Chapter 16: I heard your cry for help.

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Chapter 16: I heard your cry for help.

As the sun set on the town square, a commotion broke out in the distance.

Faint echoes of barking dogs and roaring lions could be heard, signaling trouble brewing.

Buggy, the infamous pirate captain, scowled in the direction of the noise. What in the world is happening over there?! he growled, his frustration mounting.

Turning to his lackey Mohji, he barked out a command. Stop dilly-dallying and find that treasure, you fool! And bring it to me, pronto!

Soon enough, a figure appeared on the horizon a man with fur and a lion by his side, dragging a prisoner behind him.

Im sorry, Captain Buggy, Mohji said sheepishly as he dismounted from his lion. There was a bit of trouble, but I managed to capture them all.

Buggy scowled as he saw the old man tied up and bleeding, dragged mercilessly behind the lion.

You imbecile, he spat. You took so long to capture just one old man? I expected better from you, Mohji.

Mohjis chest swelled with pride as he retorted, Actually, Captain, there was one more a fierce dog that put up quite a fight!

Buggys expression soured even further. A dog? You wasted your time battling a dog?! he bellowed. This is unacceptable! How can one of my top officers be defeated by an old man and a dog?

Its hard to explain, Captain, Mohji muttered, rubbing his chin in confusion. That darn dog just wouldnt listen to me and ended up biting me. But dont worry, Richi will make quick work of him and the old man.

Buggy sighed, his disappointment evident. Well, I suppose I can let this one slide. But mark my words, Mohji I wont tolerate any more slip-ups from you.

He slumped back down in his chair, looking out at the bleak town before them.

All the treasure has been collected, it seems. Time to head to the Big Top and make our next move. And then, he trailed off with a wicked grin, well blow this sorry excuse for a town to smithereens! Iiiiha-ha-ha-ha!

As Buggys laughter echoed through the desolate town, the old man behind Mohjis lion stirred, groaning softly. But when he heard the words blow up the town, his eyes snapped open, and he gasped in horror.Follow current novels on novelb((in).(com)

W-wait a minute! he croaked, struggling against the ropes that bound him. You cant do this! Think of all the innocent people who live here!

Buggys expression turned sour as he turned to face the old man. And who are you to tell me what to do, old man? he spat.

The old man clasped his hands in despair and pleaded with Buggy, You cant do this! There are innocent people in this town, many of them children! Please, have mercy!

Han, youre still alive?! Buggy exclaimed, surprised to see the old man still standing.

Gazing upon the man who had singlehandedly saved the town, the old man struggled to speak: You You are

Ah, I am a hero! With the last remnants of smoke dispersing, a bald head materialized before them. I heard your plea for help, and I have arrived. Old man!

In an instant, it dawned on the old man: The light! You are the beacon of justice that can illuminate even the darkest of ages in this world of pirates!

I am sorry for my tardiness, Saitama responded, waving away the remnants of the black smoke with a single, effortless gesture.

But please stay safe, for I shall bring forth the power of justice! he declared, his expression serious. For as long as there are heroes in this world, justice shall never be absent!

Emerging from the epicenter of the explosion, Buggy was taken aback as he watched Saitama walk out unscathed.

He had never seen anyone survive the destructive power of his special Buggy Balls bomb before.

In disbelief, Buggy muttered under his breath: My Buggy Balls bomb is so powerful that no one can possibly survive its blast radius. How is this man still alive? He wasnt even touched! As he gazed upon Saitamas naked body, a mouthful of red wine almost spewed out of his mouth.

Who who are you?! he stammered, completely befuddled by Saitamas incomprehensible resilience.

I am a hero, a hero for fun! Saitama declared proudly.

However, as he spoke, he glanced down and realized that his clothes had been reduced to ashes by the explosion. Oh no thats terrible, he muttered, scratching his head sheepishly.

The Buggy Balls bomb only blew up your clothes! You seem to be provoking our great captain, Buggy! One of Buggys henchmen taunted, eager to egg on their leader.

Undeterred, Buggy rose from his armchair and levitated into the air, a dagger clutched tightly in his hand. He cackled maniacally before issuing a dire warning: Hey, hero! There are few fools like you in this world but they never live long on the sea. In that case, Im coming for you!





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