Chapter 814 Settling Down

Chapter 814 Settling Down

All four of the Zhong Kui men felt hard-pressed to defend the survival of their organization. But there wasn't much they could do.

Elder Bai glanced over at Gu Fang, wondering which side he would take if conflict erupted again. But even if he did, what would that change?

These young people here were far from ordinary. This was not the first they heard of humans suddenly discovering powers that defied that natural order.

Some of them, the Zhong Kui had already captured, trying to figure out what was happening.

But the four of them were already having trouble fighting one demon. When the woman had joined in, covered in fire, the fight had rapidly devolved into a losing battle, one of them even getting flung off the balcony.

With a third one here, ready to throw down, their chances were close to nil.

And the perennity of the Zhong Kui was more important than killing one demon, however dangerous he was.

His hesitation was visible on his face, which dismayed the young Song Ping. How could this one man cause an elder of their great organization to feel hesitant?

"Elder Bai, how can you hesitate? What are three white trash like them going to do against the combined power of the Zhong Kui? They are ants on our path. Let's crush them and be done with it," Song Ping argued.

But the elder looked at him so disdainfully that the young man almost felt like he was the demon here.

"How are they training the recruits these days?" Elder Bai spat, looking at the young one disappointingly.

"If you want me to kill him so we can talk like adults, I'll gladly do so," David said with a chuckle.

"I'd like to see—" Song Ping started saying.


A resounding and crisp slap stopped the words coming out of his mouth.

"Enough! Elder Zhang, grab this rebellious idiot and leave. I don't want to see him again until he learns to respect his elders and obey orders."

lightsnοvεl Song Ping was still in shock.

He was only trying to defend their honour. Why was he the one in the wrong?

And now Elder Bai threatened to have him punished? For what?

A grin that Kary would recognize a mile away. One that she often used.

'So he had a plan, after all. He wasn't just threatening them to get them to back off...' she thought, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

"Listen, I have an offer for you. One I want you to bring back to your masters or bosses, however you call them. Are you willing to hear it?" David asked, clasping his hands together.

Elder Bai looked at him with reluctance.

"Do I have a choice? What if I refuse? Will you let me leave?"

"Not a chance," David said, his eyes becoming cold again.

With a long sigh, the old man lifted his leg to prop his elbow on.

"Then could we have something to drink while we discuss this? The fight was quite taxing, and I am tired."

David turned his head to Alex, who growled.

"Water is all I have to offer the likes of you."

The old man pouted lightly.

"Don't you have tea? Making tea is barely an inconvenience."

Alex looked at him with murderous eyes.

"You barged into my home, threatened me and my girlfriend. You deserve death, as far as I'm concerned. Keep making demands, and I'll drink your fucking blood," he growled, his skin taking a red tint.

"Alright, alright. Water it is. I knew the demon wasn't completely under your control. The founding families will not like that we let you live..." Elder Bai complained, feeling a shiver run down his spine.

He was tired, and there wasn't much he could still do. But Alex seemed ready to go for a round two, and at full power at that.

'Live to fight another day,' the old man told himself.

Once the glass of water was almost shoved into his hands, Elder Bai took a sip and locked eyes with David.

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