Chapter 1703 Angel of Chastity Jophiel II

Name:Omega Summoner Author:XiaoKongxu
Chapter 1703 Angel of Chastity Jophiel II

The angels under the Angel of Chastity Jophiel have started to go into war themselves. All of them conjured up their golden armors that actually looked the same as if to say that they are a homogenous race. The only difference that the angels in armor are the wings on their back.

"Kill them all. I shall deal with the demon." The Angel of Chastity Jophiel stated which shocked the other angels.

The Angel of Chastity Jophiel rarely participates in fights as they view it as barbaric and ugly. The angels knew that the Angel of Chastity Jophiel must see the demon as a great threat for him to warrant the special attention of their leader. They all bowed to the Angel of Chastity Jophiel as they knew that their leader will not lose.

"We shall await the news of your victory and offer the heads of those that dare to defy you." The angels stated as they now led the battle against the devil side army.

"Defend against them!" The players shouted as they are now fighting against the most powerful angels present in the battlefield.

The angels that are the main guards of the Angel of Chastity Jophiel are not the same as the angels that they have fought earlier. All of the angels under the Angel of Chastity Jophiel are powerful warriors in their own right and that they are actually beings that spar with their masters. The angels that are under the direct command of the Seven Virtues are warrior angels that they have trained personally.

Since these angels are under the Seven Virtues, some of them also opted for the weapon that their master uses. Most of these angels used chakrams as weapons but they can only handle one compared to their master. Still, they were incredible warriors that turned the battle to the side of the angel and human army alliance.

The angels under the Angel of Chastity Jophiel aimed at the guild master's that were issuing commands. Some were killed while others managed to survive but are locked in battle with them. Due to the guild masters being locked in a heated battle, the chain of commands in the devil side army started to dwindle.

The angels under the Angel of Chastity Jophiel also aimed at the key people on the devil side army. One could see that there are ones facing Levin Cloud and Solstice. There are several people that the angels find utterly troublesome on the devil side army.

Two of them are Levin Cloud and Solstice due to their aptitudes. They find Levin Cloud troublesome because he can revive the dead as long as he is given enough time. The angels viewed him as a menace since some of the angels have died due to him reviving his allies.

The other one that they find troublesome is Solstice due to her being a vampire. They also find Lycan troublesome, but he does not utilize darkness elemental magic like Solstice. She was on par with an angel with four wings by just physicality alone and she was still under the effects of the sun.

The angels could sense that Solstice was a Child of Night or a vampire which means that she would become more powerful during the night. Since the sun is already setting, a vampire would easily defeat angels in darkness. She also uses darkness elemental magic on her blood weapons which are fatal to angels.

Adrian could see that the Angel of Chastity Jophiel was observing for now, but he could feel the killing intent directed at him. Adrian actually smiled because the Angel of Chastity Jophiel was still haughty despite their army losing at first and the Castle of Beauty crashing down. He knew that angels that powerful are indeed incredibly full of themselves that they would wait for their opponent to grow in power.

"I guess that angel is still looking at Creepysoo because of the way she got insulted." Adrian stated as the killing intent directed at him was also directed at Creepysoo.

"I know what would really push that angel's buttons." Adrian stated as he smiled widely and gave Creepysoo a message.

"Asmodian Prowess!" Adrian stated as a throne suddenly manifested behind him which caught the attention of all the people.

A sudden powerful surge of unknown mana spread out as it also reverberated a powerful oppressive force. Adrian sat on the throne with an expression that was stoic and bored with the world as if he is looking down on it. As soon as Adrian sat down, all of the energies present in his body suddenly started to affect the surroundings.

The heavy suppressive energy that Adrian released was able to make the humans that tried to attack him kneel down. The angels that were not that strong were all sent crashing to the ground, but they still had their ability to walk with restrictions. All the angels that tried to attack Adrian while he was seated could not fly near him as they would go crashing to the ground.

"Such a haughty insect!" The Angel of Chastity Jophiel stated as she aimed at Adrian with her weapons.

"AGHRGH!" The shout echoed in the distance as one of the angels that just recently died was being subjected to a spell.

All the angels noticed this shout as it was filled with light elemental mana. Even the Angel of Chastity Jophiel stopped what she was doing and looked at the direction of the cry. All the angels are looking in horror at what was happening to their own kind.n(-O--v.)E/(l(/b//I((n

"Rise and serve me as an undead! Forced Undead Rise!" Creepysoo stated as he gripped the skull of the angel that just died and tried recreating what the King of the Undead did.

"Stop his blasphemy!" The Angel of Chastity Jophiel suddenly shouted as they instinctively feel what was about to happen.

All the angels were attacking the undead because they are impure in the eyes of their goddess. What they did not thought would happen is that they would lose. The angels knew that the undead was weak to light, but they were incredibly wrong when they clashed against one another.

A powerful winged general even fell in battle as his body was captured but he was not revived in the Silver City. It was only a few weeks when the angels found out what happened to their winged general. The famous and powerful winged general was suddenly revived as an undead angel.

The angels saw this as an act of defilement to the eyes of the Goddess of Light Luminaria. They launched even fiercer attacks against the undead, but they were actually defeated by the undead angel that they swore to get revenge. In the end, more angels died in the clash, but they made sure to not let the undead recover a body.

The angels that were attacking Levin Cloud and Solstice immediately shifted their complete attention to Creepysoo. They wanted to fly away but Adrian already gave them the idea that he has come up with. The angels wanted to stop Creepysoo because it would reveal something that the angels were keeping from their human followers.

The angels always presented themselves as the messengers of the Goddess of Light Luminaria. They also told the humans that they are not like them as death does not come for them since they are eternal. This made humans view the angels as gods as well that are just under the Goddess of Light Luminaria.

"What do beings with a god complex hate the most?" Adrian muttered as he saw the Angel of Chastity Jophiel frantically flying towards Creepysoo as if he was the devil gods themselves.

"Stop that undead!" The Angel of Chastity Jophiel shouted.

"They hate that they are not really gods and that they would do everything in their power to keep that illusion. Time Stop!" Adrian stated as he snapped his hands.

All of time suddenly froze as Adrian stood up from his throne. He then flew towards the Angel of Chastity Jophiel and created tons of spatial fractures. These spatial fractures are not that harmless as they focus more on repulsing those that come near them. Adrian wanted to see the Angel of Chastity Jophiel bounce back into the sky.

Adrian still had time left and did so for the other angels that wanted to stop Creepysoo. Adrian smiled as time started to flow once more. As soon as everything was moving once again, the Angel of Chastity Jophiel suddenly saw Adrian beside them with a smile on his face. The Angel of Chastity Jophiel looked at the throne that was dematerializing in shock.


Multiple explosions happened and all the angels that collided with the fractures were sent flying back. The angel that Creepysoo was holding started to change in color as she was started to be covered in darkness. Creepysoo, on the other hand, could be seen struggling but he was smiling because he was finally succeeding.