The birthday banquet was to be held at noon. 

After breakfast, Cai Ya Lan specially selected new clothes for Shao Xian and looked at him wearing them with great satisfaction.

“Why is my baby so cute?!” Cai Ya Lan said while wanting to come over and kiss him again.

Listening to it, Shao Xian hurriedly stretched out his little hand to slightly push his mother away.

“Mom, I am all grown up. Don’t kiss me so casually.”

“Okay darling, I won’t kiss you.” Cai Ya Lan said with a big smile, and continued, “I am going downstairs to see your uncles and aunts later. And, you can go and play with other children. Just don’t run around, you know??”

Shao Xian repeatedly nodded his head.

Shen Xiao had basically forgotten who had come for his tenth birthday party, except Qian Wen Jie.

At that time, he mistakenly thought that the ball was kicked by Qian Wen Jie, so Shen Xiao ignored him.

However later, he and Qian Wen Jie really became friends. From the fifth grade to high school, they were always in the same class, and Wen Jie’s character was good, so the two became iron buddies.

Later, Qian Wen Jie also assisted him to fight against Fu Bai Zhou. He wasn’t even afraid that Fu Bai Zhou would act on him because of his anger.

Thinking of that time, Shao Xiao couldn’t help but smile.

“Xian Xian looks good!! Now, come and go downstairs with me.”

Shao Xian obediently went down with his mother, he received many praises from the guests. 

With a slight smile on his childish face, Shao Xian looked like a beautiful little prince.

After he blew out the candle, Shao Yun helped him cut the fruit cake and then distribute it to other children.

The kids held a piece of fruit cake and walked out of the banquet hall together, creating a beautiful and illusory picture.

Shao Xian wasn’t interested in the sweet and greasy cream, and nor was he interested in this kind of celebration. It was a kid thing, he had way past that age.

“Shao Xian!” Someone called out from behind.

Shao Xian turned around and met a pair of thick eyebrows.

“Qian Wen Jie, why aren’t you playing with others??” Shao Xian asked and tapped Qian Wen Jie’s chin.

Qian Wen Jie shook his head, and said, “I am new here, and I don’t know any of them.”

Then he added, “They are all playing with Chen Yu.”

Knowing the truth, Qian Wen Jie hated Chen Yu, so naturally, he didn’t want to play with him.

The Chen family wasn’t the most outstanding in the villa area, but still, there were a lot of children gathered around Chen Yu to play.

Probably because Chen Yu’s figure was tall and heavy, and his movements were strong, which made those kids convinced.

Chen Yu often organized small groups to isolate a certain child for a few days, and then after a few days, he led someone to re-accept that kid again.

Although this approach wasn’t very good, the children in the villa area still wanted to be in his groups. Those kids had become more and more loyal after the abuse.

Even though Shao Xian was favored, his family education was very strict. The Shao family had strict life and work principles.

So, even after knowing Chen Yu’s approach,  Shao Xian didn’t look down on him, nor did he care for him.

“Then…If you want, you can play with me in the future. And you don’t need to care about them.” Shao Xian sincerely said.

Qian Wen Jie’s eyes flashed with emotion.

“Shao Xian! You are so kind! Then can we be friends in the future?!”

When he went to the hospital, Shao Xian had helped him to clarify his grievances, so Qian Wen Jie had a nice impression of Shao Xian.

And now that Shao Xian asked him to play with him, he was even more delighted. Even his eyebrows appeared to be knotted with excitement.

Looking at Qian Wen Jie’s excitement, Shao Xian couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Your eyebrows look as good as Pikachu, Qian Pikachu.”

Qian Wen Jie wasn’t angry hearing it, he even laughed along with him. 

“Everyone had said so!”

“Let’s go. I will take you to play in the garden.” As the young master of the house, Shao Xian naturally wanted to bring his friends to see his house.

The two kids walked side by side into the garden.

Looking at the big exotic garden, Qian Wen Jie couldn’t help but say “Wow”, “It’s so beautiful!” in excitement.

The Shao family garden had always been personally groomed by Cai Ya Lan. And Cai Ya Lan had very good taste, so the garden looked quite exotic yet pleasing to the eye.

Shao Xian was used to this garden and he didn’t think there was anything. But for Qian Wen Jie, it was “Exciting”, his eyes looked fascinated by all kinds of flowers.

“I will take you there to see it more closely.” Shao Xian smiled happily and walked ahead.