After changing into the soft, laced pajamas, Gu Xiaoqi obediently was hugged by the man. His warm breath was on her neck and it felt itchy.

At that moment, her cell phone rang.

The screen displayed three big words — Gu Jiabao.

Did she call?

Indicating that Mu Liancheng should not speak, Gu Xiaoqi pressed the answer button, "Hello?"

"Why did you only pick up the phone?" Gu Jiabao's unhappy voice came from the other side.

Xiao Qi opened her handlebar, snatching the hair that fell into Mu Liancheng's hands, "What business do you have with me?"

Without the gentleness of the day, Gu Jiabao ordered: "Why didn't you come back, and continue wasting time at Ninth Master's place?"

Knowing that Gu Jiabao was unhappy, Xiao Qi intentionally provoked her. "Ninth Master said that I can stay however long I want, no need to be courteous."

Gu Jiabao was indeed fooled, she said flustered and exasperated: "Gu Xiaoqi, people need to know their own limitations, what qualifications do you have to stay in the Ninth Master's home?" "Qiqi, don't be impulsive, we all miss you a lot. Father said, when you come back, we'll officially recognize you as our goddaughter, and everything will be the same as before."

The same as before? Gu Jiabao was probably not lying to ghosts.

While dealing with the man's boring harassment, Xiao Qi casually said, "Wait for some time."

Gu Jiabao continued to advise her: "Qi Qi, you're still young, don't be tricked by a man. Think about it, with Ninth Master's identity and status, what kind of woman doesn't he have? Gu Jiabao lowered her voice, and asked in a seemingly concerned tone, "You, the injuries on your body are all from Ninth Master …"

"I-I have to hang up first. Let's talk about it when we get back to school!" Gu Xiaoqi really couldn't stand the man scratching her head, so she quickly hung up the phone.

Gu Jiabao didn't know, and she thought that her own words had stabbed at Gu Xiaoqi's sore spot, thus she proudly said to Gu Zhengyang who was beside her: "Father, I told you, Ninth Master wouldn't have any feelings for Gu Xiaoqi. Without the Gu family's protection, there's no telling how she would be tortured! Don't worry, in less than a month, Gu Xiaoqi will definitely come back to beg for forgiveness. "

"I hope so." Gu Zhengyang's brows relaxed, but he was still an old cunning fox after all. He did not forget to remind her, "Jia Bao, Xiao Qi has a pure temperament, if Ninth Master is not here, you must take good care of her."

"Dad, don't worry." Gu Jiabao smiled in understanding. She would definitely report to Ninth Master in time.

After being locked up at home for a few days, there were no longer any traces of injuries on her body. Xiao Qi could finally return to school.

However, just as she reached the door, she was stopped by a group of people.

"Cousin, it's her!" The short-haired girl said hurriedly.

Gu Xiaoqi was confused as she did not know what had happened.

The big and tall Shen Waner ran out of the classroom and stopped her to explain in a small voice, "Last time you helped me teach Wang Yan a lesson, she was unconvinced and wanted to take her revenge. You didn't come to school these few days, so you didn't know. She brought people to block you every day. Did you see that, the one in the lead is her cousin Wang Hai? I heard that his family is in the underworld business, at school, it's this. " Shen Waner picked a big thumb.

After figuring out what was going on, Gu Xiaoqi was not afraid in the slightest as she swaggered over.

"You're looking for me?" Gu Xiaoqi asked.

He pointed at Xiao Qi's nose and scolded: "Gu Xiaoqi right? Don't think that just because you're stronger you can bully people. If you don't kneel down and admit your wrongs today, I will beat you up to the point where even your own mother won't be able to recognize you."

"Puchi." Gu Xiaoqi could not hold back her laughter as she thought in her heart: My dear mother originally did not recognize me, so why do I need you to beat me up?

With Gu Xiaoqi's casual attitude, the more Wang Yan saw, the angrier she became. She raised her hand and was about to teach Xiao Qi a lesson.

Having just been tidied up by Mu Liancheng, Gu Xiaoqi didn't dare to make a move anymore. She took a step back and said in a good mood: "If you want to fight, then fine. I'll accompany you to the end of the day, don't affect the other students from attending lessons!"

Gu Jiabao rolled her eyes and thought carefully as she took out her phone and sent a message to them. [Ninth Master, no matter how I think about it, I should tell you that Qi Qi has somehow met some bad people and wants to go with them now. I can't stop her.]

Mu Liancheng had just sent Xiao Qi to school, he looked at the content on his phone, his face gloomy. Gu Xiaoqi, I really don't even look at you for a minute and you're already causing trouble!

"Turn around and go back!"

The driver didn't dare to ask, and could only drive back to the school gates at the last possible moment.

On the other side, Gu Xiaoqi didn't even know that she was about to face a calamity, she was currently using all of her patience to negotiate with Wang Yan.

"Student, I really have to start class. Can you please make an appointment in advance for the fight?"

Wang Yan was immediately angered to the point of being happy, she said scornfully: "Gu Xiaoqi, you think I'm looking for you to go shopping, and even made an appointment in advance. "Aunt is going to skin you, pull out your tendons, and then break your head!"

In the face of Wang Yan's overbearing attitude, Gu Xiaoqi's toes were itching. If not for being afraid of Mu Liancheng discovering her afterwards, she would have definitely punched him and teach him a lesson!

Wang Hai did not say anything. He did not want to quarrel with a little girl and appeared to be disrespectful. However, since his cousin was crying and asking him for help, he could not not not come.

Seeing that more and more people were gathering, he impatiently said, "Cut the crap, let's fight."

Two burly boys came out from behind them and grabbed Gu Xiaoqi.

There was nowhere to hide. Gu Xiaoqi's face was red, but she did not dare make a move. She immediately squatted down and hugged her head, and shouted: "Ninth Master, save me!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a swift figure squeeze through the crowd, and with two swift kicks, he kicked the person that came to catch Xiao Qi.


The two lumps of meat weighing more than 100 jins hit the ground heavily.

Gu Xiaoqi who was squatting down was hugged into a warm embrace, as a man's soothing voice came from above his head, "Xiao Qi, don't be afraid."

Gu Xiaoqi still maintained her position of covering her head with her hands, and stupidly called out, "Ninth Master?"

"It's me." Mu Liancheng's heart was beating extremely fast, if he was a step too late, then Xiao Qi would have been injured.

With his rage exploding, Mu Liancheng's face darkened, his gaze shooting like lightning towards the man in front of him, "Who gave you the guts to make a move on my people?"

Wang Hai was so intimidated by Mu Liancheng that he involuntarily took a step back. When he found out, his face was extremely ugly.

Wang Hai was, after all, the number one figure in Rong City. His father controlled most of the underworld forces in the Rong City, and even the mayor had to look at their family's complexion. But now, in school, he was scared by a pretty good-looking man.

"Hehe, learn from the hero that saved the beauty and see if you have the ability to do so." Wang Hai waved his hand. "Both of you, please go back!" He specifically emphasized the word "please".

Gu Xiaoqi originally thought that Mu Liancheng would directly send him flying with a kick, but she never expected that he would actually nod his head with a charming smile, "Great!"