Chapter 1786 - 1786 Evil and More Evil Choices

1786 Evil and More Evil Choices

The ten bloody years were the most turbulent and unbearable days since Dragon City transmigrated.

Most people, when recalling their magnificent and impassioned journey over the past half a century, would have a tacit understanding of it or even subconsciously ignore this part of history.

As for how they escaped the ten bloody years, it was often said, “With the completion of the Supernatural Tower, the relentless efforts of the Survival Committee, and the continuous sacrifices of the superhumans, Dragon City finally welcomed long-lost peace and order.” This statement was an oversimplification, and it all happened through a stroke of luck.

In the past, Meng Chao was just like most ordinary citizens. He believed in this simple and clear explanation that separated good from evil without any doubt.

However, as his realm gradually improved and he became qualified to enter the upper-middle level of the Supernatural Tower, he discovered a large amount of confidential information and became a true disciple of Battle God Lei Zongchao, who had personally experienced everything. All of his childish and ridiculous ideas from the past were gradually replaced by the chaotic truth, which made it difficult to distinguish between good and evil.

Survival was never an easy thing.

So-called justice, morality, and law were neither the premise of survival nor a necessity for survival.

“It seems that you’re aware of the important role that the Blood Alliance has played in Dragon City’s history.”

Lu Zhongqi continued, “Although the official statement is that, ‘Dragon City gradually regained order with the Supernatural Tower’s completion,’ you and I both know that it’s just a lie to deceive the poor and foolish people.

“The Supernatural Tower that reaches straight into the clouds, be it in height or scale, exceeds the largest single building on Earth. An apocalyptic city still struggling amid chaos and disorder couldn’t have achieved something like that, whether it’s in terms of technical content or the amount of work required.

“To build the Supernatural Tower, there must first be a great civilization based on order, where all individuals obey a unified will, a great civilization that’s willing to make sacrifices for its overall survival.

“Under those circumstances in the past, such a great civilization couldn’t have come from the people’s beautiful wishes or from flashy but insignificant efforts of self-proclaimed righteous men like you. It could’ve only been forged by evil organizations such as the Blood Alliance with iron and blood.

“Don’t think that I’m trying to scare you.

“In a world like yours, where order has been restored, the new generation born wouldn’t know what broken order and lawlessness are.

“You can’t imagine how fast human beings turn into monsters in human skin when we are billions of stars away from our brilliant civilization’s mother planet. The laws and morals that restrain us fall apart and vanish in an instant.

“No, it’s not just the powerhouses with weapons and resources.

“Everyone, who wants to live, forgets everything about the Earth era as soon as possible. They forget their pride and dignity as Earthlings, and they forget the peaceful and orderly days of the past, which they’ve taken for granted. In the blink of an eye, they awaken their animalistic instincts from more than ten thousand years ago when the first civilization did not exist and humans were ‘terrifying upright apes.’

“It’s not an easy task to turn thousands of terrifying apes back into law-abiding human beings and put the shackles of ‘law’, ‘morals’, and ‘humanity’ on their necks!

“Most of the time, rulers who want to rebuild order and save Dragon City aren’t presented with multiple options where there’s a right choice or a wrong choice, a good choice or an evil choice.

“They can only choose between bad or even worse, evil or even more evil, trampling on humanity or annihilating humanity.

“I’ll give you a few simple examples for you to understand.

“If you were the ruler of a neighborhood in Dragon City and you found two wailing children, who were dying of hunger, as well as an old man in your precinct, who was privately hiding a can of beef even though his days were numbered…

“Would you choose to ignore the right to private property and even kill the old man who’s risking his life to defend the canned beef so that the two children can live on for the time being, or would you choose to respect the old man’s rights and watch the two children starve to death?

“What if they weren’t two children, but two strong men with pale faces?

“The two strong men would temporarily recover some of their strength after hearing about the canned beef. If they followed you to rob the nearby neighborhoods, they might be able to grab more food and allow more people in your neighborhood to survive.

“As for the price, the original owner of the canned beef, that old man who didn’t do anything wrong, would definitely starve to death before you even return from your robbing spree.

“Meng Chao, tell me, what would you choose?

“Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t choose anything. Those who refuse to choose are all cowards who shirk their responsibilities!

“What if, hehe, what if it isn’t canned beef, but the meat on this old man’s body?

“What if only by eating this old man’s flesh can you and your brothers have enough strength to go out and plunder or resist plundering to defend your homeland?

“What if one old man doesn’t solve the problem and you have to eat more?

“At the time, it was just the simplest and most commonplace choice.

“Also, you know that there was a raging flood, don’t you?

“Due to the changes in the terrain caused by Dragon city’s transmigration, the Red Dragon River and Raging Tiger River were like two hungry, brutal dragons, rolling around Dragon City. Countless broken walls and people living behind those broken walls were tormented by the flood.

“To resist the flood, we needed to build dams, dig reservoirs, as well as canals, and build all kinds of water conservancy facilities.

“After most of the automatic construction machines were destroyed, heavy groundwork could only be completed with human hands.

“It’s not hard to imagine that, in an era when resources were highly insufficient and most people were so hungry that they could see stars all day long, nobody was willing to fight an unwinnable battle against a flood.

“Before an official organization with enough authority could offer enough resources for everybody, only evil organizations such as the Blood Alliance could threaten and force people to do what needed to be done by sacrificing themselves to create a future with violence and cruelty.

“No, that’s not all the Blood Alliance has done.

“Aside from the flood, the biggest threat back then was the virus, the ancient virus that could turn humans into zombies.

“The chaotic environment, the broken order, and the lack of resources determined that it was impossible for the people at that time to accurately lock onto the infected.

“As long as there was one infected person in a building, the terrible plague would soon erupt exponentially.

“There was only one way to eliminate the zombies, and that was to seal and purify the entire building, along with the healthy uninfected inside!

“If you feel that’s wrong, immoral, extremely evil, inhumane, sinful, and worse than something a beast would do, fine.

“In that case, please tell me what the rulers at that time should have done, Meng Chao. What could they have done so that they, unlike the Blood Alliance, wouldn’t have to bear infamy and destroy the people they had saved?”