Chapter 813 Heavy-Handed Discussion

Chapter 813 Heavy-Handed Discussion

As everyone looked at him, a mix of emotions permeated the room.N0v3lRealm was the platform where this chapter was initially revealed on N0v3l.B1n.

From the Zhong Kui men, he received glares of unwelcoming. From Mr. Gu, he received a look of astonishment. If he knew about his organization even remotely, he shouldn't have been speaking to one of its elders like this.

But there he was, doing just that.

And lastly, from Alex and Kary, he received disapproving looks. As if they didn't like that, he entered a room and immediately commanded attention.

But David didn't care.

"Alex," David started, looking at his demonized friend.

"I saw enough of that red skin last night. Mind going back to normal?"

Alex side-eyed the men of the Zhong Kui before looking back at him.

"What about them? What tells me they won't attack me when I'm back to my body?"

David shrugged.

"Who cares? If they do, we can just kill them and be done with it. I know you've been holding back. I knew the moment I entered the room."

Alex's eyes became razor thin.


But before Alex could finish his question, David shook his head, telling him to shut up, and one of the Zhong Kui shouted at David.

"How dare you speak to us this way?! Do you know who we are, you insolent westerner?!"

David locked eyes with him, smiling a devilish grin.

"More than you think, squinty. But I don't care. You are but trash in my way. You matter as much as a bug splattered on a windshield."

The man's face turned to rage, and he lowered his stance, ready to dash forward.

But Elder Bai stopped him, raising his hand before him.

Kary and David sat beside him, and Mr. Gu was torn about which side to sit on.

But Elder Bai glared at him when he stepped toward them.

"Do not make me repeat myself, Gu Fang. You are not one of us."

Mr. Gu grit his teeth in anger.

'Thirty years of loyal service. And that is how they thank me? By casting me aside for finding a job far from them when I retired? Tch.'

He wanted to sit next to David, Alex, and Kary, but quickly realized Alex was also glaring at him.

Alex had already made the connection between them and him, and he was furious at him. But he would wait for them to be gone before he ripped him a new asshole, metaphorically, of course.

So he pulled another stool and sat to the side in front of the patio door.

lightsnοvεl "Good!" David exclaimed with a clap of his hands once everyone was seated.

"Now, on to the matter at hand. I know why you are here, but you will have to return home. Your help isn't required anymore," David said, looking at the four men on the other side of the penthouse open area.

Song Ping tensed, ready to jump up and shut this man's mouth, but Elder Zhang grabbed him by his shoulder and glared at him. This was enough to rein him in.

"And what makes you think you get to tell the Zhong Kui what to do, Mr. Magnus?" Elder Bai asked, glaring at him.

David smiled at him.

"Because if you don't leave my friend here alone, I will take him, along with a handful of other people, and we will visit Huashan Mountain. Of course, you won't be there to see this, as I will personally kill all four of you right here, right now."

The mention of Huashan Mountain made the Zhong Kui and Mr. Gu's eyes grow in size.

"How do—" Elder Bai started asking.

"Irrelevant. All that matters is that I know. And I don't mind using this knowledge. Do you want to risk it, old man? Because even if one of you leaves here alive and warns the rest of your organization, by the end of next week, there won't be any of you left."

David's threat was not an empty one, either. His eyes were icy, and his tone unwavering.

He was not bluffing.