Chapter 5: Being a Marine!

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Chapter 5: Being a Marine!

Of course!

Ace snorted without turning his head. Maybe hes a hundred times more powerful than you, stinky old man!

Surprisingly, Garp didnt refute.

If I want to kill a hundred people with only one punch, I can do it too he said thoughtfully, rubbing his chin. Its so easy, like squashing a mosquito But judging from your description, the pirates death isnt like the result of the Haoshoku Haki. Is he a Devil Fruit user, or Huh, whatever he is!

After finishing the last piece of Senbei, Garp suddenly stood up and looked towards the bandits house.

Hes on the second floor, right? Ill go and see what that fellow is capable of. Heroic activities, justice I suddenly like this kid.

He said before swaying into the house and bursting into a breathtaking spirit, transforming from a bad old man to a Marine hero in an instant.

Ace and Sabo gazed in amazement at Garps back, speechless for a moment.

After a while, Sabo broke the silence. Ace, your grandfather is amazing! Do you think he could defeat that bald man?

Before Ace could respond, little Luffy, standing next to him, piped up. Grandpa will definitely win!

Ace chuckled, What do you know, kid?

Ace glanced at Luffy and frowned disapprovingly. That bald sea monster is not to be underestimated. The old man is definitely not a match for that beast.

Before he could finish his sentence, a deafening roar erupted from the house as Garp bellowed, The bald boy inside! Come out to the old man!

The ground shook violently, causing the three kids to struggle to keep their balance. The roar echoed through the air, causing the forest to erupt in chaos as countless beasts and venomous snakes scattered in fear.

Meanwhile, Saitama, who was reading a newspaper in his room, heard the commotion and winced at the harsh sound. He held his ears and opened the door to find an old man brimming with energy and courage. The two men locked eyes for a few seconds before Saitama greeted Garp warmly.

Hey there, sir! You seem full of spirit, Saitama remarked, hesitatingly. But, Im afraid Im already subscribed to a newspaper

Garp was taken aback and quickly responded, waving his hand. Oh no, no, Im not selling newspapers!

Saitama pondered for a moment and then spoke again. Hmm Im not interested in insurance either.

Im not trying to sell you anything! Garp exclaimed, waving his hand in frustration.

But its been said that my grandson has been taken care of by you, stinky boy! Ive come here to fight for him. How about you and I go outside and settle this? I want to see if youre truly worthy of being called a monster by that idiot Ace!

Garp tried to maintain his composure and focused on talking to Saitama, despite his irresponsible behavior of staring at his own mucus.

I want to discuss the possibility of you joining the Marines, Garp said firmly.

Marines? Saitama was surprised and turned his head to the side.

He pondered for a moment and then said, I have considered it before, but being a Marine means obeying the orders of your superiors. As a hero, Im driven by my own interests and I cant accept being subordinate to anyone.

Thats not a problem,

Garp placed his hands on his chest and spoke earnestly, You can stay with me without worrying about orders or hierarchies. Youll have the freedom to make your own decisions and act according to your own judgment. Moreover, Ill provide you with a generous salary and bonuses every month.

Saitamas attention had been drifting, but when he heard about the salary and bonuses, his eyes sparked with excitement. Thats awesome! he exclaimed, and the deal was sealed.

Without hesitation, Saitama strode forward and sat down opposite Garp. He gripped Garps hand firmly and said, Im thrilled to join the Marines. Please guide me in the future, Old Sensei!


Garp was taken aback by Saitamas response.

He had expected it to be a difficult task to persuade someone with such immense power. In this era, numerous powerful individuals acted recklessly, causing chaos and exploiting the vulnerable. Only a select few heroes fought in the shadows to protect civilians.

To his surprise, Saitama readily agreed to join the Marines, much to Garps amusement.

Hey Old Sensei, OLD SENSEI, its not polite to shout Saitama protested.

Garp chuckled and looked at Saitamas bald head. Just call me Garp, he said.

In three days, a warship will arrive at Foosha Village to pick me up. You will come with me, and we will use our sense of justice to strike fear into the hearts of the worlds villains. Hahaha!

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