomach out!

As Buggys crew caught sight of their captains Bara Bara ability, they erupted into raucous cheers of excitement. Ahh! There he is! Captain Buggy and his amazing Bara Bara power!

Bara Bara?! Saitama exclaimed, surprised.

Despite the rumors of Devil Fruits being ubiquitous on the Grand Line, he had not encountered anyone with such abilities during his travels in the East Blue for quite some time. I never thought Id come across someone with that kind of power in this town. Its truly a rarity.

Hahaha Fear not, baldy! Your time has come to an end! Buggy taunted, cackling wildly when he saw Saitama standing there.

Thanks to my Bara Bara no Mi fruit, I have the ability to split my body into pieces. No attack can harm me! Even the great Dracule Mihawk couldnt defeat me! And dealing with a novice like you is even more enjoyable for me! Iiiiii-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

Ugh This clown is even more annoying than Garp! Saitama muttered under his breath before shouting at Buggy. Hey, you! What are you blabbering about?

As the knife was about to pierce Saitamas abdomen, he stared blankly ahead and swiftly slapped the two severed hands onto the ground. How can some Devil Fruit power outweigh the strength Ive gained through my own training? he muttered to himself.

As Buggys arms returned to his body, he blew on them to alleviate the pain. Ouch Ouch Ouch That hurts! he exclaimed indignantly before turning his attention to Saitama. You were lucky to stop my attack earlier, but it wont work again! Good luck trying to stop this one Bara Bara Ho Kirihanashi!

With those words, Buggy readied himself for his next attack, grasping four knives in his hands.

Suddenly, while staring at Saitama, Buggys Chief of Staff, Cabaji, felt a sense of suspicion wash over him. His memory was jolted and he quickly shouted out, I know this guy!!!

Cabaji hurriedly stopped Buggy in his tracks and exclaimed with horror, Wait a minute, Captain Buggy! I remember reading about this man in the newspaper! If Im not mistaken, hes the Commodore stationed in Loguetown Hes Sai Sai Saitama, the Bald Devil!!!!

Before Buggy could finish his sentence, a sudden and powerful fist slammed into his head, driving him deep into the ground with a sickening crunch. His once-smiling face was now grotesquely deformed.

Youre pretty weak, Red Nose, Saitama remarked as he crouched down in front of Buggys battered head. I mean, why would you split up a weak body into even weaker pieces? Thats just asking for trouble, dude.

Buggys head floated out of the hole in the ground, ignoring the blood streaming down his face.

Youyou bastard! he seethed. How dare you mock the nose that Im so proud of! Youll regret this Ill make sure your death is nothing short of beautiful!

Just as Buggy was about to finish his threat, a hand appeared behind Saitama, holding a glinting knife.

A flicker of unease passed over Saitama, but in the next instant, he had grabbed Buggys hand and crushed the knife with ease. It was clear that Buggys desperate move had failed to make any impact on the powerful hero.

Well, its done, Saitama said as he scooped up the swashbucklers head with his other hand and rose to his feet. Ill leave it to Bulin to take you to Impel Down. Youve got some time to reflect on your actions.

ImpImpImpel Down?! Buggys expression turned from panic to rage as he was grabbed by the head.

Stop mocking me, you damned marine! Release me! Im the greatest pirate in the East Blue! How dare you humiliate me like this! Ill kill you, and then Ill raze this entire town to the ground! But before he could finish his threats, a scream pierced the air.

Saitama turned to see Buggy stabbing an old man in the abdomen with a knife in his other hand.

Iiiii-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Buggy cackled uncontrollably.

Bald Devil! Youre a marine, arent you? he sneered.

Now, what are you going to do? If you so much as twitch, Ill finish this old man off! His death will be on your hands! Youre a Commodore, right? Lets see you try something Come on, fake hero!





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