1785 A Bloody Rescue

Lu Zhongqi’s tone was low and calm, without the slightest feeling of unfulfilled ambition and unwillingness.

On the contrary, he was like an old teacher who had burned up his life, and now, he was trying to gather the little strength he had left to pass on the last flame to his student.

Meng Chao did not answer Lu Zhongqi’s question.

Every single one of his brain cells was burning with the image of the apocalypse.

If you wanted to stop the apocalypse, you had to pay the price.

The price of hundreds of lives was not high, was it?

Such a thought was like a devil’s ravings. It rang in the depths of Meng Chao’s ears, causing him to have goosebumps all over his body. He shivered deeply.

Fortunately, Lu Zhongqi did not need his answer.

This old man was on the verge of death but was still calm and collected. He heard the movement from above the rock formation and softly said, “Those above won’t be able to make all the necessary arrangements so quickly. We still have time to do an interesting thought experiment.

“Let’s assume that the Blood Alliance, an ‘evil, insane, inhumane, and sinful’ organization, never appeared in Dragon City’s history.

“From the very beginning, Dragon City is ruled by organizations like the nine mega corporations and even the Azure Alliance, which is ‘bright, free, equal, and universal.’

“Such an organization, which is entirely different from the Blood Alliance, naturally cares about every precious life. It’s willing to listen to the voices of thousands of ordinary people and advocate for equality among all. Before any decision that requires great sacrifices is made, it has to carefully think things over and reach a consensus that’s absolutely foolproof.

“Do you think that such a ‘just and kind’ organization is capable of forcing hundreds of explorers to enter Rift No. 322 to die as the Blood Alliance did? Do you think their broken, malformed bodies will line the environment deep within the rift bit by bit in the process of uncovering ancient mysteries such as the Spirit Gathering Rune Arrays to help human beings make a leap in spirit energy cultivation?

“No, of course not.

“Even if a just and kind organization has to sacrifice hundreds of precious lives, it will publicize the whole truth, raise discussions among the people, and conduct many rounds of investigation, debate, and voting.

“In the end, even if the plan to ‘explore Rift No. 322’ is passed and hundreds of willing volunteers are elected through a referendum, the whole process will take at least three to seven years, if not longer.

“Here comes the question. Could Dragon City have borne the consequences of waiting an extra three to seven years, or even longer, in the midst of protracted debate and voting, only for the exploration plan to end without success?

“You should know that not long after the Blood Alliance collapsed, an overwhelming beast horde appeared all around Dragon City.

“Back then, if it hadn’t been for the Spirit Gathering Rune Arrays and the large amount of ancient technology excavated by the Blood Alliance, the Dragon City civilization wouldn’t have been able to even withstand the first wave of attacks from the monster civilization!

“Therefore, a very cruel and realistic conclusion is that without the Blood Alliance, Dragon City’s civilization would have been finished long ago.

“In that ‘timeline,’ young people like you, Meng Chao, wouldn’t even have the chance to be born. The Blood Alliance used all means possible and cruelly forced humans to make rapid progress in the field of psionic power at all costs, thus cultivating and influencing thousands of superhumans. In just ten years, the overall combat ability of Dragon City’s civilization rose to a whole new level. If the Blood Alliance hadn’t done all that, your parents… I’m afraid they would’ve been reduced to food in the monsters’ stomachs and feces that they excrete a long time ago. How can you stand on the moral high ground, wave the flags of ‘justice’ and ‘humanity,’ and issue righteous rebukes like I’m an evil inhumane cultivator?”

Meng Chao was speechless.

The path that human beings explored in the ancient ruins was indeed a path full of thorns, flames, trenches, and traps. It was filled with the flesh and bones of thousands of innocent people.

The evils of the Blood Alliance were beyond imagination and too numerous to be recorded.

However, today, many of the basic theories of spirit energy training, the most classic runes, and the configuration of the spirit and magnetic fields, as well as the training cornerstones such as the three basic force execution methods and One Hundred Saber Techniques, were all deeply connected to the Blood Alliance.

This was a fact.

The simplest and most important example was Battle God Lei Zongchao.

Lei Zongchao was once the number one master in Dragon City.

He was also a pioneer and guide in the field of spirit martial arts.

The orphans he had adopted and the new generation of powerhouses, who had received the Lei Zongchao Grant and Scholarship, had awakened their extraordinary powers, and there were more than a thousand of them.

Countless superhumans had awakened through his indirect help and watched the cultivation videos that he had painstakingly shot.

One could say that Lei Zongchao, with his own power, had raised the overall cultivation level of Dragon City to a whole new level.

Lei Zongchao himself was an experiment of the Blood Alliance. He was a product of the ancient technology that the Blood Alliance had created through the cruelest methods.

Without the Blood Alliance, Lei Zongchao would not exist.

Without Lei Zongchao, Dragon City’s cultivation techniques would not have spread so fast and been so widespread, and there would not have been so many superhumans.

Meng Chao could not go against his conscience and say, “Even without the Blood Alliance, another organization that’s even more just, bright, and kind would appear. They’d be able to use a more just, free, and equal way that would satisfy everyone and not go against the law to explore the ancient ruins, obtain extraordinary power, and build a spirit energy cultivation system!

He had once been an “ancient ruins experimenter” for a period of time and had a deep understanding of related secrets. He knew better than anyone the mystery and horror of the ancient ruins.

Any “normal” organization could not have explored at least 50% of the ancient ruins in a mere ten to twenty years and excavated hundreds of ancient treasures, as well as techniques, through “regular” means.

Only the Blood Alliance could have done it, or rather, any organization that wanted to complete such exploration had to turn itself into the Blood Alliance.

“Rift No. 322 is just one of the thousands of dark gaps in the ancient ruins that contain ultimate treasures and the hope of human survival but also infinite dangers.

Lu Zhongqi continued, “And the exploration of the ancient ruins is only one of the numerous efforts that the Blood Alliance has made for the continuation of Dragon City’s civilization. They trampled on human nature and used unscrupulous means.

“Everyone knows that when Dragon City transmigrated to the Other World, there were disasters caused by earthquakes, floods, and plagues, and all the guardians of the old order sacrificed themselves heroically. After that, the survivors quickly welcomed the collapse of society, the loss of order, and the lawless ‘ten bloody years.’

“But Meng Chao, do you really know how we managed to escape those ten bloody years and restore order? Do you really know how we managed to rebuild everything we have today?”