Chapter 1704 Angel of Chastity Jophiel III

Name:Omega Summoner Author:XiaoKongxu
Chapter 1704 Angel of Chastity Jophiel III

The angel's last cry was heard as it suddenly became silent for the light that glowed suddenly became dim. The armor that was once golden started to turn black with etches of silver. The wings that were proud to be white has finally turn pure black and the sword that burned with golden fire turn pale blue.

[You have succeeded in raising a Dark Angel.]

[This undead will now be added to the Necronomicon due to your great achievement.]

[You may now summon this undead once more or many more as long as you have the proper materials.]

[You have added a new type of undead in the Necronomicon which raised your access level.]

[The Lesser Necronomicon has lifted one of its seals and is now usable as the Necronomicon.]

[You can now summon low tier undead with only 10% of the required mana to create them.]n()OvelbIn

[All undead that are summoned will have their stats increased by 30%.]

[All spells in the Necronomicon will now consume 10% lesser mana.]

[You have gained one level for your achievement.]

Creepysoo did not think that he would be able to create a Dark Angel just like his father the Undead King, but he was able to succeed. Granted that he used 80% of his total mana to do so but he was successful in the end and that is what matters. He may have used a lot more mana that is akin to summoning a Bone Dragon, but the achievement brought him something that cannot be bought.

One of the chains that is surrounding the Necronomicon shattered as to signify that a seal has been lifted. The Necronomicon also changed in color as the sigils around it now lit up in a deep red light. Creepysoo also gained one level which is quite difficult now that they have reached level 300 and above.

The Dark Angel that Creepysoo created is an undead utilizing the body of an angel that has been transformed by undead miasma. It is at the level of a death knight since the body that was used was not even an angel with two pairs of wings. Still, Creepysoo always wanted the authority to summon one as he saw how the one the Undead King created fought against enemies.

[You have successfully raised a Dark Angel from the dead.]

[The Dark Angel is under your command and can use three different skills.]


Skill Name: Dark Flames of Purgatory

Skill Tier: Epic

Skill Type: Enchantment


- Make the weapon of the Dark Angel ablaze with the Flames of Purgatory.

- All the weapon's damage will deal an additional 10% magical damage.

- All attacks of the Dark Angel will deal splash damage that is 80% of its basic attack damage (all enchantments are also applied to the splash damage) in a two-meter radius around the target.

Duration: 15 minutes

Mana Cost: None

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Cast Time: Instant


Skill Name: Undead Saving Grace

Skill Tier: Legendary

Skill Type: Area Protection


- Create a protected area using the Dark Angel's own undead miasma that protects all those inside against any attacks for a small duration.

- All projectiles will be destroyed if there is a collision with anyone inside the protected area.

- All those in the protected area can still attack but their damage is reduced by 10%.

Duration: 5 seconds

Mana Cost: None

Cooldown: 1 hour

Cast Time: Instant


Skill Name: Dark Angel Wrath

Skill Tier: Legendary

Skill Type: Transformation / Buff


- Transform into a being of undead destruction that increases the stats of the Dark Angel by 20%.

- All attacks in this form will become long ranged and all splash damage will have increased effect by 100%.

- The Dark Angel will lose 0.01 of their health every second when in this transformation.

- The Dark Angel cannot revert back to their original form once it is used and will burn their life force to join the God of Deaths back in the afterlife.

- All attacks of the Dark Angel will have 50% life steal.

Duration: Dependent on the remaining life of the Dark Angel

Mana Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Cast Time: Instant


"I have done it! Dark Angel, I order you to protect me!" Creepysoo stated as he realized that multiple light elemental spells were now heading towards him as the angels are now extremely angry at him.

"Understood, my dear prince. Undead Saving Grace!" The Dark Angel stated as he used the second skill available to it.

The Dark Angel's wings suddenly became massive and created a powerful barrier that surrounded Creepysoo. All the attacks that were supposed to hit him vanished upon touching this barrier that was created using the black wings of the Dark Angel. All the angels screamed in frustration as they were not able to kill Creepysoo or the Dark Angel.

The angels might be incredibly angry but there was a group of humans that stared at the Dark Angel and could not believe their eyes. An angel was corrupted to become an undead which was supposed to be impossible as the humans were told that angels were made of light which will return to the Goddess of Light Luminaria should they fall in battle. The humans that were taught that the angels were the absolute beings that cannot be tainted are now in shock.

"An angel has become an undead!" Many of the members of the human army shouted as they could not believe that an angel with black wings have arrived and aided the other side.

The clergymen of the Church of Light that were promised the life of an angel could not believe their eyes. They were promised that they would be transformed into angels upon their death. If they were to be captured by undead even when they become angels, then they shall also become Dark Angels.

The shock of seeing a Dark Angel made the human army's morale collapse as the ones they believed in actually lied to them. The angels could not look at the leaders of the human army as they were also led to believe that angels cannot become undead. The Angel of Chastity Jophiel glared heavily at Creepysoo because their servants no longer view them as absolute.

One of the secret abilities of the Angel of Chastity Jophiel is the power to get energy from admiration. They made sure to look like godlike beings in order to get the admiration of the humans that they deem below them because it makes them powerful. The Angel of Chastity Jophiel could slowly feel their energy being drained as the humans are losing admiration or faith in them.

Adrian smiled and could see that the Angel of Chastity Jophiel is slowly getting weaker. He already asked about the angels from the Daemos Elders but even they could not tell him the exact criteria of their abilities. Adrian luckily encountered one of the seven virtues which Bronx had seen before in a fight.

Bronx told Adrian that the Angel of Chastity Jophiel was not that powerful on the first encounter, but they suddenly became more powerful the second time. Bronx was still a Daemos Corps member back then as it was his superior that fought the Angel of Chastity Jophiel. The sudden weakening of the Angel of Chastity Jophiel now proved Bronx' theory as the former brought followers on the second fight.

"Guys! Help!" Creepysoo shouted as the protective area was about to vanish.

"On it." Adrian stated calmly as he created a portal below Creepysoo where him and his undead flew.

The area where Creepysoo was before was rained with light elemental spells and attacks. The angels thought that they succeeded but Creepysoo and his undead appeared beside Adrian. The Dark Angel still following the Prince of the Undead as if it was a loyal protector.

"Demon! This is your doing! Only a demon could think of something so heinous!" The Angel of Chastity Jophiel shouted in fury.

Adrian smiled like an innocent child which can make anyone's heart flutter but there was an incredible deviousness behind that smile. Adrian then whispered something to Creepysoo before pushing the latter inside another portal. Creepysoo and the Dark Angel were transported directly in the middle of the human army alliance.

The humans that did not have a clear view of what was happening before thought that an angel appeared before them, but they suddenly sensed something wrong. The angel before them was completely inverted to the ones that were leading them earlier.

"Dark Angel! Kill all of those that are in my way and do not show them mercy!" Creepysoo commaded.

"As the great Prince of the Undead wishes! Dark Angel Wrath! Dark Flames of Purgatory!" The Dark Angel shouted with pride.

The Dark Angel suddenly burned in dark flames as its sword is covered in it. The unsuspecting humans were then bathe in the Dark Flames of Purgatory as one of the angels started massacring them instead of helping them. Panic has started in the human army alliance, and it was created by one demon with the help of the Prince of the Undead.