Chapter 6: Freedom

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Chapter 6: Freedom

The news that Saitama would soon become a Marine quickly spread throughout the small thiefs den, eliciting varied reactions from everyone.

Dadan, who knew it was Garp himself who had invited the bald-headed man, waited until Saitama went out for a walk before quietly seeking out Garp in private.

Hey, Garp!

Dadan whispered, pulling Garp away from the three little kids he was teaching. About that guy Saitama He may seem strong, but lets not forget that weve only known him for a few days. What if hes actually a spy sent by pirates to infiltrate the Marines?

Garp was taken aback. What? How could a bandit like you be concerned about such matters for the Marines?

Dadan persisted, But hes been staying with me for a few days

Dadan held the cigarette with a worried expression and said, If it turns out that hes got some kind of problem, it might implicate me too.

Garp chuckled and reassured her, Dont worry, Dadan. Stopping Ace and Sabo from getting a free meal might have been a ploy to get close to me, but repairing a damaged door by himself is not something a bad guy would do, especially not someone as strong as him.

Dadan wanted to say something, but Garp interrupted her immediately.

The people of justice, no matter where they are, are as dazzling as the sun, and this old man will not take his eyes away from him!

Saying that, Garp stretched his finger to the distance: Look, that guy has come back!

As Garp pointed his finger, Dadan subconsciously followed his gaze. In the suns bright light, a shining head caught her attention. She gasped in surprise, exclaiming, Ah! Mr. Garp, that guy is as radiant as the sun!

Garp let out a proud laugh, saying, Ha ha haThis old man is always right.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Saitama approached Garp and greeted him, Hello, Garp Sensei.

Garp nodded approvingly, Welcome back, good soldier.

As Saitama approached closer, Garp couldnt help but think of his son, Dragon. The smile on his face gradually disappeared, and he let out a sad sigh.

Damn it That stubborn boy should have followed in my footsteps and become a Marine. And then theres Luffy, led astray on the path of piracy by that rascal Shanks. I must find a way to set him back on the right path.

With determination in his eyes, Garp resolved to do whatever it takes to bring his grandson back to the side of justice.

Saitama held up a hand to calm Ace down. I dont mean to offend you, he said. But claiming to be a pirate is like calling yourself a monster. Its not something to be proud of.

The bald man recalled his encounters with heroes and continued, I know you both have done some good things, but youve also caused obstacles for the heroes. And lets not forget that time we met, you ran away without paying for your meal. You may enjoy your freedom, but should those who were hurt by you just accept their losses? Is that fair?

Ace was taken aback by Saitamas words, but he couldnt deny their truth. I suppose you have a point, he admitted.

Saitama looked at the two boys seriously and spoke slowly. No matter what youre pursuing, its not a reason to hurt others. Its important to think about the consequences of your actions and consider how they affect those around you.

Upon hearing these words, Garps eyes lit up with excitement, and he exclaimed, Well said, soldier!

Ace, on the other hand, covered his ears and refused to listen. Beside him, Luffy made a puzzled expression, indicating that he didnt quite understand.

Meanwhile, Sabo, who was standing with them, gradually opened his eyes, as if struck by a sudden flash of inspiration. I think Ive got it! he exclaimed. Thats exactly it!

Sabos youthful spirit was like a river cascading into the sea. This is the freedom Ive been striving for, he realized. I detest this heartless country, but the innocent people living in the kingdom should not suffer for its sins. What I aim to eradicate is the ignorance and greed ingrained in the nobilitys bones. They rule the world with indifference and lack of empathy Ace and I cant change anything, no matter how much we try. The kind of freedom I yearn for is the one that grants everyone the ability to control their own destiny!

Mr. Saitama!

Sabo suddenly stood up, his face bearing a grave expression. Thank you for the lesson! However, my strength is not enough to pursue the freedom I desire Its just not enough! Please accept me as your disciple and teach me how to become as powerful as you, Sensei!

But Sabo

Sabos unexpected request surprised Ace, who felt betrayed and voiced his anger, Dont you still want to go to sea? Weve all agreed on that

I will still go to the sea! Sabos eyes shone with unwavering determination. But not as a pirate. My aim is to change the world, to make it possible for all individuals to pursue their freedom!

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