Surrounded by Wang Hai's men, Gu Xiaoqi and Mu Liancheng walked out of the school gate.

The driver of the Mu Family was anxiously waiting, when he saw Mu Liancheng, he hurriedly came over to welcome him. "Ninth Master, are you alright?"

Mu Liancheng shook his head slightly, then said to Wang Hai in a good mood, "Lead the way, I will have the driver follow you."

Wang Hai looked at the Rolls Royce in front of him, which had a license plate number of 5 or 8. He couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

However, in order not to embarrass himself in front of his younger brother, Wang Hai had no choice but to force himself into his car.

Wang Yan sat in the front passenger seat and brazenly shouted, "Cousin, how can you let them drive their own car? What if they run away?"

Wang Hai's usually pleasing to the eye cousin now looked more and more like a troublemaker. He roared anxiously and angrily, "Shut up!"

Wang Hai reluctantly brought him back home and quickly ran over to find his father.

Wang Yan shouted twice. Seeing that Wang Hai didn't even turn around, she led him into the living room as if she was familiar with the route.

The mansion, which was almost a thousand square meters, was decorated brilliantly, giving off a strong smell of money.

Gu Xiaoqi looked at the golden buddha standing at the door, her eyes shining green, wanting to pick it up and run.

Mu Liancheng found it funny. He flicked the girl's forehead and teased, "Since when did Xiao Qi believe in Buddhism? "It seems like tonight I'll have to ask the chef to change the Red Braised Lion's Head into a vegetarian dish."

Speaking of eating, Xiao Qi's attention immediately returned. She hugged Mu Liancheng's arm tightly and muttered: "I can't change, I want to eat meat!"

The two of them joked around as if no one was around, angering Wang Yan. She crossed her legs and threatened, "Gu Xiaoqi, you can still laugh. Do you know where this is? You can't escape now. However, if you kneel down and kowtow your head a hundred times right now, then maybe I'll be in a good mood and let you go. "

With Mu Liancheng by his side, Gu Xiaoqi was bold enough to poke a hole in the sky. Her eyebrows twitched as she said with contempt: "Wang Yan, it's not certain who will kowtow to whom!"

Seeing the girl's spirited appearance, Mu Liancheng gave his a great deal of face as he nodded and agreed: "Xiao Qi is right." He had a doting look on his face.

Mu Liancheng was naturally handsome, but now with such a smile, Wang Yan and a few girls behind her couldn't help but stare.

Wang Yan lit up a cigarette and puffed out the smoke as he said: "Handsome, what's the point of having a girl like Gu Xiaoqi acting like this, why not follow us sisters and guarantee that you will enjoy the food and drink to your heart's content, you can pick any luxury car mansion."

As a good university student, you still have to learn how to be casual outside.

Seeing that someone had the guts to pull feathers on the tiger's head, Gu Xiaoqi took a step forward and stood in front of Mu Liancheng, puffing up his chest: "Don't even think about getting the Ninth Master! Be careful that I do not cut off your claws! "

"Hehe, Ninth Master?" Wang Yan seemed to have heard a joke.

The follower beside her said happily, "What a bunch of cats and dogs dare to call themselves grandpa now. I'm still your second grandpa!"

Wang Jinshan came down from upstairs and broke out in a cold sweat when he heard these words.

After kicking down the subordinate who was speaking so arrogantly, Wang Jinshan respectfully stood in front of Mu Liancheng, "Ninth Master, why have you come?"

Wang Hai had long since found out Mu Liancheng's identity from his father, so he couldn't wait to slap himself to death.

He really was a tiger trying to pull out his teeth — he was courting death!

Seeing Wang Jinshan come over, Wang Yan's aura became even more imposing. She leaned over and said in a spoiled manner, "Uncle, why are you only just coming over? This girl is fighting with me over a man. You must help me teach her a lesson!"

Wang Jinshan was the third oldest in the family, with two older sisters on top and a younger brother and a younger sister below. But among all the siblings, only his younger brother had a girl by his side, so it was better for him to be kind to his niece than to his own son.

But now, the thing he wanted to do the most was to put Wang Yan back into her mother's stomach.

Facing the trembling underworld boss, Mu Liancheng's eyebrows did not move at all, "Old Third Wang, you really are a good teacher!"

"Ninth Master, Wang Hai is still a child. I accidentally offended you, so please, for the sake of my old face, forgive him this time."

Wang Jinshan cursed his son to death in his heart. His boss was in front of outsiders, and he did not dare to offend this Lao Jiu at all.

Wang Yan also withered. No matter how foolish she was, she knew that the man protecting Gu Xiaoqi had a powerful background. Even her uncle didn't dare to offend him.

Wang Yan directly knelt on the ground, begging, "It's all my fault. It doesn't matter if it's my cousin or uncle's matter. You just have to let out your anger and find me!"

Mu Liancheng would not fuss about it with a little girl. He patted Xiao Qi's shoulder and gently said: "I will allow you to do it today, but you are not allowed to get injured!"

This was to let Gu Xiaoqi and Wang Yan solve their own problems.

Xiao Qi understood Mu Liancheng's painstaking efforts, she openly pulled Wang Yan up, "Since you are not convinced, then let's fight another round, if I don't cry then I will not care!"

Wang Yan didn't dare to move. She looked at Wang Jinshan and seeing her uncle's nod, she agreed, "Fine, let's fight." Once we get to the courtyard, we won't be able to use it! "

The two of them went out to fight aggressively, and the lackeys that were surrounding them went to join the fun, causing Mu Liancheng and the Wang family to be the only ones left in the living room.

The moment Gu Xiaoqi left, the gentleness on her face was immediately gone, like a demonic god that had descended.

"Promise me one condition and this matter will end here." Mu Liancheng twisted his fingers, feeling the warmth left behind by the girl.

Wang Jinshan breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head, "Please give me your instructions, Ninth Master."

"I want him!" Mu Liancheng's slender finger pointed towards Wang Hai who was acting as the background plate.

Wang Jinshan, who had just loosened his grip, nearly fell to the ground from fright. He trembled as he pleaded, "Ninth Master, I only have this one son, please be merciful! Ninth Master, if you don't mind, my life is in your hands, go up the mountain of blades and the sea of flames. Please do not hesitate to give me your instructions!"

Wang Hai's face turned pale. He finally understood one thing — it was easy to send someone to become a god!

Seeing his father like this, Wang Hai bit his lips and stood out. "Ninth Master, you alone have to take responsibility for what you do, Wang Hai will definitely not complain."

"Hehe, I, Mu Jiu, am not a homicidal demon. You guys are overthinking it." Mu Liancheng's expression did not change, he still maintained his indifferent look, "Do something for me, are you willing?"

One thought of heaven, one thought of hell.

Wang Hai did not dare to say no, he lowered his head and agreed, "I will follow Ninth Master's instructions."

"Very good." Mu Liancheng's voice became a bit heavier as he said powerfully, "I want you to protect Gu Xiaoqi until she succeeds in graduating."

This was the main reason why Mu Liancheng would follow them to the Wang Family.

What happened today reminded Mu Liancheng once again, that Xiao Qi was always in danger when she was outside, he couldn't stay by her side forever, his bodyguards were too eye-catching, and so he needed a person, smart, bold, and powerful. Wang Hai really met his requirements.

In the future, Mu Liancheng would rejoice over his decision today more than once. If it wasn't for his sudden decision, he and Xiao Qi would be leaving this world forever.

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