Chapter 1850 Killing the Elemental Spirit Emperor (1)

Name:New Age Of Summoners Author:vinayraj
Chapter 1850 Killing the Elemental Spirit Emperor (1)

'Divine Dark Rule, activate.'

As soon as he found the Dark Elemental Region, Ajax didn't waste any time as he activated his Divine Dark Rule.


The host has activated the Divine Dark Rule and it will last for 20 minutes.

The system did its usual thing which was informing the duration of the Divine Rule for Ajax to keep track of the time.

[Divine Dark Rule - Absorption Effect]

[Dargon Soaring Nine Heavens]


Without any hesitation, Ajax activated the second effect of the Divine Dark Rule along with his main circulation method.

In the next second, his cultivation speed increased by 1000 times. (10 times from the Jade Bracelet and 100 times from the Absorption Effect).

Since Ajax was using one skill after another without sparing any Divine Essence of Nature, Ajax wanted to replenish his Divine Essence of Nature.

The fastest way to do that was by using the Divine Dark Rule in the Dark Elemental Region because it contains the purest form of the Dark Essence of Nature and Ajax could absorb a huge quantity of the Dark Essence of Nature.

[Divine Dark Rule - Darkness Absorption]

Ajax didn't stop there as he activated one of the skills under his Divine Dark Rule.

With the activation of that skill, the pure Dark Essence of Nature rushed into Ajax's Divine Spirit Consciousness.

[Darkness Absorption - Heal]


Sensing that he had absorbed enough Dark Essence of Nature, Ajax used that Divine Essence of Nature in his body to heal his injuries from before.

[Darkness Absorption - Boost]

With the help of the skill [Darkness Absorption], Ajax could not only heal his injuries with the absorbed Essence of Nature but he could also temporarily boost his strength.

From his perspective, no matter what Ajax does, Ajax cannot defeat him. That's the reason he felt Ajax was using these cheap tricks.

"Let's see where you are hiding now."

The Elemental Spirit Emperor knew that Ajax was within the Dark Elemental Region so he started looking for Ajax.

[Divine Dark Rule: Shadow Travel]


Just as the Elemental Spirit Emperor started looking for Ajax, Ajax didn't waste any time as he directly used one of the skills under his Divine Dark Rule and appeared beside the Elemental Spirit Emperor.

[Divine Dark Rule: Nightmare Creator]

Since Ajax had just gone into hiding, the Elemental Spirit Emperor was not expecting Ajax to launch an attack on him.

Hence, he didn't have any time to dodge or block Ajax's attack and Ajax succeeded in his attack.



The host is successful in creating a nightmare for the Elemental Spirit Emperor.


The nightmare for the Elemental Spirit Emperor will last for 2 minutes.

Even though Ajax knew that he succeeded in his attack, with the confirmation from the system, he was satisfied with his plan.

'Since I have successfully created the nightmare for him, it is time to execute the next part of my plan.'

Without wasting any time, Ajax continued with his plan.

'Soulslasher, come out. It is your time to shine.'

With a single thought, Ajax's special legend-grade sword appeared in his hands with a flash.

Ajax had already tested that in his Divine Spirit Consciousness Form, he could summon the weapons that were stored in his Divine Spirit Consciousness.

So, he had included that in his plan and it was also the main part of his plan because the Soulslasher does additional damage to the soul and spirit-related beings.

Hence, Ajax was sure that with the help of the Soulslasher, he could kill the Elemental Spirit Emperor.